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July 30, 2014



The reality is that Burlingame and the Peninsula already has thousands of the millions of our country's illegal immigrants.

Its true. Most American's families were immigrants, and in the past, there may not have been laws requiring a specific process for a person to immigrate to the US.

However, politicians MAY NOT pick an choose which laws they feel like following or not, unless they publicly debate them and together our country, state and city decides to change the laws.

Why would Leland Yee decide to sell illegal weaponry, even as an outspoken opponent of the legal possession of weapons by law-abiding citizens?? Because he feels very confident that he can do whatever he wants in the Absolute Power of the Democratic bubble of Sac Francisco...and get away with it, just like all of the other corrupt Democrats in our area.

The more I get to know local, state and national politicians from the Democratic party, the more I see them break the law without restraint (many examples).

Encouraging and allowing people to immigrate to our area, against the current laws is SIMPLY BREAKING THE LAW and should not be accepted by our fellow citizens. It's not about race, it's about following the rule of law consistently.

I look forward to continuing to work to oust corrupt politicians in our community and beyond.

Why focus on ousting corrupt politicians? Because politicians that lead our government agencies have the sole power to tax, seize, imprison, audit, deny, deport, shoot, or endanger all of us...and to not question instances of corruption and tyranny is to be part of the corruption and tyranny yourself.

You might like this video from internet sensation, Bill Whittle, addressing the illegal immigration problem:


If the San Mateo County Board of Supervisors breaks laws, then they should be subject to Grand Jury investigation, and criminal prosecution, period.

Don't be a DemWit and allow this to happen!


I believe this subject came up a couple of years ago during an election cycle.
It was regarding business license fees, City Elders, and City Administers hiring illegals, non taxpaying Building Contractors of all type, including Home Gardeners at their homes.
Everyone-City of Burlingame Residents see these people everyday. Eat the food cooked, car washed, etc.
AS well as the Temp Work permits that go to none US Citizens for supposed "High Tech Work" that can not be filled by US Citizens.
Do not worry anyone "this to shall pass."
Just like:
The 300 African Girls that were kidnapped, "Kofe"-look it up, Malaysian Flight disappeared, Fracking, The Japanese's Nuclear Accident, Afghanistan, Snowden, Wikileaks, NSA, Rawana, Sudan, Mississppi-USA, on and on.
"This to will pass."
News is passé.
Right and Wrong is only important if you are able to access "The Cloud," get the latest I Phone Disconnect from reality as easy as possible so "We" can push down the road things like dept., world overpopulation, and Shit head Politicians that will not tell us the truth, the problems we all face, and how to fix them.
Take Politics out of it.
Enforce the Laws we have had for @100 years.
Problem fixed.
Hey, The Giants finally won a game today-yeah......


I hear there may be plenty of room to board all of these newcomers at Martin's Beach in Half Moon Bay.


Maybe Jackie Speier and Nancy Peolosi can adopt them?


See why these IMPORTANT NATIONAL SECURITY ISSUES are always swept under the rug?
Few people take anything serious enough to be a part of the solution.
Until it is to late. Then all that happens is where do we lay the blame?
It is not O'Bama, it is the face in the mirror.
Dear Mr. James, I understand the frustration you feel.
Illegal Immigration is taking this country down. The only reason Illegal Immigration is tolerated is to:
1. Take advantage of paying hard workers sub human wages.
If the "Illegal" Field Workers, Butchers, Convalescing Nurses etc. were able to get paid what they are worth, then everyone else would pay their "fair market price" for the goods provided.
The goods we eat, the people who clean, bath and wipe your elders genitals would cost more.
Who here reading this comment has ever picked fruit, vegetables, fed a relative, wiped their bums.
Those people are hero's and should make 10 times more per hour than any City of Burlingame employee.
How do we let this happen?
I phones, Computers, etc.
Life is becoming Science Fiction.
So lets get back to the important stuff,
What is the latest on the Hoover School

Bruce Dickinson

Here we go again. Is Bruce Dickinson the only old timer round these parts that doesn't get more xenophobic with age?

