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March 16, 2014



It is a sad event when a small town can not rise to the most basic call for help,for good reason.
That area around Hoover School is really very far away from Burlingame. It might as well be Hillsborough.
I can see why there is very little support for the 3-5 homes that will be impacted by the traffic.
Oh well..
Tough Luck.


Just for the record, the Hoover site is at the junction of Easton Dr., Canyon Rd., and Summit Dr. That makes it right at the junction of Hillsborough, two different sections of Burlingame proper and unincorporated Burlingame (Hills). It essentially has four neighborhoods touching it. That is hardly "very far away from Burlingame". Just for the record.

Account Deleted

From the most recent Burlingame Elementary School District Measure D bond oversight committee meeting notes:

Plaintiffs to the lawsuit have filed a request to stop all construction and “return the site to its original
o The District has filed an objection to this request and the cost that would be related to this action.
o The Judge has not issued a decision on this request, and therefore construction continues.


Thanks, Lorne. I was there yesterday (Sunday) but it had the look of an active construction site. Any idea of the Judge's timing?

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No idea re: the judge's timing. My only source of info is via this link on court's website (for case type, select "civil"; the court case number is 519075): http://openaccess1.sanmateocourt.org/openaccess/CIVIL/default.asp


If Bruce Dickenson, would let Bruce Dickenson get invovled in this mess, there would be an Avenue created to finding a solution.
However, as most people do, they sit on their hands until the last minute, and wonder why me?
The City of Burlingame Elders have had very little cares about this project since it was proposed.
Like Global Warming, a missing passenger jet, Iraq/Afganistan,California Drought,HIV/AIDS,Occupy,Snowden...
It is over.

Account Deleted


Hoover School Community Meeting

The City of Burlingame, the Town of Hillsborough, and Supervisor Dave Pine invite you to a community conversation regarding Hoover School:

WHEN: Saturday, May 10, 2014

TIME: 9:00 a.m. to 12:00 p.m.

WHERE: Hillsborough Town Hall

1600 Floribunda Avenue

Hillsborough, Ca

Questions may be directed to:

Lisa Goldman, Burlingame City Manager or Randy Schwartz, Hills
(650) 558 7204 650) 375-7400

Account Deleted

And just as a timely follow up to my earlier post above, here is the judge's final decision subsequently issued today (see highlighted item #6 on page 3):


Bruce Dickinson

Fellas, all I gotta say is WOW, what an unmitigated DISASTER. Bruce Dickinson has discussed, numerous times, how governmental agencies create these "inevitable conditions" or steamrolling processes that follow the philosophy if you just keep going, people are bound to accept it (such as HSR, high density apartments, Cal-train electrification, Cal-trans tree removal/ECR widening, ABAG "requirements", parking structure/Post office project, etc the list goes on and on).

Proof positive of such a sad state of affairs with Hoover, where anyone in their right mind would have stopped construction until an EIR was completed after the scathing prelim ruling, but no, they had to continue in the blind hope that somehow everyone would just accept it because the building was, after all, "half finished". Just more money spent for no good reason and now everyone has to suffer including Burlingame students. Why didn't they get all the community involved in the first place, complete an EIR as others have pointed out, and then see what happens before spending any more money and breaking ground. Would have been much cheaper and the school would have probably been given the green light, ultimately. Now all what has been created is bad blood and hostility, causing anger to fester and the community to lash back. Bruce Dickinson is no psychologist, but yes I've worked with enough egos in the music industry to get a good read on human nature, and I gotta tell ya, that approach doesn't work for people, guys.

Fellas, I gotta tell ya, Rick Terrones should think long and hard and re-assess his position on the Planning Commission. Bruce Dickinson sees that his firm managed to charge over $6 million dollars "managing" this debacle, though in a way he was doing his job for the client, BSD, and he and BSD probably got bad legal advice (as I said before, seeing some of these local lawyers operate is like watching a bad open mic night at a coffee house: lots to say, but terrible content and delivery). I also put partial blame on the courts for not placing an injunction on construction during the "preliminary" ruling. Seemed pretty cut and dry to me, just applying common sense, but again, I have no formal legal training.

