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December 15, 2013



anyone know when is Delfina is opening?


He wrote it right there in the article. December 23.


Here's a full story on the opening



One of the things I love in life, besides the Burlingame Voice, is Pizza.
Delfina has it right with the most "basic pizza requirements."
Parking/Stopping to pick up-to go Pizza in the back.
No hassels, parking concerns, keeping all "the kids" in one spot.
Unfortunetley, that blows "Blue Line Pizza right out of the water."
I like Blue Line Pizza.
If I have to drive around and around to get a Pizza to take home, I will not be doing Blue Line anymore.
Sorry Blue Line.
Delphina really does know how to do business in Burlingame.
Kids, sports, tired parents, school, the dog. Phone in your order pay, pick it up, get home in time to help the kids with homework.
Then laundry.
Thanks Delphina.



Haven't had a chance to try Delfina, it was just bursting with hopeful customers waiting outside tonight, though. LOVE LOVE LOVE Blue Line, so it will be interesting to try the competition. I hope they are different enough that both can stay in business.

Sorry to see the Turkish place looking very dark this evening (on the corner of Lorton). The menu is gone out of the little frame, and I can't help but wonder if they've called it quits......


That spot needs something different. The last three tries have all been the same and really average. Maybe Mingalaba can move to the bigger space?


Hai Guyz! :) da'Game is becomiing a foodie town with SF quality restaurants... FINALLY got into delfina with my Buddy and WOWOWOW just as good as SF location.. looks just like it on inside too..'cept bigger & newer:-)) crowd a little different, couple of moms at ladiez night out talking 'bout kidz , soccer, hubbiez yada yada yada got a little annoyd...tho we were yakkin prob just as bad tho, just way diff topix.. lots of rug rats,er I mean kidz but it's all good, suburbia rite? :P The Sextos place next door wit the mexicana food is empty all da time, dunno how they survive has anyone tried it? empty places make me wery wary (i mean very wary..hahaha, my ethnicity betrayin me)LOL to tie in another topic: Q: I wonder if on tuez nites delfina has less of crowd cuz of food trux? A: No F'in way, good restaurants will have no prob attractin the crowdsand like I said there is no subtitution effects either way.. but LOVE da'Games food scene so far. TTFN ;)


So I have to ask you, Longwong, since I can't figure it out:
What does TTFN stand for??
Welcome to Burlingame :)


Dint need WikiBrittanica but sinz itz dere den here http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/TTFN


Ah!! Thank you for the clarification!


this focus on more and more restaurants is a bed idea for downtown. people who go downtown to eat do not go shopping afterwards, so there are no benefits for other downtown businesses...add increased traffic and a loss of parking, and other businesses suffer. look at san carlos...they allowed a bunch of new restaurants to open on laurel and as a result they saw other businesses struggle because of traffic and parking issues. we don't need anymore restaurants downtown...burlingame needs a balanced approach or we will see more local businesses fail and more empty storefronts.


Dinner time is the peak (spike) in traffic demand that makes planners crazy, especially in the US where most want to sit down between 6:30 and 7. That also causes restaurants to close before the Spanish restaurants even open!


Steve is right. Joe is out in left field.


So, here is a shout-out for a fabulous new eatery- Yougert Bar at 1115 Burlingame Avenue. It is NOT another frozen yogurt shop! They sell delicious greek yogurt with both sweet and savory toppings. I highly recommend the "Sedi" named for the owner's mom. Story is quite inspiring. I wish him well in Burlingame. The product is really good and different!



Dear Longsong,
I am sure that there is some good information in whatever it is yiu are attempting to share.
Take my advice and check in with the City of Burlingame Park and Rec Dept. regarding teaching a language course.
Obviously, sooner or later the need for a "Modern Language" will become nessesary.
Consider starting a class.
That way we will never have to speak to one another again, look anyone in the eye, and communicate other than texting, or what ever the "Next Big Thing" becomes.
I seriously would take a class in this new language if it became available.
Does anyone know whatever happened to Ebonics?
What about that Universal language that was semi popular in the 50-60's? What was that called?


