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July 27, 2014



This is a FABULOUS project that is so creative and has flare. Thank you for posting this. The unique metal sign lettering on the streamlined roof overhang is perfect, too. The graphics at the base of the bar alone is worth a visit.

If we were giving out design awards in Burlingame, these folks would be on the short-list.


Why don't you give out design awards. Great idea and no need to get the bosses involved (the city). Just do it.


"You" as in me personally, or the Burlingame Voice, or the Historical Society? If the latter, it has been on a LONG list of things we'd like to do--

if you mean me, personally, I have definite design opinions that may not be shared by all.

If you mean the Burlingame Voice, maybe the editors could consider a "Best Of BV", just like the SM Times has, or used to have, the "Best of" awards. And we all can chime in, no?

Categories might be:

•Best original design--(Business) a) Interior b) Exterior

•Best building restoration, incl. interpretation adaptive reuse of a commercial structure--(business)

•Best original bungalow restoration (under 2200 sq. ft, for example)

•Best home restoration-can include newer additions (over 2200 sq. ft, for example)

•Best new home design (traditional flavor)
•Best new home design (modern flavor)

I'm sure the BV public will have their own ideas of categories, or perhaps do not like these, feel free to add... These would be just a few off the top of my hear, but perhaps this should be limited to the commercial areas, to start, lest it become unwieldy.

Fight Club 221

They should just close down the street on Saturday nights and charge admission for their gang-driven street fights. Sorry, gentlemen, no knives allowed this time! Will the face-lift result in a more civil crowd, or the same gang-bangers as before?


Really? I remember that problem related to Blush, remember that place? Well, let's hope the nice decor attracts a different crowd.....

Bruce Dickinson

10 Cowbell rings for Jennifer! This, my friends, is creative talent at its finest, in Bruce Dickinson's humble opinion. What better way to influence and encourage design and be a tastemaker of sorts than to give out awards on design, encouraging the best creativity, architecture, design, landscape, etc. Builders, developers, architects, landscapers et al would be falling over themselves to get recognized. I'm sure the City Council and Planning Commission would be on board this train big time. Have the awards presented by the Historical Society in a joint City Council and Planning Commission session for all to see and write about. Invite architectural journals, real estate sites, newspapers, community leaders, etc. Could you imagine a home that is designated as a Burlingame Design Winner? Would command a higher price and help property values. Imagine this multiplied across several categories. Could also be applied to multi-family units and commercial property and encourage creativity. You could even do a parking garage of the year award..I kid I kid...well, kind of.

As Bruce Dickinson has said many, yes, numerous times before, it's about the incentives. While we like to focus on easy incentive drivers, such as the "sticks" that can be easily codified, it's time Burlingame also include the "carrots" or positive reinforcements. Burlingame Historical Society Design Awards are the most positive reinforcement possible, and there is little to no reason for the City Council and Planning Commission to not be in on this gig. Take if from me, Bruce Dickinson...I know a great gig even before it happens. Great ideas, Jennifer! Consider my not insignificant donation to make this happen already in the mail, as it were.

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