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February 17, 2014



I was looking the expressions on the faces of the Sunrise area manager and their attorney last time they spoke to the city council. They seemed pained and uncertain what to say.

If there was profitable demand for the retirement home, then it would pre-sell to customers, which would justify the completion of the construction.

There must not be demand for their business model. The City Council should demand that they complete the construction and open or fire-sale the land, steel frame and permitting to an apartment developer or to a retirement home operator who can make it work, because of either government subsidy or of the firesale acquisition price from Sunrise.

If Sunrise doesn't met a deadline to begin and complete construction, fine them and Sunrise should hire a commercial real estate broker who has a track record of successfully completed deals in the apartment / health care arena and get it done for Sunrise and for the community.

pat giorni

...just a small problem...Sunrise does not own the property the skeletal wreck sits upon....


Good Point, Pat.

Perhaps this is what they've been waiting for:

"Health Care REIT, Inc. Announces Recapitalization of Sunrise Senior Living Management Company"

TOLEDO, Ohio--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Feb. 11, 2014


Otherwise, the property owner is "Shlomo Rechnitz".

He owns Twin Med.


How are these projects allowed to start-businees permits, etc.
Then allowed to linger for 8 years?
The benefit of doubt-2-3 years.
"Very generouis" City of Burlingame Public Works Dept.
5 years later(total 8 years now)
Who gives the generouis pass?
Hundreds of thousands dollars of City of Burlingame money and employee time have been spent on this 8 years project.
Lets get some simple answers to simple questions..
The City of Burlingame Ciy Manager know everything about this project and can explain why it has taken 8 years to ask why it has taken 8 years.
The City Mangager knows who gave this project a pass eight years in a row, with NO end in sight.
Who is that City of Burlingame employee?
A City of Burlingame was recently fired for stealing Gasoline @ $3.000.00 according to The Post.
How is that incident, different than City of Burlingame Manager giving a pass to her managers regarding the loss of aone half million dollars, by just saying "oopps" I hope that does not happen again. Whens "break time."
My point is that responsibility needs to come from the top down.
Every once in a while a Manager needs to fire themselves to make sure the promises made during hiring happen.
Not just City Managers, Finance, Attorney, Police &Fire, too.


It's well past the time that both Sunrise and the abandoned car wash on California should be required to move their projects along. If they're unable, fine them and require completion or sale, finally enhancing the area and the City.

pat giorni

As the "8th Planning Commissioner", the nickname Nantell gave me because I missed NO meetings for almost 10 years,
there was "no pass" given to Sunrise. The initial project was fully vetted for almost a year, with developer coming back w/ 3 sets of plans. I was satisfied that The Commission did its job.

And the City is doing its job now by telling the developer that it's time to "sunset" if it is unable to move forward before its permit expires in May...that is what the discussion involving a potential lawsuit is all about right now.

There is no project at California Drive. There is a defunct and deteriorating car wash where property owner Otto Miller stores his car after having withdrawn a development proposal years ago.

The only action the City can take is to charge him through Code
Enforcement to "maintain" the property which can be as little as installing an "opaque" 6' fence around the perimeter. However, in order to get the Code Enforcement Officer to inspect and render an order to clean up or fence, the complaint MUST COME FROM A MEMBER OF THE PUBLIC. The City will not issue the complaint itself.


Thank you Jeff.
Thanks to the New Mills Pennisula Hospital,it is really hard to inore the blight that has been allowed to continue:
-1818 Trousdale
-That Hospital of Horror, right across the street from the Burlingame Police Station
-As well as that Car Wash on Murchinson. Is that Millbrae of Burlingame?
The City of Burlingame issues parking permits for residents who park their cars, infront of their homes, or receive a ticket... Within Hours.
Dear City of Burlingame Manager, could you please respond to these issues in a public forum?
Like right here.
Or how about your own City of Burlingame, City Manager Web site?
Unfiltered, by The City Attorney, Finance Manager, Fire and Police Chief,Public Works Director,and every single City of Burlingame Elder.
If you are worth your "bread and butter" by now Ms. City manager, you know what is wrong, what is going to be wrong, and how to fix it.
The chances of not making many friends for what you were hired to do, is pretty small.
You might even lose your job.
You know what to do, and are capable of getting there. Ms manager you can make this City better than it is, which will not take much.
If you lose your job, that is the result of idealism, and doing right.
So what is more important?
Doing the right thing, for the greater good,
Or, making @$300,000.00 per year-which I totally believe you deserve, to maintain your and your families personal life style?


The car wash is indeed in Burlingame. In fact, it is the first Burlingame parcel you see when coming south on California and your last Burlingame sight as you're leaving town. Nice lasting impressions...

pat giorni


Sunrise: Burlingame project progressing

Sunrise Senior Living said it could begin construction on a long awaited building project at the corner of Trousdale and Ogden drives in Burlingame as early as April, potentially being completed in 2015.


Lets hope for the best.
By the way I saw what looked like 10 newly planted trees all around that "Horriible Human Warehouse" at Trousdale and California Dr.
I guess you have to start somewhere.

What I would like to see are the CEO's and shareholders of that International Corparation-(traded on the NYSE) spend 24/7 in facility as a patient.
24/7 as a Caregiver.
I believe if those Caregivers were being paid their worth the entire "Industry" would benefit-most importantly the patients.
Who deserves more pay and benefits?
A City of Burlingame Parking Enforcement Officer-(@&70,000.00 per year) or a Caregiver, who feeds, baths, clothes, cleans, befriends, a person alone, in a place that smells like a Chicken Coop/Feline Urine Collection Center,$35-40,000.00 per year.
I hope that if that new Human Warehouse up the street will take in mind the importance, and value of the Caregivers that as far as I believe one of the most difficult job in the world.
Sadly, there is no happy ending that is experienced by Caregiver , or Patient.
Thereby the more important that these people get paid very well, and have access to mental health care too.


