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October 23, 2014


pat giorni

It's only a 6 mile bike ride to the YMCA in San Mateo...just saying.


I have never used the swimming pool, I have wanted to.
Maybe if they had a women's only afternoon that would bring in some more people and other "clubs."
This Swimming Pool, Beautiful Tennis Courts and practice Soccer Field-or whatever it is.... ANOTHER DIRTY LITTLE SECRET OF CITY OF BURLINGAME.
So lets see how many other do we have?
-Mills Canyon
-Cuernavaca Park
-Community Garden (who gets on the list, and who does not-why)
-Bocce Ball Courts (I have a lot of experience in BB and the "unusual community that plays") Has anyone ever seen a black person playing Bocce? Horse Shoes?
There are very beautiful "private parks" that are available to enjoy along the creeks that run down the Hill towards the bay.
I will get those addresses for you in the next few weeks.
I am sure that if you clean up after yourselves keep the sound down, there should not be any problems.
I would like t see more "Handball Courts.
Skateboard Parks out at Bayside Park.
I just got back from a week at my daughters place in Sun Valley, ID.
They have a great skateboard park, a kayaking school run by the Rec and park, and a hiking/camping class.
I reviewed their budget and donations, and were not more expensive that the City of Burlingame.
I believe that the difference between Sun Valley/Hailey is that the people who run for office only have the communities needs at heart.
Once their "mission is completed they move back to their regular life.
Here in COB the only reason somebody runs for office is to move up and out.
There, they do their "good" and let someone else to good too.
Is anyone going to invest in Terri's, or Kerrigan's new "womens fashion line."
They really think people will.

Bruce Dickinson

Well folks, next time you spell the word prescient, spell it with a capital "B". That's right, Bruce Dickinson was the one who said a while back that the new Community Center should have its own pool, as that was sorely needed by the community and sharing with BHS wasn't going well, in addition to having an indoor pool, that can be used year round and get more usage.

Well, in that vein, how does the City Council and the City of Burlingame spell foresight? with a capital "M" , as in Myopic. Just as they pat themselves on the back in self-felicitations for approving the new community center, gushing over their accomplishment, guess what rears it's ugly head. The power non-sharing arrangement with Burlingame and BHS and guess what??!?. We miss a squandered opportunity to rectify the situation and give back something the community really needs. Not everyone in Burlingame lives on a double-plus size lot in Burlingame Park, with a half-olympic size swimming pool with waterfalls, jacuzzi and sauna like yours truly. Seriously folks, do these people not have any strategic planning skills??? It's amateur hour on 501 Primrose and guess who's paying for it it more ways than one? That's right that would be us!


A word or two from Suze Gardner who is the executive director of the Burlingame Aquatic Club



This is heating up some more as the threat of a lawsuit starts to get mentioned in the press. The DJ has this today:

A potential lawsuit is the latest step in the dispute over the usage hours and payments for the shared city and San Mateo Union High School District pool on the Burlingame High School campus, while the anonymous donor who largely funded the pool is speaking out saying the district’s arguments, and numbers, are bogus.

The district threatened a lawsuit against the city of Burlingame last week, as the district contends that it uses the pool 9 percent of the time, but is paying operational costs amounting to 35 percent, according to an independent audit by the district. The district, which owns the 50-meter Olympic size pool, wants to up the city’s maintenance payments for the pool from 65 percent to 91 percent, plus 5 percent overhead. The city, on the other hand, said according to its own audit, the breakdown of the city’s usage is more like 69.92 percent and has offered to pay that, plus 5 percent overhead, along with 50 percent of capital costs for the 2013-14 fiscal year.

The whole article is here: http://www.smdailyjournal.com/articles/lnews/2014-12-09/pool-dispute-ramps-up-again-school-district-threatens-lawsuit-o-anonymous-donor-says-districts-claims-of-city-pool-usage-is-scam/1776425134698.html

Bruce Dickinson

Yes, as I said before, the word "prescient" is spelled with a B and a D. Folks, is it too late to revise the Rec center to include a nice indoor pool?


