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September 10, 2013



I really do not think anyone cares if the Post Office goes or not.
I bet if you asked just 50% of the people who live/have business in Burlingame to name the 3 PO's, Dollars to Doughnuts I doubt if there would be anyone to know, or care.
That PO has some beautiful AD.
That should be saved or sold.
As far as the Burlingame PO goes, in my opinion,let it go.
Dear Joe, which candidate are you representing in this conversation?

been here forever

Well Holyroller, I for one, care whether or not the post office goes. As a Burlingame lifer, I can remember going there as a child, and getting candy from the visually impaired man who was in the front lobby. It does have some pretty spectacular architecture, and has been a mainstay in Burlingame for a long, long time. I can't imagine why nobody can come up with a use for the building. Where is the vision? Is it always about housing? And Joe, you are right on....where will those children go to school? Seems like the schools are full to overflowing and the Hoover re-opening has been fraught with problems. Very sad situation.


Thanks, been here forever. It all seems so obvious to those of us who live nearby, walk around downtown all the time and enjoy the Carmel-like oasis in the middle of the Peninsula.

Holyroller---you should have figured out by now that I represent myself. All the time. I support people when I agree with them, but I specialize in forming my own opinion. That should be obvious by now.

And you are so wrong to say no one cares. You need to get out more and talk to real Burlingamers.


Joe you should have figured out by now to ignore him. Holy is unholy stupid.


I agree with you. I think that the current city elders have seriously underestimated the Burlingamer's negative reaction. Everyone I tell that they plan on putting 120 units above the post office are blown away. They don't agree with it and don't want it. I'm a lifer in Burilingame myself, I do not want residential downtown. I love the old post office and also remember getting candy from the visually impaired man in the front lobby. I do not agree with the downtown plan and do not think we need 120 residential units above the post office. The traffic will be horrendous and I do not agree with the elders when they say that everyone will walk and take the train. Not going to happen.


I am disappointed, and sorry that your ability to communicate at the level of a 6-7 year old school yard bully continues.
Picking on me is OK. Funny too.
Anne,you have an opinion.
My opinion may be different than yours, however The Burlingame Voice is Fun, enlightening, and give people who have opinions, and care about the community to share a thought now and then.
What I like to do is propose "alternative, and open ended comments and questions.
Any thought or comment that I have, or anyone else, that may be contray to your's is not stupid.
It is just what it is.


This is what cities are pushing down everyone's throats...high density housing is the wave of the future and not just in Burlingame. Just look at my town San Mateo and the monster at the corner of San Mateo Drive and Peninsula.

According to the "experts" young people want to live in little boxes next to amenities...that is until they start their own families.


And by the way I love the old Burlingame Post Office and go there all the time.

Your downtown will change forever with 120 units smack in the middle of it.

I won't be driving there. One reason why I don't go to downtown San Mateo and go to Burlingame instead..more parking and less hassle, that is for now.


Thank you Burlingame Voice.
Thank you for printing my response yesterday to Anne.
Online Bullies are just another part of the WWW.


Just comply with the terms of use and your comments will all be posted. We have not deleted a comment in a long, long time. But I must say, you have come the closest so don't thank us, just be good.


So how can we change the minds of the people who are making bad decisions the supppsedly reflect the wishes of the people I'd Burlingame? We really have no voice and Keighran makes sure of that.


Sorry. That should read "bad decisions that supposedly reflect the wishes of the people of Burlingame."


Thank you Mr.Editor.


My guess is very few kids would be living there.

Not saying it is a good idea.

I would have assumed that Burlingame types would support high density housing. The people you elect to state office are proponents.

pat giorni

When the people of Burlingame want their wishes known they show up to be heard at Council meetings and in the election booth. Seems to be an awful lot of empty seats in Chambers on alternate Monday nights; and a 40% turnout is the best you'll see on Election Tuesdays. So it appears to me that most Burlingamers don't care much about who makes what decisions, good or bad.

Aged _1

The Old Post Office is where we registered through the mid 1960's as resident aliens before the government ended the practice. If anything it would be good as The Burlingame Senior Center, leaving the eye-pleasing exterior, and modifying the interior to provide services for the growing population of seniors. The City knows it can set up this type of facility, and have it supported by the aging community. Santa Clara has a good example of this type of City led program.


