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September 22, 2014



On some websites when there is a long post they will end it with a one sentence synopsis which sums up the point of the post. It may be something to consider.

Russ Cohen doesn't deserve the appointment just because he lost two elections. If that were the case Ross Perot should be president.

Arm chair philosophers ARE special.

I actually think that you'd be a great speaker. Both an interesting career and apparently very knowledgeable on Burlingame issues, and presumably philanthropic.

I think your heavy drug use has caught up to you.


Drug User?
I wondered.


Mr. Fred,

Did you chose to leave out the election Russ won on purpose or did you forget?

I think in the interest of keeping things moving in the city that a person who has already done the job has quite a bit of appeal. Also losing by 8 votes and choosing not to contest the count says something about the man's character.

Just a Resident


"The county must certify the election by Dec. 3, said elections manager David Tom. Cohen will have five days from the certification to ask for a recount, he said."

"Cohen would have to bear the cost of the recount, added Tom. The cost would be about $956 a day, he said, and a full manual recount would take several days or more."

A reiterated statement of support for Russ

Why appoint an applicant who didn't have the commitment to run for the office recently?

As someone who did risk the time, money, effort and potential criticism to run for Burlingame City Council and challenge the incumbents and some of their longtime practices (which directly complied with our campaign ethics agreement), I reiterate my support for Russ Cohen to be appointed.

He's by far the sharpest and most dedicated of all of those who ran (with the exception of Brownrigg) or who applied for appointment.

Best wishes,



Fred, you only responded to half of Just a Resident's comment :-)

Resident, the final margin was 9 votes, not 8--perhaps that makes a difference in some councilmembers' minds????????


Joe, I think they should appoint someone who guarantees they will not run for office in the next election. This appointment should be a temporary position. If someone is looking for an elected post they should run in the next election.

just saying

I have read all of the comments:
1) Ortiz did only win by a few votes, but he did win. That's the way it works

2) Cohen lost...he came in fourth. There is no prize for losing, although it appears that several people want in fact to give a prize for loosing. I would bet that if that person who came in fourth was not a favorite of the Cohen supporters their tune would change quickly and would vehemently oppose such a prize.

3)In looking at the votes cast per candidate in the last Council election there were two candidates who had great support from the schools, Ortiz and Bandrapalli. If Brandapalli had not run I suspect the vote between Ortiz and Cohen would not be very close and the discussion of 8 votes would instead be about hundreds of votes.

4) Many of those who made comments I suspect would not be good umpires, judges, council members or decision makers of any kind as their bias is too great.

5) Appointing a person to fill Deal's vacancy would give that person the title of incumbent and believe that would be unfair to those running in the next November election.
5) There are many qualified citizens that could fill the 12 month void and not run.
Some have applied.

Peter Garrison

Given the above reasoning, we could save the time and trouble of elections and simply have the sitting council continue to appont members into the future with no input from the citizens.

Don't overthink this: appointing the runner-up is the fairest method- one learned in grade school.

just saying

Peter: not sure which comment you are responding to. If you are responding to the last post by "Fred" or by "just saying" your post doesn't make any sense. Please clarify if you would.

Peter Garrison

Read the first paragraph tongue-in-cheek and the second as advice.

My post will then apply to both of the above two posts.

Bruce Dickinson

Bruce Dickinson chuckles, yes, really laughs, when people give me advice on what makes an effective decision maker. My response: under my belt I have 90 million records produced for dozens of artists sold for a gross present dollar value of over $1.1 billion dollars.

Guess how long a producer's career lasts when he doesn't try to listen to the bands he's producing as well as to the consuming public and what they desire musical taste-wise. Let me answer this with a question: how many hours do you spend on the can going #2 in a year. Yes, if you don't rain gold, you're done pretty fast. I've seen a lot of these cocky types for 5 decades with myopic one-tracked brains who think they knew it all. And guess what? they're also not driving Ferraris. Just sayin' .

