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June 10, 2014



There is such a sign on my block put up by some pretty desperate parents, not because the neighborhood kids play on the street (they really shouldn't), but because drivers go so fast that even kids walking or biking on the sidewalk are in danger.

This sign is a cry for help. What we really need is a "BPD, Enforce the Speed Limit like your Kids Live Here" and a "Public Works, Design Our Streets like your Kids Live Here" signs.


I walk a few miles a day in Burlingame. The crosswalks on Hillside are marked with day-glow bright signs and arrows pointing to the crosswalk. I have almost been run down several times, and once dived to the ground to avoid sure death. It was a close call. The driver was on a cell phone and did not even notice me. I am a big healthy guy and was thinking that a child or elderly person would not have made it!


I could not agree more. I often wonder which direction is worse; uphill or downhill?


This is all over town the same. Distracted drivers unaware of how fast they are going, or what is around them, and rude, to boot. In the last several years it has become worse than ever. I hope the County will fund a sting effort again, soon, $$$ seems to be the only thing that works, sort of.


What is with the safety lynching? Disturbing.


It certainly caught my eye as I biked by. I'm just guessing that between the parked cars, the street sweeper, garbage collection and what not, they thought this was easier. It did freak me out though. It's probably still up over on either Chula Vista or Laguna.

Peter Garrison

Distracted driving = $500 fine and a point on your driving record.


In the past the City Arborist has forced people to take down swing sets, Christmas lights, even Ivy.
I guess there is a good reason to this.
Otherwise the trees would become advertisement apparatus.
So lets hope that the City of Burlingame Arborist starts getting the "Safety Monkey's out of the trees.
Take the kids to any park in the area.
Just make sure that they take their shoes off before they get in the car.
Those Basketball things are a problem too.
The City of Burlingame Arborist should take care of those too.
I Think his name is Steve Porter.
Safety Monkey's.
Good name.

Bruce Dickinson

Bruce Dickinson, once again, is shaking his head and is at a loss for words.

Burlingame Betty

Join the Burlingame Wave Campaign!

This section seemed the best to roll out this idea (although it isn't summer!)

Part of what makes Burlingame special (I think) is our neighborhood community. Everyone, for the most part, is friendly to each each other, keeps an eye on their own little section of street and cares deeply about the quality of life we share here in town.

However, with too many cars per house, our beautiful tree lined streets are too narrow for two cars to pass at the same time, requiring drivers to work together to navigate the roads (I am not at all suggesting a dialogue about on street parking or one way streets!).

I would like to suggest that as we head into the holiday season of good will towards all we take this a step further.

Let's acknowledge each other as we pass on the road by giving a quick 'wave'. A small acknowledgement to a mutual act of cooperation helps bring people together!

So join me this holiday season in humanizing our fellow drivers and help us break out of our isolated bubbles….

Let us know how this makes you feel. Do you notice other drivers waiving back as well? Is there eye contact involved? Do you feel this enhances your driving experience around town?

Thank you!
Submitted with the most respectful and sincerest intentions.


I think that is a great idea.
A little smile and a wave to a stranger take little or no effort.
Believe it or not, I bet that moment and gesture will be good for both people.
Pay it forward.
Just try it readers, once a day.
Happy Holidays.

Bruce Dickinson

Burlingame Betty making Burlingame Better. Fantastic idea, and is something that Bruce Dickinson always does, and I gotta tell ya, I get a lot of reciprocal "waves back" all the time even when we're not passing, but I would be remiss if I didn't say that the waves from the masses seems to happen a lot more when I'm driving my Ferrari. Maybe it's the flat plane crank engine sound coming out of quad exhaust tips that's the head turner, but everyone loves it!

I also bet Russ Cohen gets quite a bit of waves in his classic Cadillac, which I've seen with my own eyes. Russ, would you be willing to sell? Bruce Dickinson knows a good ride when he sees it, and coming from me, that means a lot!




No signs on trees people! NO signs are to be pinned on trees in Burlingame.

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