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September 22, 2014


Bruce Dickinson

Guys, I gotta tell ya, I don't know how Russ cannot be appointed this seat. He lost by a few votes, he is more than qualified, and he served on Council before. This is who the people want, there would not be many complaints. While I would be remiss if I didn't say he loves to bait *the* Bruce Dickinson, like a true fisherman, my guys tell me he is a dynamite guy who knows the community and has founded some of Burlingame's greatest treasures that are a legacy to this City.

If he doesn't get the spot, Bruce Dickinson is running in 2015, and with Russ, together we will handily unseat whomever the seat gets gifted to and Nagel. Trust me, folks, if you think you have seen creativity thus far, I have unorthodox campaign ideas that will completely defy convention and create legend for the history books. Let me just say that such a campaign will literally be an "embarrassment of riches". That's all I will share with you…for now!


AS soon as you set up a "Campaign Web Site" please let us know.
More Cowbell.


Why listen to 2,045 people when you can just do what you want? Oh wait, wrong country.

Been here forever

Well some people made sure that Jerry beat Russ in that election and those people are still in the council so seems like they still might not give him the chance this time either, EVEN THOUGH he is the people's choice. Russ is the only sensible choice and from his experience, and the past vote tally, he should be the obvious choice, BUT we have council members who will make sure that doesn't happen. Shame on you.


Good one Hillsider!

Burlingame Politburo

Plenty of people are watching to see if the council is a council or just another politburo. If not Cohen then who will be Putin's new Medvedev.

Bruce Dickinson

Listen, fellas, I appreciate it, yes, really appreciate all the fan mail and neighbors who have urged me to run in 2015. My good friends that really know me, however, tell me that I won't be able to make half the meetings given my active and globe-trotting lifestyle and have instead, urged me to politically consult, pro-bono of course, to candidates who really are able to represent the residents. I would be more than happy to do this as well, as for 5 decades, it was never about Bruce Dickinson, to wit, I always followed a policy of putting the artist first. And the result as they say, was a gold-and-platinum bricked road. The technique was simple: harness the creative juices, channel the anger, give young minds direction, and stand for real principles. This is what worked in the dog-eat-dog world of the music industry, plain and simple.

The Burlingame City council, in likewise fashion, need to put the artist first. And guess who the artist is? The artist is YOU. The talent is YOU. The people who know Burlingame best are YOU. The problem is consensus can't be reached with 15 thousand voters, so you choose a representative. Russ Cohen was that representative who lost by 9 votes.

Was it only 9 votes, or less, or did he win by a couple? My friends, from what I understand, Russ did not ask for a recount, as he felt this was unneeded in Burlingame. Rick Ortiz probably would have done the same thing had the situations been reversed. Well guess what? Guess who can order a recount? YOU! Not a true recount of course, but a Florida 2000 style recount, done after the fact. Yes, after that election, the press used the Freedom of Information Act to gain access to and re-calculate all the votes in the precincts that were in question. By nearly every measure, Bush won, exempt for one measure: the one that Bush wanted to use in court (but got denied). Yes, Bush even won using the criteria desired the Gore legal camp.

Someone, with a lot of money and firepower, mind you, could actually get those Burlingame ballots, though I don't know how long they are kept, maybe a year or so. If Russ Cohen was shown to win, it would be undeniable that he would have to be appointed by the City Council. Alas, I think the right thing will be done by at least three of the four council members (I hope there is a majority vote) and get the person who is in effect, Burlingame's next best representative of YOU!

As you know, Bruce Dickinson likes to call 'em as he sees them, and here's another little nugget of political advice. Take it or leave it, just because it's free doesn't mean it has no value. Let's hypothesize. You are Terry Nagel and you think, okay, I have two choices. I can appoint the person who I don't like but who is a rightful representative of the people. He gets the Deal seat, wins the Deal seat in 2015, and I only have to deal (no pun intended) with an unknown candidate who will not be a shark in this pond (assuming Dr. Dickinson doesn't run of course) that I can handily defeat. Four more years. If I don't appoint Russ Cohen, then someone else will get the temporary job, and because of incumbency will likely win at least one of the two seats. Which means my seat will be up for "grabs" in the general election.

