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March 27, 2014



It's a long, ugly story but right at the end the Millbrae mayor steps up for Leland



How much worse can things become when it comes to politicaions doing the Abosolute opposite of what they say.."I Stand For fill... in the blank.
Mr Lee reminds me of any School Teacher, Catholic Priest,Rabbi, Coach, that seeks to become a "trusted authority" to have contact and molest children, or handicapped people.
Mr. Lee should get the maxium penalty available.
How can anyone have faith in any politicaion,anywhere in the USA?
This guy got caught...
How many have not?


He hasn't been "caught" until found guilty. Here is the Times' recap of the possible defense:


Bruce Dickinson

Listen, guys, I may sound like a broken record, but I gotta tell you, incentives are key here. If you were a politician, would speaking your mind and telling how you really feel make you successful? I would be remiss if I didn't say No Way! To get re-elected and ascend the party ranks, you have to conform to the party's views and what you think your electorate wants. So you do whatever it takes to get re-elected. I guarantee you, if a politician told you how they really feel about an issue, it would be so polarizing that they would last one term and that's it. The goal is to give a certain veneer of leadership, read your constituency, and say the things that are most appealing to the greatest number of people without getting you in trouble.

Reflecting back on my legendary career, Bruce Dickinson was put in the somewhat compromising position of producing 3 hit singles on an album and then getting rushed to wrap things up on the rest of the songs because the other songs didn't matter--what mattered were those few hit singles that would sell the album. I hated doing it, but that's how I ascended the ranks. Once I made a name for myself, I could then explore the space and do anything I wanted. With politicians, you can't even do that when you're President.

That's why you have the "flip flop" problem or once in a while you catch politicians doing something completely disingenuous or contrary to what they were saying. In city council or local government it may be different because you have some that are there for the love of the community. Just beware of those who use these offices as a stepping stone for something bigger, as they are likely to say anything to get re-elected and really care about the power and ladder climbing more than protecting the community's interests.


We should not forget the other San Fran politician with the Burlingame connection who is in trouble with the law. Ed Jew was living near Roosevelt School and claiming to be living in his San Fran district. That was the start.



Thats great stuff. It brought up the CW Nevius piece on the same page about Yee http://blog.sfgate.com/cwnevius/2014/04/04/shrimpgate-san-francisco-asks-who-are-these-people/

I always liked that guy and he outdid himself on this one. I didnt know this part But again, let’s remember, this isn’t some small time operator. Jackson is the former president of the San Francisco School Board. The School Board!

the common denominator

The SF Chronicle has an entertaining "Leland Yee Saga" page with updates.

State Senator, Democratic Party Leader, School Board President and Notorious SF Gangster(s) - they ALL hang out together? Wow!

What does that say about the common denominator across them ALL?


The Titanic Local and State Corruption

Tip of the iceberg, my friends.



And the conclusion of the tale:

A federal judge has sentenced former California state senator Leland Yee to five years in prison after he acknowledged in a plea deal that he accepted thousands of dollars in bribes and discussed helping an undercover FBI agent buy automatic weapons from the Philippines.

Read more here: http://www.sacbee.com/news/state/article62217022.html#storylink=cpy


Whatever happened to Mr. Jew?

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