Let's get real, folks, illegal immigrants should get amnesty here, plain and simple. These are the people doing jobs that no one else would do and the vast majority of them are hard-working contributors to society that do jobs that most won't. There is a dual economic benefit: those that come here to work are making significantly more money than they are in Mexico/South America and those that hire them are gaining cheaper (i.e., non unionized) labor. The USA benefits tremendously from this and if you don't like it, too bad, get used to it as short of a giant wall, there will be no stopping the flow as the economics continue to make sense for both counties. Quite a bit of money from migrant/illegal workers goes back to families in mexico, so if the families are here, then the US economy benefits further.

Now for the real teaching lesson and something that will be more insightful than that diarrhea of the mouth guy from that idiotic video. Seriously, guys, the Democrats are doing this country a disservice in many ways, far beyond immigration, and the ones in CA are particularly dumb, and coming from me, that means a lot, as I am a registered, but disaffected, Democrat. However, if dumb videos like the one posted are prime examples of the opponents the Democrats face, then you might as well call the Republican Party the Republican Funeral. I actually want a vibrant and credible Republican party to keep the Democrats honest and in check, but seriously, dead-enders like Palin or Wittle are just going to give the Democrats a monopoly on perpetual stupidity and unchecked power forever. Alas, I digress, well kind of digress, but here's the crucial lesson from Dr. Dickinson: every decline of every civilized society throughout history has been precipitated by a population decline. Look at Rome, Greece, Egypt, Japan, numerous counties in Europe over the past 500 years. Even China, due to aging and the one child policy that existed for so long will reach peak population within the next 20-30 years. This is why immigration is such a necessity in the USA if we don't want to have the same fate. Why drag this on for longer? Here's the prescription from your neighborhood doctor: immediate one time amnesty for illegals and children with an address in the USA and/or poof of work in the past 6 months (including under the table work, the discovery of which will not be prosecuted) and have no serious misdemeanors or felonies (probably less than 1%, in contrast to what Nit-Wittle is saying). Non-working illegals get deported and can re-apply. Why is this so difficult for politicians to get their heads around this and make the whole issue worthless public battle?

Maybe Bruce Dickinson himself should be elected Dictator? Even if this were possible, rest assured, I would be a benevolent one!



I would like to one day meet you in person.

So, it IS OK for politicians and citizens to break the law, at their whim?

The Sanctuary City of San Francisco and most of their politicians and staff have been openly breaking the law for decades...and the same is true in San Mateo County and in Burlingame...

Yes, let's debate the problem and potential solutions to the Bum Rush on the southern border and on Burlingame's borders.

But seriously, Bruce, if you want to have actual creditability, you really must get rid of the arrogant, know it all, persona that you use, whether it be made up or real.

If the San Mateo County Board of Supervisors break laws, then they should be subject to Grand Jury investigation, and criminal prosecution, period.

Don't be a DemWit and allow your local leaders to actively break the law in the name of their dogma.



Here's another good immigration video from Bill Whittle.




Steve K


What is your definition of the word invasion?

Steve K




When I selected my name for this website a couple of years ago I never thought it would have this much importance. I have no confidence that the San Mateo County Supervisors will do the right thing about illegals coming into our state or our towns. I remember when someone could work and honest day of work and get paid for it but now they work the same and get paid less all because of illegal competition. Where are the unions on this and why aren't they sticking up for their own.


Yes, The Democrats are infamous for openly supporting breaking the laws that they don't like, at their whim.

I heard someone refer to "Indigenous Workers" the other day, and I think that he meant Illegal Aliens.

I hadn't heard that excuse for breaking the law / PC term before.

