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December 01, 2013



And it looks like it is growing nicely in that lovely city soil!! Way to go.

Cathy Baylock

Sorry I missed doing this today. One of my favorite Burlingame traditions. Glad to see the tree we planted three short years ago growing so well.


Ms. Blaylock. Every day I walk by the stumps of the formerly healthy century old oak trees on Summit Drive, I remember your vote at the City Council Meeting to allow the BSD to cut them needlessly. You told the Council that you canvassed our neighborhood and reported that there were mixed camps, and those who were in favor of logging the hillside. (Unbelievable, let us a single person in 1/4 mile of here that wanted to cut the trees). BSD lied to you and the City Council and told you that this was an urgent matter -- yet in their timeline presented to the court -- even at best the work on the drop off would be a year off. You were the stooge of the BSD and helped execute BSD's clear-cut. This was a tragedy in your hands and we all greatly resent your shameful actions.

Cathy Baylock

Dear Up the Street Neighbor,
The point of this post was to honor a 25 year long Planning Commissioner who gave and gave and gave to her community. A tree was planted in her honor by her family upon her untimely death. Your post, though allowed, is self-serving and misplaced. Please do not take away from the joy of others in your pain. Thank you.


I understand you grief regarding the loss of those old Oak Trees.
Whoever is involved in that project will eventually be identified, and brought to task.
The entire project from purchase to enviormental impact was wrong.
Nevertheless, "Piggy Backing" on Baby Ruth, may not be the way to get the message out.
The decesion to move forward had little to do with the City of Burlingame Elders.
School Districts(In California)are an autonomous Inc.
Once we all understand that factor regarding the school, then we may be able to move forward to stopping this project...
Crap, now I am doing it too.
Maybe "Baby Ruth" wanted it this way.
Merry Christmas.


My apologies, first for the incorrect spelling of your name. Second third and fourth: using the wrong venue, time and person for lashing out on this issue.

Cathy Baylock

Apology accepted. Tomorrow night the Baby Ruth tree will be lit along with the city's regular Christmas tree. In the past three years, it has been fun to see how the kids gravitate to her tree and love the replica "Baby Ruth" ornaments hanging from it. If you've never seen it, it is worth checking out…I hope I don't get in trouble but, "Merry Christmas"!


Up-the-street-neighbor, I know you apologized but maybe it's time to become Out-Of-Town-Neighbor for a few weeks. It sounds like you need a vacation, would do you some good and help deal with your anger management issues.

It's amazing that Joe and Russ allow some of these crazy posts with no censorship, really speaks to their strong belief in freedom of speech. Everyone on here should be very grateful that they allow you to say basically whatever you want.

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