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September 26, 2013



We'll just blanket the palygrounds with portables. What's the problem?


Why is everyone so gung-ho about high density housing? Do we like the Millbrae and San Mateo look? It’s one thing if you make high density housing for renters or those who aren’t as wealthy, but all this high density “affordable” condo housing starts at $700-$800k. It’s time that Burlingame pay attention to its own General and Housing Element Plans and create real opportunities for renters or lower income residents that add to the diversity and fabric of Burlingame. Seems like the only people really benefiting the most are developers. As far as increasing the tax base, does adding a bunch of housing units really increase existing property values? Retaining the small town feel is what gives Burlingame its high property values, so actually preserving and increasing the value base over the long term could actually add to tax revenues, but of course no one thinks that way.


Does a City Elder, for that manner all elected State of California politictions have to be a US Citizen?
Or is a Green Card/Work permit "good enough?"
The Gov. Jerry Brown is prepared to sign into law that non US Citzens are eligible for Jury Duty.
Some people have a problem with that. As well as the issue of CA State Driver licences being issued to undoc/illegal aleins.
How can you get a CA. Drivers Licence, and not have a legal SS number,get an insurance company to sell the most basic policy, or have an address.
Anyway, does an elected CA politition need to be a US citizen to hold ANY office?

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