Time to reduce the incestuous government, which is only costing Burlingame, in terms of money and community impact. This is too much, plain and simple,...really, too much.


The Judge has issued an injunction prohibiting all further construction on the property until BSD complies with the California Environmental Quality Act (CEQA) and prepares a full Environmental Impact Report (EIR), which is a substantial and lengthy process. This means construction of both the new building and rehab of the existing building and anything else must immediately cease. Finally, a voice of reason. In her 45 page decision, Judge Weiner details the inadequacy of BSD's traffic study and the clear problems this school will cause to the surrounding neighborhood. BSD's in a big heap of trouble.


Never mind.
I just read the above article.
That should be a very interesting event.
Why are two City Managers attending.
Is the school in Burlingame or Hillsborough?
I thought it was Burlingame.

Voice of Reason

CEQA and Full EIR was completely reasonable BEFORE the construction (and investment of our bond money) was to start...


It does not seem that there is any bond oversight in this case. Isn't this the point made in the last Grand Jury Investigation. No lessons learned. If you do a Google search for the BSD Bond Oversight Committee the link takes to the web site of the architect who designed this whole mess. Isn't that peculiar? This is the same firm who ramrodded this process without public notice in the community while circumnavigating the environmental law. Oh yes, the chief architect is also the chairman of the Burlingame planning commission. This is a Big Big mess and it is not the fault of the neighbors who spent their own money defending their neighborhood from this rogue school district and operatives. Folks, go to this meeting and do not be fooled by the BSD PR hoax to attempt to circumnavigate the results of this law suit. Sure they will line up the Mother's Club,the Cub Scouts and Brownies to support the kids...But the reality is the School district got caught violating the law, and they are at fault. Ask the Superintendent -- Why...


Agree with above comments, this could all have been avoided and significantly less costly if an EIR had been done in the first place. EIRs should be commissioned prior to construction. In addition to a violation of CEQA, the way BSD approached this project was 100% wrong and is a gross violation of public trust.


From the start of this BSD has given the illusion that this was a "re-opening" of the former Hoover School. The old school had parking and parents could drop off. The architect went wild and expanded the new building the huge annex that took away almost all of the parking. That set off the whole traffic problem. This was a major expansion and needed an EIR. BSD circumvented the EIR with a mitigated declaration as they knew that the EIR would have doomed their attempt to push all the traffic into the community. The Judge did an amazing job of seeing through the BSD mirage. The one-day traffic study was immediately debunked. No way that everything was A-OK. There is not enough parking for staff and the plan for the drop off is a joke. 1.5 minutes per car, after drop off the parents will single file down an intricate turn about. All will be supervised by who? The Hillsborough Police surely did not think it would work. What happens if we have a wild fire in the hills above? Absolutely no way this will work. The other thing exposed in the judges findings: BSD evaded public notice and any input from the Town of Hillsborough who had a lot of questions. They were totally blown off by BSD and also any neighborhood criticism was spun as NIMBY. This is really a tragedy. No way they can proceed with this idiotic plan. If they want to build a school on the site, they will need to tear down the new wing and restore the parking and drop off areas on campus. From the dubious start -- when they grabbed this bargain basement property at the expense of the Valley School who were rejected by the Burlingame Planning Commission because of traffic concerns-- BSD has behaved badly. They evaded EIR as they knew it would not pass muster. They declared war on the neighborhood and chopped down the wonderful heritage oaks in the area. They have continentally tried present the argument that a poorly designed school was ok because we have crowded schools. Lucky the judge did not see that way. If this school is built in the current state, we will have to live with the consequences for decades.


Bravo commonsense!