It is very nice to have a swimming pool.
I have some friends and relatives that have very nice swimming pools at their homes too.
I have never seen anyone in those pools. A few leaves, Raccoons cleaning their food, and every so often a couple of Ducks.
If an auditor had access to how many people use the pool(Students & Public) on a yearly basis, published the cost of maintaining the pool any reasonable manager of public funds would fill it in with soil.
It is a beautiful pool.
Nevertheless, I have never seen anyone "having fun"

J. Mir

To answer your question, "Holley," yes black people have been seen playing horsehoes, it was a common sight for me in my childhood (back in Texas, but i digress)... Of course the city should have its own pool, and BHS can't have a competitive team without their dedicated pool resource either. The san mateo Y pool is just "okay" for casual use, but does not meet competitive requirements, does not have long course option, and besides that Y is lame anyway (member for 2 years, got tired of their mickey mouse antics and switched to primetime). Its true that our weather isn't ideal for pool use, but that hasn't stopped South SF from having a very nice natatorium and guess what - it's very SELDOM open for rec swim. Maybe 3 hours a week. 90% of time is lessons, lap swim and leasing to other groups. If they can't redo the rec center plan to at _least_ have a 25-foot pool then we're all better off abandoning that pool entirely and just mobbing Primetime, or that ultra-expensive swim club in Millbrae. Let BHS have the pool - and let them pay for ALL the upkeep.


One thing I would like published is the fact that an anonymous person donated a substantial amount of money for the pool to be built.
I heard a rumor that the same "donor" paid for the track at BHS to be rebuilt too.
What a beautiful thing.
To bad good intensions get mired in politics.
The donation becomes a burden under the management of public servants.
Whoever you are Anonymous, thank you very much.
Regarding J. Mir...
Thank you for informing us that Black People have been seen in Texas playing Horseshoes.
Merry Christmas, one and all.


It looks like things may be coming to a head with SMUSHD. Here is the link to the DJ article from today


I'll put some select excerpts here to save you from having to read the lengthy article if you don't want to:

After a sometimes tumultuous relationship with the public over issues like the Burlingame pool usage and the placement of a new charter school in the district, state Sen. Jerry Hill, D-San Mateo, is asking the civil grand jury to investigate a school board’s interactions with the public.

Hill noted that dozens of interested citizens came to the Dec. 11 meeting to engage the board in a discussion about the future of the pool at Burlingame High School, which is shared by the district and city and closed for the month of January. The district also recently threatened litigation against the city of Burlingame in relation to the city not responding to the district’s request for additional space in the 50-meter Olympic size pool for its teams and more payments from the city for its usage.

“The board did not place the pool on the meeting agenda,” Hill said. “This move allowed trustees to posture at length on the issue during their comment session and avoid a public discussion because the topic was not on the agenda. Instead of asking yourselves ‘what is it about the way we do business that would cause the parents of our students to do such things?’ instead of engaging the parents in a dialogue, your response has been shameful: you deride them for their efforts, rant about what you claim are false allegations and you point the finger of blame at the very people you are obligated to represent and serve.”


It has been almost exactly a year, but it sounds like a deal has been worked out:

An agreement is on the horizon regarding the shared use of the community pool in Burlingame, and city and high school district officials are hopeful the disagreements that have historically plagued the issue are soon to be water under the bridge.

Burlingame City Manager Lisa Goldman and Kevin Skelly, San Mateo Union High School District superintendent, hammered out terms of an agreement which the governing boards of each agency are set to approve next week.

Emotions on both sides have run high during previous debates over how much either agency will be required to pay for maintaining the pool, owned by the high school district, but officials are optimistic the new agreement resolves those concerns.

Under the new agreement, the city will pay 78 percent of the maintenance and operating expenses, which is higher than what it had paid previously, according to a city report.

The agreement will expire in 2026, a three-year extension from the previous deal.

Both agencies are working together on auditing the capital improvements required at the pool, with an eye to finalizing an agreement that will develop a 10-year and 20-year improvement and replacement program, according to the report.


Bruce Dickinson

Guys, ya wanna know the real way Dr. Dickinson would have resolved this one? Take water samples and measure the fecal, urinary, and bacterial matter after HS events and measure them after community/kiddie events. Whatever that proportion is, that's what each party pays!!