Listen folks, I don't know Russ personally, but a Russ vs. Nagel race will pit the Russ version of what Burlingame is supposed to be versus the Nagel version of what Burlingame is supposed to be. While I have no crystal ball, I have a feeling that with all the nonsense going on, being steeped in incumbency and making strategic decisions (or errors) at a critical crossroads in Burlingame history may no longer carry much weight. In fact, I think the quite the opposite will be true. It's only 9 more doors, 9 more mailers, talking to 9 more people on Burlingame Ave, or maybe less, all thing being equal. All things being unequal, with a vision of what Burlingame is supposed to be, of what YOU want it to be, it could be a landslide!

Just a couple of nuggets to get your noggin gears working. And I would be remiss if I didn't say there's a lot more to come from Dr. Dickinson. Consider this the aperitif before the 10 course meal!


Given the Nagel reference, considering Elder Deals Retirement, Elder Sarah Palin, oh, excuse me, Nancy Kerrigan, and the
Big Fish in a very-very small pond- you all know who I am talking about..
Elder Ortiz should organize a Coup with Russ Cohen and take back the Government of Burlingame from the "School Yard Bullies."
Including the current City Manager the "Puppet Master" behind everything that is complicating the governing of "Our Fair City."
The City of Burlingame Elders vote for and hire the City of Burlingame Manager.
When you consider the City of Burlingame Organization for the top down, good or bad rests with the elders and City Manager.
They are a Cabal, and will remain so until people who really care about a community, a future, and having a say in directions we will go, whose interests are not based in Real Estate, Ego, and "putting on airs."
Seriously, how many people have seen Brownrigg traveling with his posse through downtown. Embarrassing.
Dear Mr. Dickenson, Gandhi, Mandela, Ceazar Chavez, probably did not want to take on the projects they did that changed the world. All could have been CEO's of something of no benefit to the world.
They did all however, take small steps at a time, and it created miracles- small one that changed the world.
There have not been any "Saviors" presented in the world for at least 50 years. If you do not step up who will.
Jay-Z, Al Sharpton, Bill Clinton, Hillary Clinton O'Bama, Romney, Rand Paul, The Pope, ISIS?
At least those shitheads no that action creates reaction-thought too.
There is always ESPN to take all our worries away in case nothing else works out.
Lets face it we are F'd.
At least make Burlingame good for a little while longer.



I generally like your perspective, but I think you shooting high on a few of your shots.

Ann Keighran is the opposite of Sarah Palin. Ann is a puppet of the Unions (that's what she does for a living), as she's admitted to me in front of city council and on video and on audio twice.

I agree, I also like Ortiz, Cohen and Brownrigg. Brownrigg isn't putting on airs, he's the strongest mind on the council - by far.

None of the council are really school yard bullies, they just are paid to represent the biggest under-regulated bullies in our country - The Unions.

Further, if you knew Lisa Goldman, I think that you'd see that she is a very competent city manager, even if she did justify bad past policy of Burlingame (free health care for life for you and your spouse after only 5 years of service to the city if you retired any time after 50), by saying that "the city workers had their hay day too" (I guess like Google workers happened to get lucky with their stock).

Jay-Z (whatever), Al Sharpton (loud mouth with no brain), Bill Clinton (liar, cheater, and cheater, got impeached but few Dems care about morals so whatever, he's an honored Dem convention guest still), Hillary Clinton (might as well be Lenin)O'Bama (part Lenin/part hypocrite racist/ part Satan), Romney (super accomplished business person and philanthropist, probably one of the most honest people to ever run for any political office), Rand Paul (his dad, Ron is way stronger, Rand is more like a parrot), The Pope(the current Pope has been remarkably open minded and embracing to people of other faiths, perhaps best Pope ever), ISIS (if you want to kill Americans, and have imminent plots to do so, then we're going to kick the crap out of you, after we try to ask nicely to chill out).

Holley, I also agree with you that we are F'd, especially in California where Frankenstein Jerry Brown is the kingpin of Union bullying and corruption, along with all those who worship him.

So, how about that Burlingame Voice fundraiser costume party at The Candy Store?



My Dear Bruce, I do enjoy your posts but I must take issue with your statement about Nagel the Nagel version of what Burlingame is supposed to be

What exactly is that? I've been watching the woman since before she was on the council and I can't figure it out. I know what her vision for herself is county supervisor, assembly, skip senate and run for congress

But her vision for Burlingame? Indecipherable.

Getting tired of the circus

This is just getting weird. It used to be about debating real issues. Now it's like a creepy cyber costume party full of strange comments. This circus is wearing thin.

