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January 08, 2014


Bruce Dickinson

Ok, Mr. (or Ms.) Competition, while everyone is focused on trolling the food truck area with senseless surveys that we all know the answers to, there is a big wide world out were there are known knowns, known unknowns, and unknown unknowns. And many of these knowns and unknowns are rife with controversy.

Bruce Dickinson, one not to mince words, says this: relying on the city staff, council, et al, as adjudicators of the relevant and most pressing issues of the day is a sucker's bet (and if you disagree, call me up and we'll make a little, or big, if you so desire, wager). Brokering some "Pax Foodtruckomana" between food trucks and the Broadway restaurants is a lot easier than saying "My way or the High-way" to Cal-Trans; than saying "Gov. Moonbeam, passenger rail is history in a world of driverless cars"; or "High density housing is a crock of s&^t idea from a quarter century ago".

Guys, what I'm saying is that I am seeing what appears to be a proclivity to tackling only easy issues. Put the ball on a tee, and hit it, wow watch it go!!! Look at that everyone, I hit it all the way to the bleachers!! Give Bruce Dickinson a break! Maybe it's a talent problem, maybe it's a "I'm just a volunteer for this City so don't ask me tough questions" problem, maybe it's a "you get what you pay for problem", maybe it's a "we need more staff to do all this work problem", may it's an "Cal Trans has us by the b&lls and we don't to anger them" problem.

I don't know what is the cause of the problem, as Bruce Dickinson is not The Omniscient One, but I do know that critically important issues are not being addressed, or tap danced around with noncommittal, wishy-washy "actions" or statements that have no ramifications and only serve as barely adequate pontoon bridges to the next election cycle. Bruce Dickinson is getting tired, yes, very weary of the nonsense. Sure, broker the food truck/restaurant dispute, which is item #15 in Burlingame, BUT spend A LOT more time addressing items #1-5. And let's see some deliverables!

Folks, we've got more red flags to cover and does Bruce Dickinson himself need to re-prioritize the City's action item list and have my secretary type it up for them?!? I'd like to see some sleeve rolling and a little elbow grease in recognizing and adequately addressing what are the most pressing problems that Burlingame is facing.


One good place t start is at the top not bottom.
Since Jim Nantell-City Manager has left the City of Burlingame, there has been nothing put disorganization at City Hall.
Every Dept.-Fire, Police, Park, Public Works, HR, Finance, Rec, Engineering, Attorney, and City Managers Dept. have had multiple Dept. heads, and administrators quit, and have been fired due to the lack of leadership.
This current City Manager has only created an environment of confusion and anger that permeates the entire City Hall administration too.
Start at the top as Mr. Dickinson suggests and work down.
Not up.
I know it is difficult to confirm these statements. However, "The Truth is Out There."

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