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April 15, 2014



I wonder if the adjacent small private parking lot will be available to post office customers. Even if it is, you're right Joe, traffic will be a mess. Maybe the post office got a good deal at this location - customers certainly did not.


Time for Burlingame Woman's Club facility to donate their prime property in downtown for some parking.


The news is out this week that the sale of the Post Office has closed. As I expected, the Council attempt to steer the deal to Grosvenor failed and the buyer is apparently an individual who paid quite a bit more than the predicted price. The word is it is someone who understands the situation, the goals of the city (or at least the city officials) and has a long-term perspective.


Well put. The goals of the city officials and the goals of the city residents might not be the same. With Deal gone we are left with a diplomat, a mortgage officer, a developers wife and a whatever you want to call Nagel. Who among them is looking to secure the downtown for the residents? I would hope all of them but we will have to watch very closely. And with the lack of leadership on the planning commission led by a person who cannot even read plans the burden will eventually fall on the council.


Who purchased the Post Office? Isn't the purchase contingent upon getting permits from the city? Surely it must.

Bruce Dickinson

Call Bruce Dickinson "subscribed" for more details on this development, if you will.

Let me get this straight, a buyer paid a lot more than expected, understands the "situation", "the goals of the city" and has a "long-term vision".

I have no crystal ball mind you, but folks, this can only mean one thing, what you thought was high density has just become higher density. And higher density = higher buildings. Welcome to Burlingame's first transit oriented 8 story building!!!


I share your skepticism, BD. I do not have a crystal ball either, but if I did it would be a little cloudy.

Who?, when I get an identity, I will let everyone know.

Dave Mac

In the Daily journal on Tuesday. Front page. The wang-Lu family revocable trust is the buyer.
Absolutely pathetic. City Council says "hopefully" the buyers will work with the city. We all know what that means. The buyer will have pretty much free reign to do whatever they want. They want high end offices, retail, offices, and condominiums. I think this is pathetic that a buyer is going to redefine the feel of downtown Burlingame. I am so disappointed that this has taken place.
Is there anything that residents can do to block the development of more condominiums and high-end offices that will bring in more traffic to downtown Burlingame?
Any council members who are excited about this transaction need to be gone, immediately.
Goodbye Burlingame as we know it.


This will further the need for an additional parking structure downtown.


I wonder what will happen to Sam's Sandwich's?
Demolition, Construction, little or no parking...



Wang-Lu can't do whatever they want. They will have to go through a use permit process, which could either go with the downtown specific plan, or the city council could revise that plan, or they could approve a custom Planned Development zone.


Dave Mac

Residents need to get very involved and vocal in this process.

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