Cohen did lose by an uncontested 9 votes, he was still Burlingame's 4th choice, not just the choice of this blog or any other group, no matter how many fans he has on this site. It was the voters of Burlingame. It could have been someone else in 4th place, and that person would deserve an extremely close look and unless something were really wrong, they should be appointed. Then, when you couple that with his having served on the Council before and being a fixture in the community, leading and defining organizations such as the Historical Society, HSR boondoggle organizations and of course the Voice, which has some of the most insightful commentary in the community, if I may say so myself. Burlingame and quite frankly the rest of California and the US government should be thanking people like Russ for having the foresight to see what a financial disaster HSR actually was. Bruce Dickinson knows when a person deserves accolades and felicitations….and coming from me, that means a lot!

Also, the "if you had adjusted for the schoolchildren who split the vote Cohen would have gotten fewer votes" nonsense. That is information pulled out of the same place poop is born. The last time I checked, there was no information on the number of kids in school of those who voted for City Council members. Might as well say, well, adjusted for the amount of dollars spent, if Russ had spent as much per vote as Ortiz, then he would have won. Maybe if no one else ran other than 5 people, Russ would have been in 2nd place. What if Russ didn't have a cold the day he planned to knock on 20 more doors? What if he ordered a recount and he actually won? What if he censored all opponents from his own website instead of letting them freely say what they want, even if it was against him? What if Bruce Dickinson ran and defeated everyone? All of the above is pure speculation. One vote is one vote, period.

Bottom line is, Russ Cohen appears to be highly qualified, he was the next best choice of Burlingame by quite a large margin, and call me old-school, but he is a guy with class who chose not to engage in a showdown or censor his opponents despite his power via the Voice. It could have been someone else that came in 4th, but it wasn't. If Russ gets appointed, and trust me there will be very little controversy in the community. If he doesn't, there will be controversy but may be ok as that may really galvanize the public with him as the underdog to defeat Nagel.

I do agree that appointing someone who will not run is a good idea, but this cannot be enforced. Look what happened in SF. Burlingame does not want a liar in office.

just saying

I suspect many are not going to like this. But here goes. Let's assume that the person who got the most votes of the loosing candidates should be anointed as an incumbent. Reading most of the posts this would be Cohen

Ortiz 2,054 votes
Cohen 2045 votes

This is true as well as the following
Ortiz only won by 9 votes.
Ortiz was running for the first time
Cohen has run three times
Ortiz was not an incumbent
Cohen had won a 2 year seat on the council against Don Lembi who did not campaign and
who was missing in action on most of the issues at that time due to health issues.
Cohen was a previous incumbent

Now let us assume that appointing the first runner up of a loosing candidate is the way to go as previously stated many times on this blog

More truth ( look it up as evidently not anyone else did)
John Root who is seeking to fill the open seat ran against an incumbent in a previous election. The incumbent was Cathy Baylock
John Root lost to Cathy Baylock by 27 votes
How many votes did each get?
Cathy Baylock 3,667 votes
John Root 3,640 votes

Hmmmm....the clear choice below
John Root 3,640 votes
Russ Cohen 2,045 votes

John Root by 1,595 votes

It was your idea and it has backfired. I know you will shoot this full of holes because when someone hates facts they must bloviate (long windy speeches)

John was not my choice....he is the peoples choice. They have spoken

Bruce Dickinson

Backfired? You my friend are living in a fantasy land. Bruce Dickinson has no time for more hypotheticals comparing different elections. A people's choice 4 years ago doesn't mean it's the same today, as the issues have changed dramatically let alone it also depends on the competition at the time. This assertion is so ridiculous that I consider this diarrhea of a "debate" over.

Moreover, this is the 2nd time Ortiz has run.

Peter Garrison

I sense a fold in the space-time continuum has bent your argument.
Mr. Root was not in tne same election as Mr. cohen.

By your reasoning we should elect General George Washington as he won his election over there, back then.

Just saying to Just Saying.


If you're referring to the recent election, "Ortiz was running for the first time," this is not correct.

Ortiz ran once before and lost.

