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March 24, 2014


Bruce Dickinson

Listen, fellas, let me state the obvious: ugly is a four letter word, but that does not begin to describe these disgraces to architecture (though I would be remiss if I didn't cringe of even using the word architecture in this sentence). Let me propose a five letter, urban dictionary word that more aptly describes these buildings: "FUGLY!" In fact, Bruce Dickinson doesn't know what is the greater insult, the key lime green paint or the design itself of the Millbrae building. And the "brickwork" on that other diarrhea of a building? I am not sure whether my 4 year old granddaughter doesn't have better design and color matching skills (let alone poop out better colors in her diapers), though it may not be a fair comparison, due to the Dickinson DNA that populates her chromosomes! I think one has to wonder whether this is some kind of warped sadist punishment by developers, subjecting innocent unsuspecting citizens to horrible designs as part of a pathological deviance.

Folks, we have got to pull a Nancy Reagan and "Just Say No" to nonsense like this. And you know it's coming to Burlingame, just a matter of time before the Burlingame Bobble-heads nod the next monstrosity right next door to you. Stop the INSANITY!


Thanks for posting these photos. In particular I was hoping somebody would photograph the "public art" piece that looks like it is going to roll into Peninsula. My initial thought was that it resembled an upside down skull of some sort, perhaps a reference to the Olhone indians who once inhabited the area(?)...However, somebody I know is convinced it looks like something else...an obscene gesture pointed Burlingame's way.


LOL Jennifer..
I think I see it.
Bent over and facing San Mateo?


Yes, apparently that is what some people see in this piece.....

This sort of reminds me of "the birds" at the hospital. I saw the conceptuals of it, and they did look like a flock of birds, and I thought it looked pretty cool. But something got lost in the translation. Keep in mind that I am an artist, too, so I'm sensitive to the creative process...

When the art was installed, many passerbys thought it was a grove of silver trees with big silver trunks, or even antlers.

I'll offer an unsolicited opinion--I think the installation would be much more birdlike if the thick "stands" supporting each 'flock' were darkened with antiqued bronze color, (like WAY dark brown), so the bulky stands would recede. I think then the bird section would look separate and much lighter. 'Probably not the artist's fault, I think the whole thing turned into an ordeal, just to get it installed and the foundations for the piece approved. Maybe the original specs for the stands proved not to be thick enough to properly support the birds at the top.


First time commenter but, I just had to chime in! Both of these structures are hideous - especially the one on the Millbrae border which I have to drive past daily. So sad :-( Bring back Wendy's!

hunks of manure vs. elegant form and function

In as much as Jerry Deal's proposal to Ban Modern Architecture in Burlingame is completely moronic and one more example of attempts by the gov't to seize our reasonable liberty, the examples of architecture in the photos above are equally moronic.

Instead, take a look at the beautiful architecture completed around Broadway Ave by the same developer who's pursuing 1509 El Camino Real...beautiful, elegant, and functional with reasonable density for their location.

God save us from the architect that designed those hunks of manure above.

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