Kidding aside (well, kinda) why does Bruce Dickinson feel like Burlingame was taken to the pool cleaners on this one? Both sides cannot claim the better end of the deal, by definition. This is why a community center should have had an indoor pool proposal, which could have been used as a bargaining chip for a better agreement! A California High School district finding some spare money to pay for a new pool in 20 years? I'd like to live to see that one.

That is the problem with this city, as seen with the whole broadway overpass thing, is that you gotta take a class in tying arrangements 101 and use all tools available and tie as many things together and have multiple realistic options and "outs" to do the best negotiating. Then again, only captains of industry, such as yours truly can really teach these types of classes. Hey, maybe I'll teach an economics class at the Rec Center, Dickinson style, ya know what I mean?

More will be learned in few sessions than have been learned in lifetimes! And coming from me, that means a lot!


It looks like the deal is done:

An agreement leading toward shared use of the Burlingame pool seems to be moving ahead swimmingly, as the San Mateo Union High School District Board of Trustees and the Burlingame City Council unanimously approved terms of a deal proposal this week.

Under the approval, granted by high school district officials Thursday, Oct. 22, and the council Monday, Oct. 19, attorneys will begin drafting a formal contract solidifying the deal, which is expected be signed in the coming weeks.

Both sides agreeing to use and payment terms will likely put to rest what has been a source of contention in the past, as officials claim they are committed to pursuing a collaborative relationship in use of the aquatic center located on the campus of Burlingame High School.



As long as The City of Burlingame will not commit to taking over the management of "that pool," this BS will continue.
I think it was a very poor, City of Burlingame Managers Office, decision to keep things status quo.
More of the same.
Nobody wins.
Or loses.


Here is another wrinkle in the pool story. And you wonder why no one wants full liability!

A young swimmer sliced her foot on a piece of underwater equipment at the Burlingame Aquatic Center, claimed her father who is now questioning whether the pool is adequately safe.

Victor Lam, of Millbrae, said his 12-year-old daughter required three stitches to close the gash that was opened in her foot after she accidentally kicked a sharp piece of exposed metal while swimming laps at the pool last month.

Burlingame City Manager Lisa Goldman expressed a similar sentiment.

“Who bears liability depends on the facts of the specific claim and whether it relates to facilities or operations,” she said, in an email. “We’re investigating this incident and have no comment on it at this time.”

Lam said he is underwhelmed by the response of officials since the injury occurred, and would like to see more awareness spread regarding the potential underwater threat.

“I’m not satisfied with the management,” he said. “There might be potential negligence, because there is no warning sign and they are still allowing swimmers to use the pool.”

After hurting her foot, Lam’s daughter was taken to Mills-Peninsula Medical Center, where she was treated for what he characterized as a deep cut.

More than two weeks after the incident, his daughter is still experiencing difficulty walking without crutches, said Lam.

Lam said he returned to the pool Monday, March 28, to find the metal tile guards were still in place, and some were protruding underwater from the pool wall, making it more likely for swimmers to hit.

The threat posed by the tile guards were known to the coach of his daughter’s swim team, Lam alleged, which caused him further confusion regarding why nothing was done to preemptively protect swimmers.

“Why did they not stop the swim program? Or why did they not put a sign up, or whatever, because of the danger? I think this is common sense,” he said.

- See more at: http://www.smdailyjournal.com/articles/lnews/2016-04-07/underwater-burlingame-pool-hazard-alleged-man-warns-community-against-potential-danger-to-swimmers/1776425161353.html#sthash.MyjxSy0c.dpuf


When did 3 stitches become a "gash"? My mother wouldn't think of taking us to the hospital for less than 10. Iodine and a band-aid. He sounds like a gold digger.

Bruce Dickinson

Guys, 3 stitches is 3 too many. There should be zero risk of getting cut in a public pool, that is simply 100% unacceptable. Bruce Dickinson doesn't always like being the one to say "I told ya so" but this whole pool sharing arrangement with BHS and Burlingame, as I've mentioned from the very get go, is kind of set up to fail, which is too bad, as the City seems unable to demonstrate any skill in predictive ability or foresight. Maybe it's because they just don't have a lot of experience in strategic decision making, persuasion, and negotiations with tough opponents. The new Rec center should have an indoor pool, thereby granting Burlingame residents full, unconditional use of it, with complete, direct control and accountability.

