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August 13, 2014


Commercial Real Estate

Yes, I spoke with the land owner today that leases it to Sunrise, and he said that "they've never missed a payment".

J. Mir

I'll believe it when I see it. That means: the "Borg Covering" comes off and people are observed working inside it full-time. The project next door (which has a full-size crew working daily) will be complete and occupied a year or more before the Sunrise is un-Borged.

Strictly Commercial

OMG! I am watching the presentation of The Trousdale senior housing project at Trousdale and Magnolia and it is atrocious. This is Soviet housing just like in Millbrae. This woman is saying it fits the Burlingame aesthetic?????? Maybe she should drive further south than Trousdale from her SF office. This is the Millbrae aesthetic. Very very ugly.


Nice Frank Zappa reference. I'm sure Bruce will have a good Zappa story or two.

I was surprised at how much time and talk went into trees, wood trim, paint color and awnings. Mass and bulk and the terrible design should have come first. Kudos to Anne K. for saying it was ugly in the most diplomatic way possible. The differences between what was on the screen and what apparently was on the page of the council packet was troublesome as well. Let's hope this doesn't just sail through.

As to the financial side of it and whether it will be "affordable" or not--I am just not buying the talk track that they don't know what the prices, margins and profits will be--right down to the dollar. If that is true we have a problem.


The one discussed at Council on the 20th doesn't seem like it is fleshed out.

Totally agree with comments made by Ann Keighran. Is this one all done, ' wondering what happened at the Planning Commission level?

I hope we haven't gotten to the point where design standards degrade depending on what is being constructed and for whom. It looks an awful lot like the TODs that we are seeing at our borders. I think either the architect or project manager commented that the building color was going to be the way shapes and massing were to be distinguished...or did I mishear? Poor idea, in my opinion, for such a prominent structure that will be here for decades on an important corner and big, wide street. Paint colors can become passé, quickly.....

Bruce Dickinson

Joe, Joe, Joe, THIS is what I mean by baiting Bruce Dickinson with your musical references that are, quite FRANKly (no pun intended) kind of a stretch (Sy-Borg, really?)! Alas, I will still bite, because I have been called the "Bard of Burlingame" as I always have a good tale to tell from my 50 years of producing records.

Lemme tell you, Frank and I hung out a few times back in LA. I had a house in Topanga Canyon and he would come over, hang out, we'd talk all things music, and he would rail on the "widget factories" that were the record companies as he was dealing with his own troubles with Warner Bros and sought my advice on a few things. He was never the corporate type and quite frankly, had the rare gift of being a composer, producer, song-writer, instrumentalist, playwright, actor all wrapped up in one. It was incredible and almost no factory could handle the "bespoke" nature of his talents, as he was truly a one-of-a-kind personality with unmatched skills. The result: incredible works that transcended all musical definition with transformational influences on three generations of artists and producers. The cost: he never sold that many records and was a lightning rod for controversy and had a tough time working with people, who admittedly were lesser talents, but in order to sell records, you do have to work as a team, even if it means reducing things to a lower common denominator. As an observer/philosopher, Frank reminded me a lot of Iggy Pop, with awesome insights on so many topics, but while being a little more focused and articulate. Frank was not a user of drugs, in contrast to Iggy, and over time he got a lot smoother and more complex, like a fine wine that ages well.

Alas, I digress. Bruce Dickinson is having my secretary, Julie, hire someone to take the video clips from the City Website and transcribe them or edit them, so that I can see for myself what is going on at these meetings at City Hall. This Trousdale project, by Jennifer's account, sounds like the virus causing the diarrhea architecture in San Mateo and Millbrae has contaminated Burlingame. I will report back once I get more information and do what I do best, namely adjudicate. This will be some good reading on the plane for my upcoming trip to Tokyo.


Well-reported Bruce. That is in line with the blogger "Strictly Commercial" (a fine Zappa album) and the blight upon Trousdale.


I am hoping all of you got your invitation to the Grand Opening of Sunrise of Burlingame in the mail (and not just me--I'm not ready yet!)

It is Sunday, June 27 from 10am to 3pm. You get "a special tour of our warm, beautiful senior living community". Reserve a long-awaited spot by calling 650 692-2805.

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