I went to the Saturday meeting and asked school board member Mark Intrieri what was the original Hoover budget and how much of our money has been spent thus far. He said he did not know but would get back to me. I was shocked that he did not know. This type of response reflects incompetence in my opinion. If this was his personal development I bet he would know how much money has been spent at any given moment. I think he just did not want to publicly admit what the unapproved project has cost us. Does anyone know? If not I will follow up to give you all an update.

Also why would the school board purchase the property and authorize construction without having the EIR completed?

Lastly what is Ricard Terrones relation with the city of Burlingame and the school board. Why does his firm get almost all design contracts?


Richard Terrones is the Chair of the Burlingame Planning Commission. With that in mind, I'm sure that the school board felt that if they used his firm, that he would be able to railroad the project through the commission and permit process. He probably gets paid if it's built or not. A bit shady I'd say and he should probably step down from the Commission.


I read somewhere that he is finishing his term and someone else from his firm was stepping up. Now would be a good time to toss a wrench into this process. Burlingame residents need to speak up and I know it is difficult to address as a lot of developers and Realtors in the local politics and they work like hockey enforcers when someone cross-checks one of their star players.

Bruce Dickinson

Fellas, I gotta tell ya, one of my favorite people to quote is these days is actually *the* Bruce Dickinson. Yes, I actually brought up the very questions (and answers) Apeceimer is asking a while back in this exchange (5th, 11th, and 17th posts):


No need to repeat again, but for those new to this site, there is a long history of red flags and "call outs" from many insightful people, myself included. Yes, while I possess no crystal ball, I do know how pieces fit within a mosaic to arrive at probable conclusions.

Bruce Dickinson

Listen guys, sorry had to have Julie, my secretary help me. It appears that I forgot to publish the quote from myself, Bruce Dickinson. Here it is (and thanks again Jules):

"Next time I see Rick Terrones at city hall, I'll be sure to congratulate him on being $8 million richer for his work on Burlingame Schools. That's more money than producing a couple of gold records in the music biz. Its also enough money to educate 25% of BSD's kids for a year at $9000 per kid, the current funding per kid give or take a couple of bills that comes from the State.

Fellas I gotta tell you, it appears that this is a situation of incestuous government. Planning commissioners who are the gatekeepers for community project approvals and get $8 million richer in doing so. Is it because the architecture is so dynamite in nature that no other architect could come up with the ritzy new buildings at Lincoln? Is it because Frank Gehry really isn't the shiz and the world's best architecture is right in your backyard? Or is it because the favorite local architect du jour sits on the approval commission and can help grease the skids in getting things done and that service comes at a price!"


Thank you for stating the obvious Mr. Dickenson.
I believe the reason that these small print plans get past the process for vetting, is the obvious fact that \From The City Manager, to the planning/engineering department, and City Attorney are seriously under qualified for their positions.
At times the City of Burlingame Council, and Dept. Heads reminds me of Mayberry RFD.
In my opinion if there is any hope for The city of Burlingame to move forward, the need to clean house-Dept. Heads, needs to be done, and let the new City of Burlingame Manager realize her "concept" to remake The City of Burlingame into a "Capitol of Silicon Valley."
If anyone would ask for a FOIR from the City of Burlingame, regarding all the married employees, relatives of employee's, past and present, incestuous is an understatement.
When will be able to get a Grand Jury investigation?

What to do

Holyroller is definitely our hack. Holy for whatever

Account Deleted

Per the below link to the expenditure reports distributed at the most recent May 1st bond oversight committee, the total outlay to-date for Hoover is $13,522,335. This includes $306,625 for attorney fees related to the lawsuit. Please note the document via the following link has two pages (one for each the two bond measures, 2007 Measure A and 2012 Measure D, respectively):

Al Segni

Lorne's post also shows what the expected costs are for the school: $24,000,000 as projected. $24,000,000 for 1 daycare and 11 classrooms? What does Bruce Dickinson think of that?

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