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April 19, 2014


Bruce Dickinson

Listen, fellas, Bruce Dickinson's fever has broke, now that I'm getting the first dose of my prescription! So that I don't have to repeat myself, my secretary, Julie, was kind enough to post the challenge that I explicitly gave to the Burlingame City Council, see my posts below the article linked (thanks Jules, you are the best)


Again, I would be remiss if I didn't give credit where credit is due, but the Burlingame City Council is listening to its citizenry, and that is music to my ears, and coming from me, trust me, that means a lot. And yes, while I may have the loudest voice and the Bruce Dickinson name gets disproportionate attention round these parts, especially when I get on the horn and start calling lots of people (as you know, I am not one to mince words), it seems that many of us have spoken our minds to our city government and they realize that listening to citizens is pretty important. So great first step, Burlingame City Council and would love to see the Historical Preservation Ordinance expanded ASAP to all parts of Burlingame. Like I said in the past, we can make some great music here, together, and don't let any of these surrounding cities "name our tune" when WE have all the creative talent and FULL control of it!!!

Folks, I know that some of you give me a hard time for my repetition but without giving away too many trade secrets, there is something that I learned very early on in my illustrious career in producing records: Repetition resonates with the human brain. People like patterns, patterns/routines mean comfort, they mean survival, patterns through repetition resonates with our human bodies and our natural gravitation to those things rhythmic, like a heartbeat, a breath, a dream cycle, a predictable planting season, etc you see where I'm going with this, guys. Every "song" has to have a "Refrain", one that is repetitive, that is what we expect and seek and quite frankly that is what sells tunes, records, and ideas. So citizens of Burlingame, make your voices heard and refrain, refrain, refrain…all for one simple reason: IT WORKS!!!


Hai Guyz! ;) Whoaaa Holy crap!!, I just read da BruceyD comment link & what he said & has been saying & friggin is all coming 2gether now! Feel like Im being taken back 2 college & taking philosophy, muzic, biollogy history, poly sci, pssychology, not making sense of it then getting high as a kite at nite & after da hangover next day, it all making sense, sendz chillz down my spine. BruceyD, U R da Bomb!!!..guyz I thot he waz just another grumpy old fart with too much time on hands but he is operatin on totally diff level and I love love LOVE it & b
rucey & B-game! deep, real DEEP! ;-)

TTFN :-)

Bruce D is "On the Grid"...True Story

Bruce Dickinson IS for real and he lives in Burlingame! Met him at the BBQ truck at “Off the Grid.” Nice Guy. He loves playing up the SNL skit when he blogs, just for kicks and giggles. True Story.

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