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May 10, 2014


Frances Jones

Hillsider, I don't trust the other guy because he's an incompetent, litigious bully. That's based on the fact that he habitually sues at taxpayer expense for his own benefit.

As a taxpayer, I feel that his incompetence and greed in a critical fiscal position would degrade the current high credit rating and resultant low interest rates paid by the County.

Apparently this doesn't bother you, perhaps because he's your friend or because you're one of his surrogates.

Regardless, the taxpayers of this county have been well served by the Controller's Office for the past 15 years. Even Galligan admits that as this quote shows: If elected, Galligan said he expects to run the controller's office in the same fashion as Adler and his predecessor, Tom Huening, noting that both did "a great job." http://www.mercurynews.com/peninsula/ci_25165563/former-burlingame-mayor-says-hell-run-county-controller

If it ain't broke, don't fix it.



Wow such drama over such a boring position! Look, I work in fiscal at the County. The Controllers is generally regarded as one of the best run departments in the County. Juan led in audit, payroll, and accounting systems. The office has implemented many automation projects, ahead of other departments in the county, and that is largely the work of Juan. He is seen as knowledgeable, forward thinking and fair/ethical. And in dealing with the County's (as well as city/school/special districts) funding, it's the ethical point that matters the most. From Galligan's antics in the courts, it scares me to think of someone like him obtaining the Controller position. It is not a position to be used for political gain or theatrics. Juan is a stand-up guy who will do right by the tax payers.

Bruce Dickinson

Guys, I gotta tell you, if I were an investor as a stockholder in company A and had the choice between Gilligan and Juan as the chief accountant or CFO, ethics would be the deciding factor, more so than experience, in Bruce Dickinson's opinion.

It doesn't take knowledge of integral calculus to figure out this equation:

Accounting = Trust

Just ask investors in Enron, WorldCom, Madoff. All were ethics failures manifested in the accounting "department".

My best and brightest deal guys were always the most ethical, in all aspects of their lives, not just on a particular deal. Bruce Dickinson learned this the hard way, when in the early beginnings of my legendary career, I got burned by people on two deals in the industry and one personal investment deal. All were due to "fox guarding the henhouse" scenarios where the accounting guy and the deal guy were the same person or different people who had similar, and nefarious, motivations that were divergent from other stakeholders' interests. Take it from me, I didn't become wealthy and successful trusting those with questionable ethics.

Frances Jones

Mr. Dickinson, I agree and in this case Juan has both the experience (13 years in the Controller's office) and ethics.

Gilligan can stay on his island wearing his necktie:



Holy Cow!
Mr. Gall-again most have incredibly thick skin. AS must his supporters too.
If ever there was a justification to "Judge a Book by it's Cover," that photograph, and the signs of the Protesters behind Mr. Galigan, this is "The One."

Frances Jones

Holyroller, if you're into beefcake, there's always this photo:


but I still prefer old reliable:



Voter worked in "fiscal"?? Juan "led" in audit and payroll? Let's get rid of the county controller and just have an assistant controller lead. Boom. 1 million dollars or more (with gold plated pension) saved. Vote non of the above.

Frances Jones



I seem to recall there was a picture of Galligan posted on the SFGate website. I believe the Hyatt Hotel was in the background. If only there was a way to view it. Perhaps if there was a way to link that picture to a website or let's say a blog it sure would be helpful. It's like when there's thing thought that's on the tip of your tongue. *sigh*

Frances Jones

Here's the article:


Galligan is photo 11 and he's quoted on page 2:


Joe Galligan, the former mayor of Burlingame, was impressed by Palin's performance and message.

"She did a great presentation," he said. "I think she's starting to really articulate the differences between John McCain and Obama."

Palin 2016

I also have a vague memory of that article Fred. I think there were protesters in the foreground and he had a very patriotic tie. I guess we can try a google search?? If only.........


This entire election, as well as candidates make me think of the Parody Web Site: The Onion.
It is unfortunate that this election does not have any National Coverage.
Nevertheless, I will continue to do my part to contribute my ego centric tendencies, as well as demand....
More Cow Bell!

Burlingame Voice Masquerade Ball

One day...let's organize a Burlingame Voice Masquerade Ball, wear masks, but still get a chance to meet each other in person.

You're like....(sniffle)....family!

Peter Garrison

Love you guys.