I have not received a Parking Ticket in 20+ years.
I am glad we have parking Enforcement officers.
I wish we had more.


It scares me that you drive in town given how wacky most of what you say sounds. When was your last driving test.


Hai guyz! :) OMG hollyrollerz u are so so SOooooo depressing! :( I dunno the details of Sunrise issue but serisouly man u should add prescriptions to ur cocktail & not be that sad sad blob ameoba thingy on the zoloft commercialz :(!! as I mentioned b4 also really should think bout doing some couch time with the psych-doc theres nada to lose it & will prob cheer u up! try it out !

. Resident Im with you bro... this person is very intolerance seems to think about conspiracys underlying everything & made this big threat about showing up at Tasty Tuesday (aka OTG) with a WWF or whatever wrestlign Mask.yikes :-0 !! was all big swinging bravado as I did go & turns out there was noone there in a mask or costume.. seems hes got another phobia..again another reason to seek pros help, IMO!

TTFN :-|

J. Mir

Sunrise is full of you-know-what. They are not building anything there in this decade. The council let it slide, and let the car wash slide too, because its not "The Avenue" and in the north side and most of them don't have to look at it on a daily basis.
Eminent domain the stupid thing, tear it down, put a park there for the poor kids that have to live in those apartments surrounding it. Would it cost $ ? Yeah it would, probably less than the $10M spent digging up Burlingame Ave. DONT BUILD ANYTHING ELSE there. There are 100+ senior housing units going up right across the street at Mills Peninsula, ergo there's no need at all for Sunrise to even be there to begin with.


I have been under the impression this site is for people who comment on social issues. Burlingame Issues.
Humor and sarcasm are used-in my case to create thought "out side of the box."

If your only response to my comments are insulting and judgemental, maybe you have deep insight into rules you want adhered to at this site regrading questions, answers and comments posted here.
I would like to read them.
I enjoy a good conversation/debate.
I do my best to keep an open mind, as well as call a spade a spade.
I look forward to learning and considering all POV's.
This is a fun place to do so.

Dear Longsong, are you still upset about my "Profiling of you?"
Seriously, how close did I get?


April is nearly over, and there is no sign of movement at Sunrise Abandoned Living. Why am i not surprised.


Sunrise Surprise! This comes from today's DJ and the full link is below:

With financing secured, a long-awaited building project at the corner of Trousdale and Ogden drives in Burlingame is finally moving along and is expected to be completed by the end of summer 2015.

Sunrise Senior Living celebrated a reground breaking of the four-story, 79-unit project at 1818 Trousdale Drive that was originally approved by the Planning Commission in 2006, but ran into bumps due to the 2008 economic downturn. Members of the City Council and the community had been very vocal about wanting to see the project move along, as some referred to the space as an eyesore.

“I was on the Planning Commission when it first went through,” said Mayor Michael Brownrigg, who took part in a ribbon-cutting ceremony to commemorate the development of a new senior living community Monday afternoon. “There was a point when it was kind of testy between the parties. There was one 80-year-old guy that had tears in his eyes who said, ‘what’s it going to take to get rid of this building?’ I’m very glad to have this project back on track. We had to be tough, but you guys came back to the table.”



I saw this article this morning walking the dog-at the Dog Park.
Isn't this the Third "Ribbon Cutting Ceremony" at this project in the last eleven years?
By the way, that 80 year old guy "missed" the "SUNRISE OPENING"
Ironically, so did a lot of other special Seniors that were promised a clean, up to date place to end their lives, hopefully shared with their families.
Seeing Brownberg and Deal with big smiles on faces while cutting a ribbon that was supposed to be cut @5-6 years ago, just gives another pass to the lack of Permit Enforcement no matter how important the needs of the community are.
Old people suffered due to promises made by "SUNRISE" and Condoned by the City of Burlingame Elders.


J. Mir

There is progress. The lights are on. But nobody's home. (yet)

Account Deleted

Regarding the defunct car wash on the corner of Calif. Drive and Murchison (owned by Otto Miller, as referenced above by Pat G), it seems it is now a private parking facility (jammed packed with cars, and overseen by attendants). I realize it is private property, but is this usage kosher and in accordance with city code?

pat giorni

My guess is that it may need a conditional use permit if money is changing hands to park cars, as well as a business license to operate. Check with the city attorney and the planning dept.

Account Deleted

I subsequently spoke with code enforcement in the City Attorney's office. They confirmed they are in the process of issuing notices/citations for two businesses that are currently operating in that lot, for which it is not zoned: a car rental business, and a car detailing business. I imagine the property owner carries a bit of political clout in this community, so we'll see what happens: http://ottomiller.com/Burlingame.htm

pat giorni

For the record, Otto Miller carries no weight with the City, but you can be sure that he'll have his lawyer involved to escape red tape and penalties. In fact there is an ordinance, which I call "Otto Miller Kaboom" that was legislated specifically when he prematurely demolished a house before the PC had even approved his development project on Hillside.

And precedent was set to insure against protected tree damage when he tried to cut a grove of redwoods on Drake in 2003 by requiring him to bank over $100,000 with the City for a period to extend 5 years past the completion of construction to guarantee tree health.

Please advise me if you notice this item coming on the Planning Commission agenda because I'm no longer as vigilant as in the past.


Lorne - thanks. You are ever vigilant and we are all the better for it.

Account Deleted

Let's hope he doesn't carry special weight with the Planning Commission, etc. Given the nature and volume of his business, I imagine he might be a particularly attractive client for local architects and others affiliated with the building trade.

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