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February 26, 2014


Green Gone Wild!


I love Open Space and even Outer Space just as much as John Denver himself, but perhaps we should vote no for endless wealth and power transferred to this supposed independent POST group.

The leaders of POST are the same type of people that are POTUS.

In many people's opinion in the Peninsula area, this is just The United Nation's Agenda 21 in further stealth mode.

It's true. I've even had some manager of other open spaces admit to it over the phone - the POTUS and his clan want to implement a radical U.N. plan to return most developed areas 100% back to the plants and animals and then concentrate humans in very high density areas.

Please put a stop to the forever slippery slope of more and more and more taxes and more debt, more government restrictions and power, and more legalized racism and sexism right from the mouth of the POTUS on down to POST.

Instead, let's rally for public policies based on the principles of individual liberty, limited government, free markets, and peace. And, yes, plenty of Open Space.

Enough is enough with pseudo-government massing of power against individual rights.


Green Gone Wild!


'Don't know about POTUS, but it appears to me that you are generally correct in your interpretation of the path down which we are being lead...more accurately--"pushed". I wonder what became of the comments Burlingame and other communities sent with regard to the draft form, because the final "Plan" looks pretty much the same as the draft.


Bruce Dickinson

Listen, folks, I probably don't need to tell you that Bruce Dickinson loves exploring the space; not just the studio space, but open space too! and yes, you may run into me on some of the area's best hiking trails, provided they're not too steep. So, if I may offer my balanced perspective wearing first my creative hat and then wearing my business hat, if you will. First wearing the creative hat: I have lived in NY and LA, and I gotta tell you the Bay Area's open space is so different from those two places in the sense that it is in such proximity to urban areas. In just a few short minutes you can be completely removed from the hustle and bustle and enjoy some of the best vistas and flora/fauna in the entire world. Trust me, Bruce Dickinson is a well-traveled person, and alot of Bay Area folks take things for granted and don't know how good they've got it here, really. This is not the case in a lot of urban areas, where you may have to drive much farther out or the weather does not permit the same opportunities for maximum enjoyment.

Now wearing the shrewd businessman hat, open space helps prop up Bay Area real estate values, so we also benefit economically even though a lot of space is not accessible to explore. The problem is when government agencies run wild and fund stuff without having money in the bank and only get funding on a post-facto basis after the spree has begun (a 'broken-record' recurring theme) and we all have to pay for that, eventually. The good news is that this open space is only costing $5,000 dollars per acre. Bruce Dickinson has a keen sense of value, as I have been looking recently in the Anderson Valley up north to buy land for growing grapes, and yes, I'm starting a new label G&P Vineyards (Gold & Platinum Vineyards). It is $120,000-$180,000 dollars per acre up there, and Napa valley is multiples of that, if properties even come up for sale, and much to my chagrin, none have. Now these other government agencies, such as ABAG, are mandating greater density targets within already dense areas. It sounds to me like there is no coordination among these agencies. Maybe allow some open space development to help preserve what we have in our more urban areas instead of ever-increasing density. It appears that there is no one on top of this let alone even talking about the costs and benefits of the different approaches.

So fellas, what is the prescription? I think it involves being hyper-active in civic matters and letting your local politicians know how you feel. A few weeks ago, I got on the horn with several of the Burlingame City Council and our State Reps, and believe me, aside from knowing that *the* Bruce Dickinson called, they will never forget my pointed critiques and yes, you know I am not one to mince words. At the end though, they knew how I felt and ultimately they worry about votes. As they say, squeaky wheel gets the oil and if you don't complain you don't gain! The more numbers the better, my friends!


Hai guyz! :) Hey Brucey what were u saying about broken records??!?? hahahaha ;)

TTFN ;-)


I just Googled Bruce Dickenson.
Really interesting person and background.
I can not say I am or ever will be a Fan of Iron Maiden.
However, this man continues to grow and evolve a a human.
Pretty rare if you ask me.


I agree Iron Maiden Bruce Dickinson is a very interesting person. He's pretending to be the other Bruce Dickinson, the Blue Oyster Cult producer that Will Ferrell and Christopher Walken made famous for "more cowbell".

I can no longer read fake Bruce Dickinson's schtick, it's way too wordy and takes forever to get to the point.


By the way, the "more cowbell" bit is so old you might as well pretend to be Austin Powers or any other thing that was funny in the '90s.

Green Gone Wild!

OK, friends of Burlingame...

Please educate yourself about the reality of The United Nation's "Agenda 21" and how it is at the core of Progressive politicians and organizations.

I'm pro-environment, I'm anti-pollution, and I'm pro let's do a lot to improve human environmental practices....however, Socialist Utopia has never worked, and it never will work.

Please watch this video:

"Agenda 21 For Dummies"

"Why A Socialist Utopia Won't (ever) Work"


OK Fred.
Are you saying that the Bruce Dickenson, who talks about Bruce Dikenson, talking about Bruce Dikenson, not really Bruce Dikenson?


Yes, Tuesday.


One bit of good news, slightly off one topic (Open Space) but on another (Taxes), from the DJ today:

With improved economic times, San Mateo County Community College District board members unanimously decided Wednesday night to not renew a parcel tax that helps fund its colleges.

Since the district has been able to grow its offerings back into place and has moved to taking more money in as a basic aid district — those funded by property taxes — the parcel tax is no longer necessary, said Trustee Dave Mandelkern. In 2010, San Mateo County voters approved Measure G, a $34 annual tax per parcel, which expires June 30.


Hai Guyz! :-) UN21 Socialistz & county college taxes?!? and I get static for being off topix??. Brucey DICKinson, I can teach u txting techniques...modern times..short&sweet & to 'da point, man. u do stay on topic tho... just no one likey da diatrribez... :P

seriously. guyz non iron maiden Brucey has pretty BiG resumee, heres a list & be sure to sort by producer & exec producer to get right ones...sooooo coooolll!!! :)


TTFN :-)


Thank you longwong for you input.

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