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June 29, 2014



Maybe they's too busy going to China for city business. I caint remember da last city council elder I sawr in town walkin' around


Integrity smetegrity.

Bruce Dickinson

Listen, guys, I know this is going to sound rather outrageous, but I think this idea may actually work very well. Yes, it may be a little childish, but it would garner some pretty visible attention that would likely fix the problem. Bruce Dickinson, in his creative, outside-the-box, divergent thinking mode, if you will, proposes this:

Get a large sticker that is transparent, with the exception of these words, which would be in big, bold, red lettering (outlined in black or white, for maximum contrast) and would stick diagonally on many of these illegal signs.

The words would be


Guarantee you, one way or another, all signs would come down in 10 days or less. You don't even have to put the "FOR ME TO POOP ON" stickers on many signs, just the most prominent/public ones. This would create the incentive to take ALL the violating signs down fast. Bruce Dickinson has said it before and will say it again: it's all about incentives. Sometimes you have to use a carrot, and sometimes you have to use a wood stick (or in this case, a "log", as it were).


I'm good for a C-note contribution. Would we get ticketed if we use the real word instead of "poop"?

Bruce Dickinson

Fantastic Joe, yes, really fantastic, I'll add that to my M-Note contribution, should be more than enough to get the job done. Before everyone gets giddied up and ready to charge, let Bruce Dickinson warn that any "FOR ME TO POOP ON" decals on the "Welcome To Millbrae", "Welcome To San Mateo" , or "Town of Hillsborough" signs are expressly prohibited. Of course, I kid, I kid.

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