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October 09, 2013



Well-observed and accurate description of all those endorsed--Congratulations to all three.


You know Brownrigg seems to be really sharp and polished, but I'm not sure where he gets this unbridled enthusiasm for high density development. You think the guy owned a construction company or something. Why don't we put a 5 story condo like the downtown burlingame proposal right on the corner of Columbus and Poppy so the city council can revel in their high density dreams? Funny how a few of them live some of the farthest away distances from any multi-family high density development within the incorporated city limits, while touting the benefits of development for everyone else. Typical hypocrisy and always have to follow what they do instead of what they say.


If you want no change on the council this would be the right choices. Russ Cohen will be exactly like having Cathy Baylock still on the city council. You couldn't find two people whose ideologies in regards to Burlingame are as identical.

I'm not surprised by the pick, he's number one on the ballot and the Daily Journal first and foremost wants to pick the winners correctly. It would be interesting if something different transpires. Nine candidates, you never know.

Pete Garrison

Want to know what high density housing looks like? Stand near the railaroad tracks on Peninsula facing our wooded hills. Look to the left for the two shadowing lumps towering on Peninsula and then to the look west across the tracks to the aircraft carrier parked along San Mateo Drive. Sail that ship over to Poppy and Columbus.

Want to see "low-cost" housing? Drive along Rollins Road. Have that demographic move over to Columbus and Poppy for some evening parties in the hills.


One vote for no change, please.


Here's a bit on the unbridled enthusiasm for more development that is a major theme of this election (Mark notes Michael Brownrigg's comments, we heard Nirmala Bandrapalli say high-density was "inevitable" and Andrew Peceimer wants looser zoning:

From the weekend Daily Post front page article

Palo Alto's already overcrowded schools are scrambling to find room for dozens of students that two Stanford housing projects promise to bring to the city in 2016. ... "This promises to be a vexing issue," Supe Kevin Skelly said in a district newsletter yesterday.

One wonders if the B'game school district is thinking about the Post Office site, the empty lots at the north end, looser zoning,and a number of in-fill projects like the one directly across the street from McKinley?


The Daily Journal's Editorial endorsement of Brownrigg, Cohen, and Keighran for Burlingame City Council is politics as usual. The Editors state their reason for endorsing the Incumbents is because: “Council has been more about consensus than not..” It appears that the Editor views unanimous consensus between Council Members as a positive. I disagree.

Just look at the mismanaged Burlingame Streetscape which has caused residents living West of Burlingame Avenue to be negatively affected due to the Council’s lack of planning for additional cars. Those Residents now have Burlingame Avenue employees parking cars in front of their homes. The council could have built a parking structure before construction but ignored the current and future lack of car parking.

The Editors of the Daily Journal made their selection based upon everyone just getting along. This seems like an 8th grade election mentality. We do not need 5 of the same thinkers on Council. I am voting for Andrew Peceimer.

West Side Best Side

Ani- it sounds like we are neighbors but we have very different views on what is happening on Burlingame Avenue. I am sick and tired of a couple of people calling the new street plan mismanaged. And I am even sicker and tireder of Andrew Peceimer saying we should have all voted on it. He came to my house two weekends ago and said that again. I couldnt disagree more. Most of the people in town are not paying nearly enough attention to vote on such a thing. And his comments about mismanaged parking are just plain wrong. I am very happy to get rid of angled parking. I have a small car and I could never see past the big SUVs to back out of the angled spaces. I definitely do NOT WANT a big expensive ugly new parking garage downtown. And Peiceimer has not said a word about how he plans to pay for it. He is a hypocrite talking about more money for pensions on one side and ripping on the police and fire on the other. Hypocrite.

You are the one with the 8th grade mentality. If you are so unhappy with downtown why dont you give San Mateo or Redwood City a try. They sound perfect for you.


A couple of people calling the the new street plan mismanaged? Go to the City of Burlingame's facebook page and look at the comments under the streetscape photos. It's a lot more than a couple people complaining.

Go to to San Mateo if you're not happy? Well he'd be joining about 50% opf the former patrons of Burlingame, cause that's how much business is down and that's where they're going.


From the Bulrlingame Patch:

Fiona Hamilton October 20, 2013 at 08:41 PM
Interesting debate showing that the incumbents are well informed on all the issues. Burlingame elections are never dull and this year includes "Candidate admits Sign Deal" (Daily Post) re Andrew Peceimer and "Errors Found in Election Disclosures" (Daily Post) re Russ Cohen.

Well, I noticed that Crescent Creative had done some work for the Brownrigg campaign and that the business address was listed as Petaluma so I figured the Hamilton's had moved to Petaluma. Nice to know Fiona can still throw a shout out. Missed the Daily Post article, I'm shocked, shocked, I say, that I didn't see it posted on the Burlingame Voice. (Actually I'm not) Que pasa?


I missed it too, Fred. Was in Orlando all that week and heard one of our green eye-shade locals was making a lot of noise about a excel printing error that was easily corrected. The real question is how did the local Post edition make it to Petaluma?

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