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April 19, 2014



Only the fool criticizes the work not yet finished.

--Ben Franklin


I could NOT care less about the trees. Who is going to do something about all the litter and stains on the sidewalks? Who is responsible for cleaning up after the pigs who shop on the avenue? I'm sure it is the same amount of disgusting refuse as before but now we see it more and that is disturbing. Just think how bad it has been for years and years.


My list: Any chance of passing a no smoking ordinance along the avenue? Also, how about investing in a sidewalk cleaner. I understand they even scent the cleaning agent with lemon fragrance. How about a water feature somewhere? I also think a statue of an apple cider press or similar would be a nice way to honor Bgame's heritage. I noticed many cars do not stop at Park RD and the Ave creating lots of horn honking (we need beat cops).


My list--

We DO have a sidewalk cleaner, I think even twice a week, but I've lost track and it costs a fair amount of money that I think the city is paying for, not the merchants. If I'm wrong, somebody correct me.

If it is true that 80% of the visitors/shoppers in Burlingame are not from Burlingame or Hillsborough, that means the sloppy behavior is not our own-- perhaps the 20% is from the school kids goofing around with their fancy tea and tapioca drinks and aerated ice-cream (?).

True, it is very disrespectful of the street and all the efforts, and though it may look in some ways like a mall, it is not. In a mall the property owners can hire help all day long to clean up the spills and have it immediately look spic and span, and I'll bet that costs a lot, too. No idea how that is arranged, but probably a fee that the stores pay into as part of the rent (?)

Here, I'm not sure what the answer is outside of shaming them into better behavior. Where are hidden cameras when you need them?? Maybe an entertaining kiosk could be shoppers behaving badly-- candids. But they don't live around here-- no ownership.

(Just curious, what does apple cider have to do with Burlingame's heritage??)

I personally prefer evergreens, which was a non-starter in this case, but I do like theses trees-- FYI, the very upright, somewhat rigid shape can only be attributed to the very strong remarks of property owners who funded a large portion of this project, NOT wanting trees, no matter what color or type, to block the store windows or signs.

By the way, the downtown we just are tearing up, the 1970s one-- that is precisely the reason the poor pittosporum trees were put in the confines of raised planters, so as not to block the view of the merchandise, so don't blame the planners or the Parks people or Beautification for the choice of this tree. There are few trees that would fit this bill, and somehow I think the only other option would be something like italian cypress spikes-- not attractive in this application.

The gingkos on the other ends will break up the color and shape a bit. Frankly I think the project is really looking beautiful, minus the stains. As several have said-- it is a sidewalk, not a dinner plate. The people who trash the avenue probably have even worse table manners at home......


Apple Cider Press Statue de-coded:
I remember seeing an old photograph of a family (Donnelly, maybe?) making apple cider. I assumed Bgame's early pioneers did something like that--it's a bit of a stretch, I know. My historical deduction abilities are limited. I guess a statue of Anson Burlingame would make more sense.


Great analogy Jennifer.
"It is a sidewalk, not a dinner plate."
Then again- it is a Burlingame Sidewalk....


Oh yes, I know the image--you have a good memory. Apple cider press and picnics around the trees, definitely pioneer activity, along with chasing after loose livestock.

Anson statue could be cool, though.

Golden Statues

Anson barely even lived in Burlingame, so why have a statue of him.

Instead, I'd like to suggest that the proud communists of Burlingame purchase the Lenin Statue from that kook in Seattle who spent his family's life savings to purchase it, and put it at the head of Burlingame Ave.


Then, we should change the name of our town to Lenin-game.

Just kidding! There are only a few devout communists in Burlingame.


Hai Guyz ;-) hey I have a statue suggestion for bgame & its gold too & is the greeek god of travelin & roads




I think the new trees look great.;
They are still "babies" and will fill in very nice so long as they are watered and maintained.
I hope the chemicals used to clean "The Scared Walkways" will not end up damaging the trees.

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