Sorry to break it to the limousine liberals in town, but folks from Mexico and other parts of Central and South American are not indigenous to California. Indeed, out of all the groups that try to get special privileges under the law, certainly the American Indians actually deserve reparations (free stuff from the government, paid for by the rest of us).

Don't you think that it's kinda weird that ultra-rich Chinese move to the US, pay above market for houses and commercial real estate because they aren't allowed by their government to even own their own house, and also "in case something should happen" (i.e. the gov't takes back their wealth), and then they also get special privileges from the US gov't in the form of affirmative action business contracts and hiring to hot jobs and promotions because they're not white or men of any race?

Or, it seems odd that Democrats encourage people from other countries to enter our country against our country's laws, and then the Democrats give them plenty of free stuff, and then those same illegal aliens get special privileges because of their skin color?

I'd suggest that racism finally be made illegal in our country by eliminating the hypocritical, racist and sexist law and policy and provoker of more racism and hatred known as "Affirmative Action".

Repeal gov't enforced racism and sexism, and try and convict government leaders and workers who break the law, including allowing illegal aliens to enter our country and to drain our communities.

Stop voting for Democrats!

Illegal Immigration is a Crime

Why are local government leaders giving $1,000,000 in grants to help Illegal Immigrants with their legal fees, when they chose to break the law to enter our country, unlawfully?


Check out this video that highlights the issues in Illegal Immigration (produced by FAIR, Federation for American Immigration Reform):

Illegal Immigration is a Crime, and that point is not arguable. Why are we supporting criminals in our community?

Bruce Dickinson

Listen, fellas, I get all this "we need to enforce the laws" stuff with respect to illegal immigration, but there is theory and there is practice. Well, I just spoke to one of my guys, who has a PhD in Macro-economics, and what he told me is this: every single study shows that illegal immigrants are a net benefit to the US economy, not huge, but a benefit ranging from $30 to $50 billion dollars per year, when you net out all the social services costs. Also, there is little to no reason for someone to illegally get into the US to cause trouble. Mexico is a great place to cause trouble because the police there are ineffective and the place is run by criminals. By and large, those coming to the US are here to work, there are exceptions, of course, but we're talking the big numbers here, guys. So illegal immigrants coming to this country have the most to gain economically. Well, if one keeps the border open all the time, who has the most to lose? Illegal immigrants! Because an endless supply will get people to work for cheaper and cheaper, so there is an equilibrium, if you will, of labor prices that will prevent more from coming here if the supply is too great. That, namely economics, will act as a natural barrier.

Also, my guy gave me this little nugget of info. By the US Customs service own estimates, it costs $13,000 to arrest, detain, and deport an illegal immigrant. There are over 11 million illegals, so therefore the net cost of deporting these would be $150 billion dollars. A pretty big amount and would take years to accomplish and given our government, would end up costing more than this as the first 5 million will be easy but the last 1-2 million will be a lot more difficult.

Finally my guy said people are not thinking beyond the current generation. The economic benefits of even illegal immigration are seen in 2 to 3 generations. If children born to illegals enter the US education system and get higher education and higher paying jobs, their net value to the economy goes up by a factor of 3x-10x. Just think about the first generation children living in the apartments along El Camino in Burlingame, getting some of the finest education the country has to offer. These kids and their kids will end up having better lives here than where their parents and grandparents came from. A better life means a more economically productive one and better for everyone in the USA.

When all is said and done, my guy said illegal and legal immigration add $3 trillion dollars to the US economy. Unless someone has a more realistic and practical solution to make the numbers work without spiraling the USA into another Great Depression, deportation is not gonna be the answer. Better and cheaper to grant amnesty, enforce legal immigration going forward to a certain degree, have a better border enforcement to protect national security, and the US economy will continue to reap the benefits of having a cheaper labor supply that has a good chance through later generations, of generating a much larger benefit to society.

