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April 05, 2014



But the other kind of cougar is ok? The top of Summit is too close to the top of Hillside for me.


Just leave them alone and they will go away all by themselves.
Same with Coyotes, Racoons, and Canadian Geese.
Dogs,and Cats are a much larger danger to the public, and owners than 5 Mountain Lins just walking through the neighborhood...
By the way, was this sighting the same AM that Garbage Pick UP happened?


It was a Saturday...duh.



(Hai Guyz, careful its a jungle out there! :P..TTFN ;-)


Glad to know you are back LW.
The site has been a little bit "pedestrian" lately.
Did you happen to attend the Burlingame Historical Society Sale?
I wonder how that went?
I have been to their "office" located in Washington Park...
It is beautiful and facinating.
A lot of work and thought has gone into that place.
I believe the people who work ther do so for no pay whatsoever.
Besides that Longcong, I have not seen any Phallic Photos of Phood from you recently.
I am looking forward to your next genitalia gastronomical giggle.

Still going to the Tax Free Food Zone?


Hai Guyz & Hollyrollerz!! yea this site has been BOOOORING lately Yaaaaawwwwn..hahhahha but Love love LOVE the alliteration... u wax so poetic & are phunny too ;) new medz? hahaha

Still ALWAYS at the phood trux if not travelin

TTFN :-)


Is the site BOOOORING or is B'game boring. We did used to call it Boringame!


I love this site Joe.
It reminds me of the Mid West-Wisconsin.
There is usually a "neighborhood radio station that broad casts the most mundane issues, City of 300 highlites:
Who went where on vacation
Who grew the best tomatoes, green beans, corn
When will that hole in the road be repaired.
I great placeto take a break and be reminded you are a part of a community.
You Matter.


Aw ww, shucks


Hai Guyz! JoJO no way, this site is da BOMB!! just topix a little boring lately, until the mountain Tigaz showed up!!! couldn't help myself..hahahah sorry sorry. B-game is NOT Boringgame... just ask all the lady cougaz hanging out in the airport hotel barz!! grrrrrraaaawhh!

Love love LOVE this blog & colorful characters.. I learn so much about da'Game too! JoJo keep up da good fight & thx for keepin the freedom of speech alive & well in da'hood. good to get us young ones involved too! remember, we are da Future! ;-) as scary as it may be to Holyrollerz (hey btw, all you need to type these days are 0s and 1s..10101101010010011 the NEW communique just like da matrix! "Hello, Neo, do YOU know why you are here" hahhahaa ) :-P

TTFN :-)


Dear LW,
I am, and always have been a person of non-violence.
I am a HUGE fan of controversy.
Fortunately, I have never been a victim of violence either.(With the exception of being "given the bird" while driving.")
However, when I read your comments, and their delivery make me consider smashing my Monitor to pieces with a Hammer.
I must say, your comments evoke a primal reaction. Entertaining too.
Nevertheless, do you have any friends?
Where did you learn this new and damaging language?
Do you live in your Parents Basement?

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