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December 23, 2013



I do not believe anyone who has ever walked into, or driven by the Trousdale Senior/Rehab Center; ironically directly across the street from The City of Burlingame Police Department, could allow this third world warehousing of seriously ill people to continue to operate in the City of Burlingame.
While we are worried about wether or not to allow "Food Trucks" in the parking lot @ Broadway, we forget about what comfort and medical sevices are lacking, right across the street from the Burlingame Police Dept.
Every single City of Burlingame Elder needs to take a walk through that facility.
I seriously doubt any City Elder could walk through with out gagging within 3 minutes.
That place is a Nightmare.


I don't know what happens within that facility, but I do see several of the residents who sit outside in wheelchairs along Trousdale and California Drive during the day. Do you have relatives or friends inside? Wondering if it is any different than a standard Rehab or longterm care facility? I have seen a few of these in the area, and none of them seemed pleasant. There are some very nice care homes that are run out of small bungalows for a handful of clients, but the larger facilities seem like sad places to be.


Yes I have been in that facility twice to see my long term neighbor of 15 years pass away.
I know there are quite a few homes and "bungalows" available in Burlingame.
I know of one one Quesada, across from the school @ Trousdale that was charging my other neighbor-Millie $7000.00 per month. It was a very nice place and she lived in the house with six others.
The home is still there and in business. (It is the most Garish home on the street. Reminds me of the type of home Liberace/ Elvis/ M. Jackson may live in.)
However, it was not better than her small condo. The care was good. The rules for the tenants were demeanig.
It is an incredibly difficult job to take care of older people when they become depentant on others to care for them.
The care takers usually make less than $15.00 per hour. THe turnover rate is @60% per year.
That is a horrible thing too.

J. Mir

If PHCD proceeds with their plan, and we know that they will because they are superbly well-funded, then Sunrise is not needed. I repeat, Sunrise is not needed. We will already have plenty of senior housing in this area, both at-market and below market. If this trend continues the north side will become "senior-town" very quickly, in fact there's already signs of that happening judging from the traffic through Lunardis. I am in favor of keeping the rehab center, in fact I recall when the county almost shut it down due to lack of funding. To see the opulent ice-castle-in-the-sky Mills facility right across the street, with its ostentatious wealth almost enticing you to come and be sick, i was frankly sickened to know that we could not find a few hundered thousand bucks somewhere to keep the rehab facility opened. That place is the facility of last resort for many indigent folks - many veterans too - and is often their final address. They sit on the sidewalk, taking in the sun and scenery, because that is the only time and place they can be outside to enjoy it. Having to spend your final years in this condition is deserving of pity and they should get full support, definitely get priority over some fly-by-night developer who can't be bothered to finish a project they started 5 years ago. Finally, $7000/mo for a care facility, and they are paying caregivers pretty much less than a delivery truck driver.... SMH I know exactly which house you're talking about. Someone over there is minting money on these seniors, and paying very little in taxes for it i'll bet.


I think this is interesting:

Sutter Health Plus, the HMO health plan of Sacramento-based Sutter Health, announced this week that it is offering products to five counties in the Bay Area.

The expansion adds Alameda, Contra Costa, San Francisco, San Mateo and Santa Clara counties to the HMO’s service area.

The announcement comes following approval from the state Department of Managed Health Care.

Sutter Health Plus launched in the greater Sacramento area and Central Valley in January 2014. It added Sonoma County in March.

Read more here: http://www.sacbee.com/news/business/article36118812.html#emlnl=Morning_Newsletter#storylink=cpy

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