This my friends, is what you have to consider when weighing all this stuff. When a bunch of big mouths (liberal or conservative) rant on the airwaves, in blogs, or video clips, they have no idea what they are talking about and all the issues at play. I have yet to hear anyone talk about the things that my guy told me about, and guess what?? It all makes sense to me. Take it from me, Bruce Dickinson.. not fully understanding a problem will only lead to the wrong prescriptions for a mis-diagnosis.

Don't be a Dem-Wit!

False numbers from a false persona who's telling us that it's cool to break the law even when it's most of the Dem leaders in our area and State and in DC and that there are no negatives to millions of law breakers in our country. Burlingame, California and The Democratic Party are the biggest sinking ships ever made up!

Don't be a Dem-Wit!


I agree with you Bruce on lot of things.
However I do not believe you are taking into account our world is going to get any larger to accommodate all these people who keep having children, and are unable to support them.
There is limited land, there is limited water.
If the real issue of Human Over Population is not the number one priority of the United Nations-etc, horrible wars will continue, famine, religious genocide.
If the US can stop illegal immigration at the boarders, then maybe Latin Americans will stop having babies, (in the hope that their children-basically slaves,) will stop coming to the US to send money home to keep the same "Banking System " in place.
I have live in Central America.
I know for a fact that this is a way of life there.

Bruce Dickinson

Listen, little fella, not to get into tit-for-tat jabbing as both your and my time are being wasted in this endeavor, let me tell you and the readers something. First off, I don't care what you believe is real or don't believe is real, what have you. It's obvious you live in your own reality. Secondly, I have got what appears to be quite the fan base on the Voice, so I will continue to speak my mind and what I believe to be true and many seem to enjoy my commentary. Third, with regard to the points I was making, my guy told me that all his information was 100% verifiable in peer reviewed journals, think tank studies, and publications such as the Wall Street Journal, Atlantic Monthly, the Economist, etc.

Bruce Dickinson will leave the Voice readers with this: Everyone can do a simple internet search and you can draw your own conclusions from several independent sources on multiple issues. Don't let people with political agendas or motives dominate your thinking! Independence of thought is the greatest of virtues and that, my friends, is what really needs to be protected at ALL costs. As the great (and genius) George Clinton and Funkadelic most eloquently put it: "Free your mind...and your a## will follow"! That lyric folks, means a lot, on so many different levels!


You know what is great about your response:
There is no need for anyone to help you dig a hole...
You brought your own shovel..
You most likely will tell us you used a Versace' Shovel.
Autographed by Elvis.
Ansel Adams photographed the event.
Huey Lewis wrote a song about this hole.
Courtney Love may sue.

It is very difficult for successful people to readjust to life in Small Town USA.
I have nothing but best hope for your return/integration into Society.
Good Luck Bruce.

Bruce Dickinson

Listen, Holy-Baby, to be clear, my response wasn't directed at you but at the not-so-witty Dem-NoWItAll. I must (or my secretary, as it were) have posted when you did. I know you are a big fan of the big B.D. so sorry for the mis-understanding.

As a reminder, however, Bruce Dickinson chooses to live in Burlingame, as I am a man "of the people". Most at my echelon would choose to live in Hillsborough, Atherton, or Los Altos Hills, but I love the diverse fiber of Burlingame, if you will. I would be remiss if I didn't say it is a dynamite town as I said many a time. Mind you, this is coming from a guy who used to hustle vacuum cleaners in the Bronx, so believe me, I have literally seen it all!


Thanks Bruce,
Or should we start to call you "Future City of Burlingame Elder?"
I have some idea as to how much time it would take out of your current projects..
However, if you love your home, community, and people as much as you state, how can you not run for office.
It is very easy to see the lack of leadership, lack of political savvy, and Elders just putting in their time for "who knows what" future plans.
ie Nagell, that guy who used to be somebody, and Keigle.
Please do not consider my negative views of these current Council Members as a reason to run...
Consider the positive dynamics, and experience you have Mr. Dickenson to keep The City of Burlingame a place you would brag about living in.

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