At this rate, given the problems at BHS and the SMU district, they cannot be trusted as actors dealing in good faith in any endeavor, and the original logjam that the City and BHS/SMUHSD experienced on the pool issue should have been a strong indicator that SMUHSD cannot be trusted. The City of Burlingame seems to have a very hard time in deciding whether to fish or cut bait, and every indication was that the latter choice was (and is still) better.

BHS should secede from the district anyway due to the mis-management issues with Yim-gate and Mr. Nelson and would be far better served to be controlled by and interests directly alighted with the Burlingame and Hillsborough communities. Burlingame is a small city and having a separate high school as part of a very large district that has demographics completely different from Burlingame, again makes no logical sense.

If Bruce Dickinson's advice would actually be listened to, I would save the Burlingame community millions of dollars and get better outcomes for residents. So if the City wants any advice, you know where to reach me or one of my assistants, who can tackle the issue ASAP and with methods that have proven to be successful at the very upper echelons of industry!

The virtues of gorgeous swimming pools.

BHS should have their own pool to practice and compete in and their own jurisdiction to manage and grant use or not, as they see fit.

Competitive swimming is one of the healthiest, safest, low marginal costs sports that a high school can fund. Growing up in Wilmette/Winnetka with a high school like New Trier High School - the swim team can generate even more positive school spirit than the football team.

Funding to the state / public schools and city do first flow to Sac and then back down. So, as Joe points out, follow the money and think about why there isn't more of your tax money in the community where it came from (you voted for more of it to flow to poorer communities with your choice of leaders and also from specific propositions). Yep, it's related.

When my family has tried to use the pool over several years, whoever was working there couldn't even tell us when the pool was open to the public or not - weird.

My family now enjoys The Bay Club - Redwood Shores for it's excellent pools, so that's an option for folks that want a nicer, more predictable option.

Perhaps Burlingame should consider auctioning the naming rights to the community center every 10 years, as a type of encouragement of community philanthropy. Perhaps "Bruce" will reveal his true identity and make it so.

Or, more realistically, I'd put Mike Harvey on the top of the bidder list. Great guy, and while he's a Loyola HS guy, at least he's from Wilmette, too. Mike, did your sons swim at Loyola?

Bruce Dickinson

Bruce Dickinson must laugh, yes, chuckle at those who like to "bid" with other people's money. Put your own money where your mouth is. If you have a big mouth bragging about donations, better have your OWN big wallet. If not, then it's just plain pathetic!

Ascots anyone?

Bruce, is "Lincoln Howell" named after Gilligan's Island's Thurston Howell?


Bruce, do you enjoy wearing ascots?


Dear Virtures, the pool was built with funds from a very generous donor, plus money from the city and a small amount from the school district.Built with funds that guaranteed that ALL residents would at sometime get to use it. The City pays for the majority of the maintenance and the school gets priority as to when they get to use it and how much time they can use it. They can have it as much as needed and the rest of the time goes to the public. You would rather have tax payer dollars build a school pool and sit unused for the majority of the year? Hours are posted so you must not of looked very hard, but yes, unlike the bay club, it is not available at all times due to swim clubs and the school use.


Smack down.

Bruce Dickinson

Ya know what, back in the day prior to the widespread use of digital effects and echo in the studio when recording, sometimes we'd record in studio built echo chambers (which would give a full and reverberant sound) and guess what? The singer in the echo chamber due to the reverberation and delay bouncing off the walls would always think he sounded better and more in tune then he actually was. Then we'd lay down the same track "dry" in the regular part of the studio and roll back the tape, the singer would oftentimes be taken aback by how much the echo chamber improved his voice and that without it, he really wasn't that good.

So, I guess if you believe yourself to be a "Primary Resource" but only gather information from the vantage point of your own echo-chamber, you don't have the complete picture of reality, as your senses are tricking you. Remember, Bruce Dickinson has seen so much in my legendary recording career that goes to the very essence of psychology and human behavior!

Fake Bruce is a narcissist.

Bruce, you certainly exhibit the very essence of a burned-out narcissist - no question.

No, you're right! Everyone loves to hear about your off topic Ferraris and half Olympic sized pools. There's no echo to those enthralling points.

Alex Kent is a bigger narcissist

Nuff said.

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