The Daily Journal is tracking the latest development which is really that recent since the letter from the Office of Historic Preservation was from April. But nonetheless here is a bit of the piece:

But the California Office of Historic Preservation wrote that if the U.S. Postal Service were to “transfer, lease or sell property out of federal ownership or control without adequate and legally enforceable restrictions or conditions to ensure long-term preservation of the property’s historical significance” it will result in adverse effects. This letter by Carol Roland-Nawi, state historical preservation officer, to the USPS is dated April 3, 2013.

Since the covenants are now a requirement, Bill Meeker, community development director, said the city wants to be the authority responsible for monitoring them.

Normally, the California Office of Historic Preservation wants to put a certified local government agency that has an official preservation ordinance to oversee preservation in charge of such a feat, said Baylock. Burlingame does not have such an agency.

“With no one else to take that on, we want to make sure requirements in the covenant are honored,” Baylock said. “We’re the alternative since there isn’t anybody to play that role and I think it’s as good an option as any because we all know the history of city better than an outsider. I’m happy there are going to be preservation covenants.”

You can find the rest here http://www.smdailyjournal.com/articles/lnews/2013-09-14/burlingame-may-oversee-post-office-historic-preservation/1775358.html

Normally I ignore the commenters on the DJ website, but the one from a Johnny Come Lately city council candidate is a hoot. Have a look. I particularly like the bit about being "just one of 30,000 residents" after reminding us that he is running for Council where he would be one of five leaders. The guy from Millbrae is funny, too. Why follow the law, just do whatever ya want.


Thank you for your comment, and sharing your experience & wisdom Elder Baylock.
I am disappointed that you will soon be no longer at City Council.
It was awesome to see a "Lone Wolf" POV at Council meetings.
I did not always agree with you.
Nevertheless, to see you put up rational arguments, and challange your "co-workers" to "do their homework" should be the template for all Politics. Everywhere.
You will be missed.
Thank you.

Cathy Baylock

Holy Roller,
Your kind comments are always appreciated. Hopefully, "moderated comments" won't filter out my response. It has been an honor and privilege to serve our beautiful, historic community.


After watching parts of the candidate forum last night one thing is clear, if the city can blow money out it's keister mucking up Burlingame Ave, then it should buy the post office property, use it for a town square and a cmmunity center and redesign the parking lots, including the lot gained from the postt office and make up the parking it took away on Burlingame Ave.

I got the impression that with this Grosvenor proposal part of Park Road would be closed to make a town square. That is a bad idea, the downtown has been messed up enough with the streetscape, they don't need another mnassive construction project going on that disrupts business and they don't need street closures.

Give everyone a break and just buy the damn post office.


Sorry for the keyboard errors, was typing fast.


SM Daily Journal
Angela Schwarz

....The downtown Burlingame post office could soon be moving to 1100 Howard Ave., the current location of Calico Corners, while the sale of the old location could be announced soon.

In a letter dated March 31 to Councilman Jerry Deal, the U.S. Postal Service says it reviewed several sites and the preferred site is 1100 Howard Ave., the current location of the retailer of custom home furnishings and designer fabrics.

“We believe this new location will provide the community with an upgraded, modern facility that offers a safe working environment for our employees and the level of service expected by our customers,” the letter states.

Meanwhile, the U.S. Postal Service has accepted a bid for the former post office property, at 220 Park Road, which went up for sale in August, said Deal. Grosvenor, an international property development, investment and fund management group, had expressed interest in the property but was not that bidder, he said.

“We’re just disappointed Grosvenor didn’t get the high bid,” he said. “We don’t know who it is at this point. They have accepted a bid.”...


What good is Jerry if he can't even tell us who is buying up the downtown? That's his only real expertise. Maybe the reporter should call Tim Auran or even Joe Karp for the real story. I'm sure it will all be ok. Nothing to see here. Just move along, ma'am. Move along.

Tony  Bonano

You need a 500 car parking structure not some stupid 100 unit residential complex to accelerate the pollution, and bumper-to-bumper traffic. For a flat fee per month anyone can park there.

A small electric shuttle just like Disneyworld brings you to several high traffic areas.

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