Good point on John Root, however, I do wonder why he didn't run in the last election.

I heard on the street that Russ had already been chosen (1 1/2 weeks ago).

I would like to know who the fake Bruce Dickinson really is. If you were that successful, why refer to yourself by name, "Bruce Dickinson" this and that. Didn't they make fun of that in Seinfeld once? Why always gloat about your money with crass language and regular reference to poop, calling others Little Guy, etc? Why not just act like an adult and make your points about "Burlingame Voice" related issues, without all the never-ending arrogance?

just saying

JS to JS to JS
Thank you as you are correct. Ortiz lost to Deal almost 4 years ago.

I appreciate your post and wish more were like this.

Let us avoid statements such as this:

"By your reasoning we should elect General George Washington as he won his election over there, back then."

Where did this nonsense of a retort come from?

Why O Why make such a statement!
Washington is dead
Washington did not run for election in Burlingame.
Burlingame was not even a City and there was no California.

Please stop with the Pee Wee Herman type dialogue such as......

"I know you are but what am I?"

There are many more...look them up on the internet. They may be funny in their context, but here they are out of context, immature and lacking in reason.


I'd like to thank all of of the above for this BV entertainment over the past several weeks. I cannot compete. Who needs Saturday Night Live, anyhow, when we've got Dickinson, Garrison, the Just Sayin' and the Just Sayin' to the Just Sayin' crowd!

('Have to respectfully disagree with "Fred" about the 'too long posts' remark made several weeks ago.)



What about me?

Been here forever

And is age of the applicants a factor that the council is willing to consider? It should be.


Oh, mea culpa, Holly, you, too!

Doug Radtke


Rock On Bruce

Bruce Dickinson

Doug, baby, I'm afraid you have the wrong Bruce Dickinson, not to take away anything from Iron Maiden Bruce Dickinson. I am *The Producer* Bruce Dickinson, aka, *the cock of the walk* as I was nicknamed during my famous sessions in the burgeoning 70s rock scene in Southern California, which Columbia Studios considered an outpost in the Wild West, literally, as it were. It was a big foray for Columbia and I had my fair share of fights to allow corporate to put on my silver spurs and head out West. Well, the controversy soon ended with what apparently was the next "Gold and Platinum Rush" of dynamite bands and records that I produced and lassoed in for Columbia. The rest, as they say, is legend. I would be remiss if I didn't say that the other Dickinson is a dynamite guy and I never had the pleasure of producing him or Iron Maiden (huge talents in their own right), but that was not my production expertise ( namely folk, blues, and of course rock and alternative), Bruce and Iron Maiden did just fine, and back then, there was truth to the adage of "if it ain't broke, why fix it" in the record biz.

I gotta tell ya, one of my "guys" is a local fixture, plugged into all things Burlingame, whom I rely on, in addition to my "deal guy" (dealing in all things real estate, including many local deals) to just "give me the facts" so Dr. Dickinson can do what he does best, namely, to cut through the crap and adjudicate. Like any Chief Executive Officer, there is no way I can keep up with everything I'm involved in, so I do a ton of outsourcing on fact finding and lean heavily upon expertise so that I can keep the mind clear for my most important comparative advantage. I had my "guys" look into some of the things you have brought up with respect to development, regional agencies, city planning, finance, accounting, etc and I gotta tell ya, everything was corroborated by my guys and declared by them as being quote "spot on". Bruce Dickinson welcomes continued knowledge sharing as you have done on this site, in a dynamite way, I might add, while wearing your big boy pants on the whole time, which is more than what I can say for some of the babies on this site who have yet to graduate from diapers. Keep up the great work, and yes, you will have my vote, and coming from me, that means a lot! The secret to most successful rock bands is not the singer or guitarist, but really the percussion section and to a lesser degree, the bass. After all, it's really about tempo which defines and drives sound forward in rock n'roll. We need more good percussionists, to form the foundation of our communities, that help define the tempo and pace of action. Let's make music, together, and help make Burlingame and San Mateo County a better place for everyone!

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