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March 16, 2014



None of this is the architects fault. They do what they are told to do. They may even have told the school board to be more careful than they were. We can not let the board try to avoid full responsibty for this and for fixing it.

Get real!

So the argument is that the school district should have planned for a school with zero traffic impact. That they should have torn down classrooms to allow for cars in order not to inconvenience neighbors for a few minutes in the morning, a few minutes in the afternoon and an occasional event. This excluding summer and winter breaks. Lets be real.

Schools bring with them traffic but we understand that the benefit to the community far outweighs the harm that a few cars would bring. These neighbors are unreasonable. Some of the posts here amount to a cyber-lynching of the architect and Board without having all the facts solely to advance the cause of a few disgruntled homeowners. Mistakes were made and taxpayers are footing the bill because this group used them to delay and try to kill the project.


Why don't you take the time to read the Judge's decision and all of the documents supporting the lawsuit. You are the one without all the facts. No classrooms were torn down. BSD significantly expanded the school beyond what the property can support, and beyond what it was back in the day when it was operating. I don't think anyone, including the neighbors, believe that this project will have zero impact. But like the Judge ruled, the parking and traffic impacts should have been properly studied in accordance with CEQA (i.e., the law). If BSD had done so in the first place, appropriate alternatives could have been proposed and mitigation measures adopted to lessen the impact (not eliminate it). This is what the law requires. If the neighbors are so unreasonable, why did the Judge agree with them? There's no cyber-lynching here - BSD got that from the Judge. Get real yourself. Unless you are a traffic or environmental expert, I doubt you're versed about the "harm that a few cars will bring".


The judge is an a-hole that is neither an traffic or an enviromental expert either and should be removed. Maybe we should send all of our overflow kids to Hillsborough schools next year. How does that sound EPC.


Wow, name calling when one doesn't agree with a decision. Very mature.

Get Real!

The judge said there was sufficient information to require a full EIR saying that the negative declaration was not sufficient. She agreed with the petitioners that the district had not adequately studied the traffic impact. She did not say that she agreed with the concerns only that they were enough for a full EIR per CEQA. This because their new building reduced parking. The full EIR will explore the impact of 100 cars picking up and dropping off and may find that the traffic circulation plan needs tweaking. BSD will do whatever it calls for and will move forward with the project.

The question is then what will the neighbors do? Hopefully, they will feel that their grievances have been heard and addressed and will then support the rapid completion of the project, pigs will grow wings and hell will freeze over. I hope the Judge will understand their motivation is not the children's or driver's safety rather to obstruct and delay with hopes of killing the project altogether.

I don't condone calling Judge Weiner names but I see how there is frustration at her siding with a frivolous petition.


The neighbors' motivation is irrelevant. The bottom line is that BSD failed to comply with CEQA. Good thing someone called them on it. And I bet that the new traffic study will use a more realistic estimate of the amount of cars that will be generated by this school, which will be way more than 100.

Get Real!

Actually, I disagree. The neighbors' motivation is at the center of this whole thing. If they wanted a safe school where they accepted a certain level of disruption, a negotiation may have sufficed. If, as I think I heard them say, their motivation is to stop the school at any cost, then they would sue and ask for an injunction which is exactly what they did.

Once the EIR is complete, their motivation will once again play a crucial role. My guess is they will find other legal avenues to delay the project.

As to the number of cars, it is reasonable to assume that 250 children will not cause 250 cars. That between carpooling (particularly of siblings) and walking this number will be substantially reduced. That and estimate of about 2 kids for one car seems reasonable. Then 100 cars is not off the mark but the opponents don't want that number thrown around because it trivializes their cause. Once again, the motivation.


What people don't seem to realize is that BSD increased the size of the annex building by 3 times and elimated a huge portion of the blacktop that was formerly used for parking and drop off. In fact, one of their initial options was to simple rehas the existing annex building so that they could keep the blacktop as is. Had they done that, there would have been room on the site itself for parking and drop off. This option, along with some other similiar ones were presented to them by the town of hillsborough before they even approves the project and started construction, which would have greatly mitigated the impact to the neighborhood. This is truly a design issue. An EIR would have exposed this design flaw and that's why BSD chose not to do one in the first place.

Burlingame Hills parent

Dear EPC, the school will go up, it's just a matter of how long you want a half-finished building sitting there, and how much school district money you want to waste on a lawsuit. Draining the BSD of funds that could be spent on education, and delaying the opening of a school that will benefit so many children, it pretty shameful. The BSD's revised traffic plan was fine, but it's clear you all just don't want the school to open. It'll happen in a few years. It will be great to eventually send my kids to Hoover, but it's a shame that we'll lose three years because of a bunch of NIMBY's.

It's not like the idea of a school on the site was invented out of thin air. Perhaps you should have considered this when you purchased your homes right next to a huge institutional site.


Why doesn't anyone respond to the point that BSD refused to create adequate parking and a drop off zone on campus, especially when it had the ability to do so?


For those of us that may remember the US is a nation of laws that always equal rights for all.
Granted we are still in the "Hit and Miss" portion, nevertheless, without confronting everyday people,politicians corporations, and The World Wide Banking System who spend massive amounts of money on looking for and advancing loopholes need to be "Checked" and held responsible.
Especially when it the money comes from local taxes.
This Hoover School Event should be national news. The news being that "the old boy/not women" network still exists, and is strong as ever.
We need as a community, State, and Nation to stop thinking in the short term.
Graft and favors, regarding projects like The New and Improved 10 year old Burlingame Library, and the Hoover School are all done with a vote.
However the people doing the voting expect a "vote" in return somewhere down the road.
I have asked for and hoped for a Grand Jury Investigation into this manipulation of City of Burlingame Elders,the bidding process, and signatures of all participants from the sale, purchase, and most importantly, who and why came up with this Public waste and abuse of power-That signiture is where it all starts.
Where will the aprox. 60-70 teachers, maintenance employees, buses park.

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