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February 08, 2014


Peter Garrison

Sometimes I go into that post office just to reassure myself that big goverment doesn't work. Sure enough, it doesn't.

Bruce Dickinson for Post Master General!


Temporary Dog Park(s)- Little dogs along Park Rd. Big dogs along Lorton-I think the hydrants are already there, somewhere.

Bruce Dickinson for Dog Catcher!

Bruce Dickinson

Easy, fellas; yes, Bruce Dickinson has a lot of talents, but I must admit, reorganizing the USPS into an efficient customer centric organization has got to be one of the world's most difficult jobs. I think you gotta just start from scratch, which would probably takes a lot of dough and a lot of time.

While I love Burlingame's post office, which NEEDS to be preserved!! , I gotta tell ya, the place is rather tattered and smelly as mentioned above and wouldn't be that expensive to bring that building to its former glory. Actually a few weeks ago, Bruce Dickinson decided to give my assistant the day off and so I head down to Burlingame avenue and after enjoying another dynamite Blue Bottle coffee, I myself pick up a package sent to me of famous tape recordings from the archives of the legendary Hansa studios in Berlin. Was shipped DHL, and folks, as funny as it may sound coming from my mouth, they make our USPS look efficient (took over 4 weeks to get here!?). Anyway, I'm 5th in line and as I'm about to be the next person, I see this postal worker at an available spot look right through the window straight in my eye and then whips that little nameplate that says "Next Window". Really?? Apparently she was not going to let a brush with a local celebrity (with autograph potential no less) to get in the way of her coffee break! Of course the person ahead of me was stuck at the only open window taking forever, and seemed like he was shipping cargo containers to Syria judging by how long it was taking. After what seemed an eternity, the postal lady from the window that was closed re-opened the window to help me. She couldn't figure out how to calculate the US customs tariffs on the package. Really? in San Francisco, where tons of stuff gets imported/exported. Turns out she kept scanning the wrong barcode. Clearly she wasn't one that cared to deal with things outside the box. The whole ordeal took me 40 minutes and I'm glad that my Porsche wasn't towed because I only left 30 mins worth of change at the parking meter.

Point of my story is that government institutions with lack of creativity and motivation are going to get employees that reflect the same values. Now in city govt, you have somewhat of a different problem. Still no creativity, but the motivation / incentives for allowing the architect and builder/designer buddies on the commissions free reign on development in Burlingame is strong. Unfortunately that also leads to bad decisions, where development is always approved with little contention or consideration of broader ramifications. Folks, this is why I believe that any commissioner or council member should be independently financially self sufficient and have absolutely no ties to development, at all. Yes, that is the only way to ensure complete objectivity in decisions that affect Burlingame. With a large organization or small 3-person band making their first record, you gotta figure out what makes people tick and harness it appropriately or provide disincentives for bad behavior. Also allowing complete creative liberty is super-important. Just a few words of advice to chew on from someone who is no stranger to motivation, success, and creativity :-)


Bruce Dickinson for Planning Commissioner!

The City is seeking to fill three (3) vacant seats on the Planning Commission. APPLICATION DEADLINE is March 14, 2014. Applications will be available on the City website on Tuesday, February 4, 2014 here.

Been here forever

Well there are at least two council members who are tied to development that I know of, Bruce. Keighran and Deal.

pat giorni

...and Brownrigg.

pat giorni

...oops I misread and assumed Planning Commission alumnae. Not "development," per se.


While we are giving the post office ideas how about putting the American flag up every day? The flag pole was empty today.

pat giorni

Considering the level of "service" provided, they might just as well fly the Italian flag

Burlingame Betty

I feel the need to share - the other day after reading Joe's entry I went to the post office down town to mail a box.

As with Joe I stood there for a long time and then wouldn't you know it - the second window closed leaving only 1 open with about 6 of us in line!

I just shook my head and laughed....at least they are consistent!

PS - while looking around they could use some fresh paint - it is sort of an interesting building - a few pieces that are nice but mainly it just seems like a dreary old building - nothing like the downtown San Mateo post office....

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