I guess Steve is in left field with me since the two of us are in agreement. Which part do you disagree with Fred? That peak dining hour stresses parking capacity or that B'game restaurants close before those in Spain even really open?


Del Fina..
Best Pizza ever.
Great service
Fair Price
Awesome food.
If you watch the staff behind the counter you see that they taste the food, care deeply about the presentation, and or as organized as some military operation.
Every single person is nice, and speaks english very well.
(I hate to mention that but it is a problem at times at resteraunts in Burlingame)
Perfect Pizza.
However, I doubt if this is the place for the Softball or Soccer team after game meal.
I would bring my team there.
Thanks Del Fina.


Hai Guyz! ;) hollyrollerz, know ur trying to instigate me in a tit 4 tat but anywayz..funny u should speak about face2face and eye contact when u were NO SHOW at tasty tues..even then u said u were gonna show up in costume n mask, still afraid even show face even if u did show..LOLOL I-RONIC…plus with all ur nonstop dribble behind the computer, thinking u should be teachin the antisocial wayz of life! tellin ya u got something to hide like said u may want to get the phobiaz and paranoiaa checked out… too bad cuz saved all beef wiener just for u and wanted sooo badly to say Hai Guy & share in da foodruck camaraderiee !

trying to be ironic? sounds like something for my gen, seriously man ur too old for that & def NOTT a hipster...do I detect envy toooo? hahhaha… also your profiling is much less spot on than mine of urs and should be given ur masonic delusions & conspiracys. nope def part of 1% prob more like .001% of da'Game esp. …flight attendants have loooowww pay..not part of masonic sccottish ritewhatever, wear contax not glasses, all my fem friends are superrrr dupe HOT..tho prob cuz Im not very threatening to them ;-)…but I do have skinny jeanz and pumas& i only txt on phone but so do 90% all da hipstaz in SF…master of the obvious u r! :-P

Would love love LOVE to teach a class on TXTing & mod lingo...with 2thumbs can get things done sooooo fast!!! but would only be useful for ppl who really have lots to do & r on da go know how to use an iphone vs staying in same 3 mile radius for entire existence...not seein the world beyond only makes u lonely, intolerant, & single minded... maybe paranoid too! hehehe....get out and interact, man... maybe can start with da Psych Doc!!!..I know one 3.5 milez away, so u can crawl outta ur shell & explore da space as Brucey D. likes to say !!! :-PPPP

TTNF ;-)


I would have been there but I could not understand how to recognize you.
With the exception of the calf tattooes
I really do not care if you like me
or not. I have a feeling that you may be of the same ilk.
It is just fun to meet new people.


Next opportunity we have to meet in public, I will be the person with a 1980's Boom Box..
I will be playing the song by "Rupert Holmes."
Most people know the tune as the "Pina Colada Song."
I will play it over and over until we are able to look into each others souls.
We will find each other....
If you like Pina Coladas.
If you do not like Pina Coladas, we are through.


Holywoller the guys handle is Longwong not Longsong


I love this kooky town. Did you know there was a street sweeper who had to call police because a woman was following him in her car. She said he woke her up and she was following him to see what he was doing.

Joe, Steve was talking about a very real parking situation and you went off on a tangent about late supper and dinner in Spain. The parking problem occurs during the daytime, as well.


Dear President,
Thank you very much for the lesson.


Hai Guyz!! question..do the restaurants parking conflict with the stores at chow time?? stores close soooooo early in da'Game :-( more old farts griping & giving static to the biznesses? hahhaha ;) Or u can get a bike or scooter like MEEEEEE! l(weeeeeeee)!!! ;-)

btw freddy, fun story...love the kookiness that da'Game has to offer yup yup!



Hai Guyz (again).. Resident dont worry, holyrollypolly is dealing with some deeeeep seated envy issues!!! hahahhaa..


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