This race has eight candidates and council needs to choose the best person to finish the term. These are not the same people who ran in the last election so November's results are not relevant. Mr. Cohen lost to a virtual unknown who had not even served on a commission and beat a field of ,to be kind, weak candidates. This by a man who held a seat on the council and had been on many City organizations. I don't see November as a strong endorsement. On the contrary, it raises serious questions.

The eight include very strong candidates that have demonstrated their knowledge of issues by repeated appearances at meetings. To simply write them off because they were not candidates last election would be just silly. I hope our Elders choose the best candidate and don't allow the past election to weigh heavily.


Where did you come up with the idea that the sitting council members have a clue who would be best?

Peter Garrison

Vox populi - the voters spoke through the election. Runner-up gets the council seat. Other names can run for the seat in the next election.

Former election competitor supports Russ Cohen's appointment

I agree, Peter. I ran in the last election, and I completely support Russ Cohen to be appointed due to the resignation of Jerry Deal - especially when Russ only lost by 8 votes - especially as the result when back and forth.

The new applicants have attended some recent meetings...wow.

Peter Garrison

PS – that's what the protests in Hong Kong are all about: the voice of the people ro choose their leaders – and not have them appointed by a higher power.

Bruce Dickinson

Listen, ringmaster you may think it's Ringling Brothers, but let Dr. Dickinson teach you about Latin and about circuses. A circus as you define it was not the original meaning. Ever been to Rome and see the Circus Maximus? It wasn't a big top with acrobats, clowns and jugglers. It was a half-mile oval where chariot fights were held, gladiators fought to their death, and slaves and prisoners of war were killed, just for entertainment. These were persecuted peoples, including Christians. You need to go to Rome and stare down this thing and imagine yourself fighting for your life in front of 200,000 spectators. It is with this spirit that we need to support something we believe in whether it's democracy or a religion.

So don't give Bruce Dickinson a lecture on a circus when you are acting and talking like the clown, but the rest of us are on the Chariot, leading the charge for the people of Burlingame. Yours truly and others on this thread have a deep history of contributing great ideas that are actually appreciated by many folks on here as well as neighbors, including the editors. These are ideas that are not censored or censured, if you will, but widely respected and sought out (to wit, just look at Joe and Russ trying to bait me on so many of their posts). Even those who claim to not like my comments (there are like 2, maybe 3 people), pretending not to read or discrediting them and saying so, tells me one more thing: they are hanging onto my every word. Yes, this also I know my and others' impact and yes, I know that a lot of egos don't like the successful person on the top. I saw it at Columbia all the time. And you know what, those were the guys that got the pink slips after having one gold album and thinking they had enough gravitas to change things. As I said before to some miscreant poster in the past, can't remember whom quite frankly, is the only thing you CAN assume about a broken down old man, is that he is a survivor!

It's a chariot war, little fella, so put on the big boy pants, fight the real fight and contribute to this or any meaningful discussion. Save the diapers for the diarrhea, just go poop in the corner somewhere else if you have nothing to add.

To one of the posters above, I don't know what Nagel's vision is for Burlingame. I do know what a voting record looks like. Actions can tell you more about agendas than can words. A clear vision, explained with detail and not about a bunch of niceties and feel good statements is what is going to win seats in Burlingame.

Peter is 100% correct, and has put it in a succinct way (yes, I noticed the nod to Latin, one of the Dickinson language favorites): If the city council cares about Burlingame representation and holds the office of a city council member in the proper regard, Russ should be the next member.


Thanks, Bruce. I prefer to think of my solicitations of your input as just that, rather than "baiting" but you are free to think differently.

Today I mostly want to refute Circus's comment about Ortiz being a "virtual unknown". You can go here: http://www.burlingamevoice.com/2011/11/election-2011-slight-shuffle.html#comments to see how Ricardo did the first time he ran--not bad considering. I may not know much about the record business or the circus business, but I do know something about the local election business and I can guarantee you running the second time is easier, the third easier yet and by the time you get to the fifth time you have the process down pat.



It's amazing how the music industry has changed.

Live stream of Chris Issak in SF:

Hey, if you're really Bruce or if you're not really Bruce, may I invite you to serve as a speaker at the Burlingame Rotary Club. We meet every Monday at 12:15pm.

May I give you a call?


The Rotary must be hard up to have AK hustling for them. They would be lucky to have you, Bruce.


Ahh, the beauty of anonymous mud slinging.

Actually, I've been a Rotarian since 2006, long before I moved to Burlingame 7 years ago.

If Bruce is such a beloved character on this channel, shouldn't he speak to the many of the elected leaders and business leaders at The Rotary Club? It seems like a positive thing to...most people.

