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April 30, 2014



If everything continues as it has so far, it will be well worth the sacrifice "we the people" have had to make.
However, I do not think the business owners will ever be able to recoup the loss of income.
If there was not "payback" fund in place, there should have been.


It has been hard on merchants during the construction without a doubt. However, they'll have record traffic in their stores once the street is completely open. Merchants will recoup and flourish!


Seems to me their problems with the streetscape would ease now that the heavy construction is done on their corner.


Penny Kostaras

I am very upset that the construction on Burlingame ave. is being done is 4 phases. Has anyone seen a map of Burlingame Ave? The Phase 3 portion from Primrose to El Camino is 2x as long as Phase 1 or 2.

The construction should have been done in 5 phases, splitting the Primrose to El Camino piece in two halves to make it fair to business owners. They should have worked from Primrose to Wells Fargo or Sapore Italiano first, and then gone back to the east end to complete the California Ave. side, and then finally finished off on El Camino.

Now, Phase 3 businesses are suffering twice as much as the other phases. They are losing 2x the revenues from 2x the time it is taking to complete.

Also, there are no cross streets to invite traffic flow in and out. The other phases had Lorton and Park to ease the burden, not to mention that their main vein of California Ave was always available.

In Phase 3, the main vein of El Camino is blocked and there are no cross streets for any traffic flow.

Copenhagan and other Phase 1 businesses will have had a year to recuperate their losses before construction begins at the California Ave end. The business from Primrose to El Camino will get no such respite.

My husband is co-owner of Sapore Italiano and I can tell you first hand how negatively the construction has effected business.

I speak as both a Burlingame business owner and resident. This was very poor planning on the city's part and I invite your questions or comments.

Bruce Dickinson

Penny, I am very sorry you have had to suffer such terrible losses and as you point out, there was very poor planning on the part of the City. Sapore Italiano is a dynamite restaurant and I love the food there and I would be remiss if I didn't say that it is one of my favorites, especially as one of the few spots on the Peninsula where you can get a fantastic Brunello!

The City of Burlingame should help the businesses recoup some of their losses, given what it sounds like there was little to no input from stakeholders or else these issues wouldn't be coming up?!? Can anyone enlighten Bruce Dickinson?

Here we are talking about $50 million dollar City Hall and Rec center projects, and we can't even help some of our own Burlingame institutions!!!?? Shameful.

I propose a campaign to Dine Sapore Italiano. I will be going there very soon, please join Bruce Dickinson and let's break bread there, together. If you've never been there, I highly suggest you do so, its one of Burlingame's Best. Also everyone, please call and write our City council members, time they hear that we are fed up of bad decisions and they will be held accountable.

In always thinking about the right prescription and creative solutions, would it be possible for the City of Burlingame to pay extra to whomever they've hired to double down on the pace of construction?!? Yes it would cost more but better to quickly identify and correct mistakes now, or else people remember this and pretty soon the City government will get di minimis to no support on anything they want.


Hi Penny- I see what you are saying, but I suspect that the underground utility issues drove some of the big decisions. Also, that middle block - the 1200 block, probably will be shown to have taken the longest, because there is a learning curve with how much time is involved with each component, and probably also establishing a grade level to work off of in both directions (eastward and westward). It seems to me that the 1400 block is going along much faster than the 1200 did. Surely it is a challenge to be in a block devoid of traffic flow, parking, etc., and I'm very sorry for you and the neighboring businesses, in particular those restaurants that have just opened.

As a side note, I think if this is to be looked at as a learning experience, it is probably an opportunity to see what happens to streets in business districts that are completely closed to vehicular traffic all or most of the time-- 'pedestrian-only' downtowns. The idea always sounds good, but in practice, maybe not so good for business. I am very curious as to the number of accidents or other car mishaps with all this rerouting and the unusual placement of Stop signs- often near, but not at the intersections. I have no idea, but suspect that the necessary slow, cautious type of driving has lead to fewer accidents this past year, and more consideration of those around us, using visual cues, rather than what is often anonymous, egoistic behavior.


I think the entire project is taking way too long. Am I the only one that thinks so?

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