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August 01, 2013



You can get more details about my campaign at:www.cohenonthecouncil.com or join me on Facebook at: https://www.facebook.com/pages/Russ-Cohen-for-Burlingame-City-Council/442786319162075


'Glad to hear you are throwing your hat in the ring, Russ. It would be of great benefit to this community to have you contribute all of your skills at Council level, in particular your breadth of knowledge in the realm of Burlingame history, as well as your advertising expertise.

Just a note of caution: I'd give Gary Doss's big 'pulizer-worthy' head (above) caption credit in the photo.


Looks like you just outed Gary. yes, that Gary Doss of Pez Museum fame.


You got my vote, Russ.


Russ, we really welcome some new blood in the ranks of our City Government. One of the mega hot-buttons in our community is a perceived lack of commitment to preserve what makes Burlingame unique and have felt that several on the current City Council have been allowing rampant development with little to no regard for citizen concerns. The latest example of this was a proposal at 1509 El Camino Real for a giant 4-story building towering over everything else in the neighborhood. While this project is currently under consideration by the developer for modifications, in its last proposed form generated so much outrage that within a few weeks, petitions circulated generated over 400 live (not online) signatures that would have continued to gain even more momentum had the developer not halted the project and started talking to neighbors.

During the last elections, the winning councilmembers got about 3,500 votes, so 400-500 (or more) fed-up residents can easily sway the election outcome, so we will be asking every candidate for a clear position on these types of developments and heavily scrutinizing voting records and community activities of incumbents and new candidates alike.

We want to ensure that future Councilmembers are good stewards of our community and while development is a good thing for Burlingame, there are ways to enhance development to the benefit of all stakeholders rather than just allow maximum developer profit. While the near term appeal and incentives to many local governments to increase the tax base is very real, having development that doesn't come at the expense of residents (such as the last 1509 ECR proposal) only serves to increase real estate values (and taxes/revenue) over the long run. Very few people in local government think this way and that's something we'd like to see changed this time around. www.protectburlingame.com


Mark, I am happy to meet with you and your neighbors.


I think Mr. Cohen would be an excellant City Elder.
He was in the past.
Mr. Cohen does not seem to adhere to any single "political position" and has the humility to change his position as information becomes available.
Good Luck Mr. Cohen.


Here is the Daily Post's round-up of the race so far:

Nine vie for 3 council seats: The Daily Post 7-31-13

A total of nine Burlingame residents have indicated that they may run for one of three spots on the city council, the city clerk told the Post yesterday.

City Councilwoman Cathy Baylock announced earlier this month that she will not seek re-election this fall. The former mayor served on council for 12 years.

With her spot up for grabs, two incumbents are also fighting for their spots-Mayor Ann Keighran and Vice Mayor Michael Brownrigg. Both have officially thrown their hats into the race.

Ricardo Ortiz, 50, told the Post yesterday he will be running as well. Oritz previously ran for council two years ago and was in third place among three candidates. He was beaten by incumbents Jerry Deal and Terry Nagel.

Ortiz said he is not concerned so much by the quantity of the potential nine candidates but the quality.

“We’ll see in a week”, he said.

Candidates have until Aug. 9 to file, which can be extended until Aug. 14, if an incumbent does not run, which in this case will happen in Burlingame.

Another person who has pulled papers and is considering running is former councilman Russ Cohen who served from 2005 to 2007, but was beaten by then-planning commissioner Deal by 82 votes, he said.

“I’m always concerned with folks who pull papers who haven’t been (in Burlingame) very long”, Cohen said. Cohen said he is considering running now that Baylock is out of the race.

Others that have pulled nomination papers to potentially run so far are Robert Schinagl, 54; Steve Duncan, 51; current planning commissioner Nirmala Bandrapalli, 44; Alex Kent, 40; and Andrew Peceimer, 48.

Kent works in commercial real estate as the managing director of Symphonic Investments and has indicated on his LinkedIn page that he is a candidate for council.

He says he is “fiscally conservative and socially open-minded” and has lived in Burlingame since 2007. He did not return phone calls for comment yesterday.

Peceimer is a commercial real estate broker and Duncan has been active in speaking at council meetings in the past.

Best of luck, Russ. You've been at this a long time and you experience will undoubtedly shine through.


Russ for Us!!!!!!!!!!!!


I believe Mr. Ortiz has professed his interest in "Outsoucing/Privatizing" all Public Works.
I am ambivelant regarding this issue.
It would be nice to see the "Burlingame Voice" used as a "grass roots platform" for all the Candidates to share thier positions.
This is an opportunity for a Candidate to respond.

Andrew Peceimer

To All, I look forward to discussing the issues. I am optimistic that my positions and ideas will help continue Burlingame to be a wonderful place for all to live.

Andrew Peceimer


If you are looking for new blood on the council, Peceimer is the right choice. He is just what Burlingame needs and will bring responsible governing back to our city.


Yeah all we need is another real estate/construction type on the council. If Peceimer gets elected who knows what will become of Burlingame?

Andrew Peceimer

A little bird,

I appreciate your concern about Burlingame and that's why I am running.

I am disappointed that without knowing me or my ideas you are passing judgment. How about meeting me for cup of coffee to be informed?

I would be we have a lot in common!



You've got my vote. I like what you've said on this site over the years.


Is it possible for anyone to make an "Offical Statement" about what is wrong with Burlingame?
If you can...
You really need to seek professional medical help.
Or get a hobby other than looking for the negitive things in Burlingame.
In fact, I would like the candidates to list all the problems in the COB, so we who live here, can discover what they are.


Mr. Peceimer has certainly sent me enough mail over the last few years for me to form a judgement.................


I believe that we would have unbelievably little in common, based upon what I know of you and your ideas, Mr. Peceimer. Trust me on that one.

Andrew Peceimer

A Little Bird,

My invitation is always open.

I look forward to presenting my case as to why I am the best choice for Burlingame City Council! Andrew


More people read the Voice on a daily or near-daily basis than have been to any single City Council debate or forum in at least ten years. I will open a new post to give any candidate the place to tell readers what their platforms are.

Ricado Ortiz


I have never suggested "outsourcing/privatzing" all public works. I have called for creative ideas to reduce the City's retirement burden. These include sharing services with our neighbors. Not sure where your statement came from.


Ricardo Ortiz


Thanks, Ricardo. Would you please post on the Open Invitation thread HOW you would do this? Please include your knowledge of how many and which unions you would impact, when their contracts are due for renegotiation and what your negotiating strategy would be. That would be helpful.


I'm just guessing the real Ricardo would not have misspelled Ricado. Right?


Thanks, Ricardo. Would you please post on the Open Invitation thread HOW Obama Care will affect city government? Please include your knowledge of how much profit has been impacted by the Burlingame streetscape project, how many rings orbit Saturn and what they are compromised of and how many licks does it take to get to the center of a Tootsie Roll pop. That would be helpful.


Fred's questions are a little easier than reducing the retirement predicament by sharing services..unless you want to share with someone who has much less than you--reminds me of the Grateful Dead song. "We can share some of yours since we done shared all of mine."

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