It's a local and global charity and Hillsider is the type that would denigrate efforts to raise money for scholarships.

Thus, my suggestion on the fundraiser costume ball. Meet each other instead of the separate efforts and actually work together instead of making suggestions to The Ether.

Arm chair philosophers ARE a special bunch.

Been here forever

I can hardly wait to see Nagel and Kerrigan (I like the reference holy roller!) duke it out for Jackie's senate seat when that time comes. They each seem to think they have it in the bag. Not so sure about that given boringness records and lack of expertise, whether you have union backing or not. How absurd.


The Daily Journal has the update on the procedure here: http://www.smdailyjournal.com/articles/lnews/2014-10-08/council-sets-timeline-for-replacing-deal/1776425131288.html

The council decided at Monday night’s meeting that it did not wish to winnow the number of applicants further before interviewing the candidates. The bulk of the conversation was when exactly to hold those interviews. Due to scheduling challenges, the council opted for interviews at an Oct. 15 public forum at City Hall with public comment. The council will vote at its regular Oct. 20 meeting using ballots rather than roll call.

Mayor Michael Brownrigg had proposed the council hold the interviews and vote on the same date because, according to a video of the meeting,” in light of what will be undoubtedly be a process that has people weighing in with their opinions, [extending] just runs the risk of becoming a bit of a free for all.”

Councilwoman Ann Keighran disagrees because she wanted time to process the interviews.

“Personally, I like to mull it over,” Keighran said.

Councilman Ricardo Ortiz agreed, saying he didn’t want the decision hanging over them.

Peter Garrison

Roll call. Stand and be counted; As in using real names on a blog.

Cathy Baylock

The ballots must still be made public per resolution 63-2005. I would guess this process would be similar to how commissioners are appointed. Each council member would fill out a ballot and the results tallied on a white board visible to the public.

Bruce Dickinson

Listen, fellas, Bruce Dickinson understands that Mike Brownrigg is the mayor, but I would be remiss if I didn't say that I think he believes he is emperor! Coming from his diplomatic background, at least show the illusion of caring for democracy!

Voting on the same meeting without mulling it over? Really? So this means he already knows whom to pick and everything else, including the public meeting is just perfunctory?!? He should know better than that. Unless he picks Russ, as that is truly the only people's choice. Any other appointment would be an abuse of power.

Also, calling a public meeting a "free for all" sounds like he wants to avoid it altogether. Sorry Mikey-baby that doesn't work in this country and from now on, consider Bruce Dickinson (or my staff) will be watching his every move. No get out of jail card for this emperor, as he just invited a lot more scrutiny.

10 Cowbell rings for Keighran and Ortiz who basically called him out on it and on how not mulling it over makes no sense at all. At least give the illusion of mulling it over. Even a good emperor does that!! And yes, the ballots should be made public. Bruce Dickinson will really want to see who does not vote for Russ, as those will be the true voices of anti-democracy. Obviously great fuel for the fodder in the next election!

Speaking of dumb moves, and Bruce Dickinson will no longer engage in the tit-for-tat with this individual, namely everyones non-favorite person AK or his weird dem-wit identities.

Listen AK, if you call that baiting back-handed invitation to speak at the Rotary Club an actual invitation (which is the weirdest "invitation" I've ever received) then here's a word for you not just for this, but on anything you will beg for in the future. That word is "NO"

I don't know how many times you need to be out-witted by Dickinsonisms or quite frankly how many times I have to rip you a new one on this site, and you're probably thinking, wow, look at me I can get Bruce Dickinson's attention, as you seem to be enjoying it. Well guess what?!? That is history, because I have no time to stroke your attention getting schemes or for any gadfly gnats buzzing around my ears as I try to concentrate on the issues at hand, especially those whom nobody really likes nor have much in the way of contribution or prescriptions for solutions. Also, little fella, unless you're running for an election, you will know that deals, and I mean real deals, are made with meetings, rolodexes, and phone calls, not rotary engagements, halloween parties or campfires. I don't think I need to give you more examples of how business gets done in the upper echelons, and trust me, to survive in the US recording industry and put out dynamite product, for five decades no less and make more money than I can every spend, I think I know a thing or two about the right formula for success.

So your "invitation" to whatever speaking engagement, halloween party, phone call, campfire, waffle breakfast, blue-bottle lattes, and the like, the answer is simply NO. I will only respond to people whom I believe are making good faith contributions on this site whether I agree with them or not.

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