Frances Jones



Hai Guyz :-) whoooooaaaa....talk 'bout da Voice gone WILD hahhahaha... love love LOVE it ! :-)

yea lets have a maskerade parteeee at BruceyDs house but wonderin whether his crib is big enuf for all da egos on here...LOLOL

u guyz are like a motley creww but on gilligan's island..love dat Anal0gy..BruceyD u 4got to mention maryy-anne dat brunette farmers daughter... saw rerunz of show da other day & shez the best lookin 1 on there fo shuwa. Brucey u watchin da same reruns huh...mary anne corn fed hottie...bet high noon on ur sundial eh?? hahahhahah ahahhahaha ;-P

whenz the par tee ? got my masque right here aight!



Frances Jones

Juan Raigoza endorsed by Daily News:

Raigoza is type of leader controller’s office needs

Most political races for the office of county controller tend to be snoozers that only accountants might get worked up about. Making sure that the flow of money is properly recorded in spreadsheets and that the right formulas are used to assess property values seldom translates into high drama.

But in San Mateo County, the contest to succeed retiring Controller Bob Adler in the June 3 election has become the hottest ticket around. The two candidates duking it out might even end up spending more than $200,000 total on their campaigns before it’s all over.

The credit— or blame — for putting this race under the spotlight goes to Joe Galligan, a former Burlingame mayor and a certified public accountant. Before the campaign got into full swing, he tried to take out the only person standing between him and the coveted controller’s job — Assistant Controller Juan Raigoza— by filing a lawsuit. He contended that Raigoza isn’t qualified for the job because he isn’t a CPA. A judge disagreed, so the race was on.

And Galligan came out swinging again. During an editorial endorsement interview at The Daily News earlier this month, Galligan asked Raigoza why the assessed value of his Redwood City home dropped from $906,500 when he bought it in 2009, to $713,000 today. His point in asking the question could have been that Raigoza can’t be trusted to shepherd county funds because he didn’t demand a higher assessment of his property, or that as an insider Raigoza used his influence to lower the assessment so he could pay less in property taxes — or that the controller’s office is so incompetent it doesn’t know how to correctly assess property values. If Raigoza did anything illegal or unethical, Galligan didn’t show it. What he did reveal was that he has no qualms about engaging in political gamesmanship if that’s what it takes to be elected. That’s too bad, because Galligan is clearly bright and more than qualified for the job. He would have made a stronger case for it had he just run on his record and experience.

The controller’s office doesn’t need a politician running it, even if the controller is an elected position. What it needs is a leader focused on fulfilling the requirements of the job and independent enough to stand his ground when something is wrong. Raigoza is that leader.

Although he isn’t a CPA, Raigoza is hardly a lightweight. He’s the second in command of the controller’s office, which he joined 13 years ago. Before that he worked for two large accounting firms and was an auditor for the California Franchise Tax Board. He has a master’s degree in business administration.

Raigoza may be just as politically ambitious as Galligan, but he has managed to stick to his message of experience.

The Daily News endorses Juan Raigoza for county controller.






Frances Jones



Dear Voter,
I have seen that clip about 50+ times, and Laugh my Butt off everytime.
I have never met Bruce Dikinson, but from his comments on this site, They Nailed It!
More Cow Bell!

Tony  Bonano

Here is what Sarah Palin does want to do:

To eliminate waste and make government more accountable and transparent by putting the state’s checkbook online.

I am hoping Juan follows Sarah's values when it comes to stopping the out-of-control waste and fraud in our San Mateo County California Government.

Go get-em Juan.

Frances Jones


Don't worry, Juan is going to win and as Assistant Controller he's already done a great deal to save the taxpayers of San Mateo County money. No doubt he will continue to do so as Controller.


Don't forget to vote tomorrow: TUESDAY JUNE 3rd IS ELECTION DAY!!

But what shall we do without this race to entertain us?

Frances Jones

Voter, wait until loser Joe Galligan runs again for some other office so he can be tagged all over again with his favorite photo:


Frances Jones

Joe Galligan can go back to being a turbotax jockey as he loses by 30 points to Juan Raigoza.

Hey Joe, aren't you glad you spent all that money advertising in the Daily Journal. The DJ endorsement you bought and paid for didn't do squat.

Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha.

Losing sucks doesn't it.


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