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December 14, 2013



This is a funny post, because I can relate--fortunately not about the ticket part, though. The parallel parking demarcations are VERY generous. The first time I attempted to park, I kept thinking there was still room for another car, and that I wasn't seeing the lines correctly. The spacing is a little confusing until you get out of the car and look where you are supposed to be. But after that, it works great, and people are definitely driving slower than before, 'love the pace.

San Franciscans could probably park a few more cars on each block, but we like no-stress parking in surburbia, right? These are easy peasy and if you aren't driving a big SUV, you can even manage to drive into the spot forwards!


I thought it was just me who thought the spaces were HUGE. I guess its good but the parking whiners might want the extra two or three spaces that come with regular sized dimensions.

Pete Garrison

Just rode the motorcycle down the Avenue at night. Beautiful views into the shops from the street, safe feeling being able to see drivers in the cars rather than watching for the rear lights, smooth pavement and lots of folks out.


"Parking whiners"? I've got another term for those people - Lost Customer Base.

I noticed they have shaved two of the pavers in front of Sephora. First lawsuit of a fallen pedestrian? I'm guessing that's not the last two pavers that will be ground down.

Burlingame Avenue was so treacherous with diagonal parking? Yeah, no. The pavers, though.

Burlingame Betty

I love the parallel parking and it don't think the few that were lost are going to crush anyones customer base - I agree as well that it feels more open - I love the avenue but honestly hated the crazy congested feeling before with all the cars and people and sidewalk eating - I am a little worried about the pavers but I'm sure it will all settle and sort itself out....


Yesterday afternoon my son walks to his Honda after work parked in the Caltrain parking lot (down from donut shop)and finds police and meter maid around it. According to witnesses a young man entered the parking lot the wrong way and to avoid another car driving thru the parking lot smashes into our parked blue Honda Del Sol and takes off!!

Meter maid has the audacity to ask the officer at the scene should they give my son a ticket for a broken tail light? Meanwhile our car is a TOTAL WRECK! For real? Nothing like being in a Christmas Spirit!!

Burlingame Betty

OMG Joanne - I can't believe there was even mention of giving you a ticket! I'm so sorry that insult was added to injury - sometimes I wonder where common sense (and courtesy) has gone -


The Rail Road tracks and RR Signal,The Trains, the Donut Shop, the people who insist on making a left turn into the Donut Shop Driveway, student drivers,texters, and Cal Train Riders texting while manuvering through the chaos in the early AM, and Mid afternoon, when the sun is low, is much more dangerous than anything @ Florabunda & El Camino Real.
The same situation happens everyday at Oak Grove/Carolyn/California Dr.
Those are very unsafe intersections.

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