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August 15, 2013



Oh please, please, please. Anyone but Keighran this time around. She can't make a independent decision for the life of her and has to rely on her mommy and daddy for advice. Don't you notice how they are always in the audience? So who holds the council position? She or her parents? Get some backbone.


I am sure Ms Keighran has some good qualities that we have yet to "uncover."
She is not in the race for the Money...

However, Ms Keighren will never get the-Cover of "Gentry Magazine," unless she wins.

I have never been more offended by any Magazine, the advertizements, and attempt to share with "the little people" the benefits of wealth.
I especially can NOT relate to the articles regarding "major inconveince's" of have to move in with "The In-laws" @ Catalina for 6-8 weeks while the kitchen pool house, is being remodled.
Nevertheless, I do look at GENTRY.
The magazine is right next to my toilet. Very relaxing.
My question is , why do we find "Gentry" at Royal Doughnut?
I get a Gentry everytime I pick up an Apple Fritter& Coffee-Black.
The main reason I spend so much time in my bathroom reading "Gentry."


My biggest question for all the candidates is "where do you stand on high speed rail, particularly when it comes to the peninsula?"
Will their positions be posted here?


Holycow Holy. The only thing I can say is maybe it is time to ease up on the apple fritters. You are offended and relaxed by the same magazine?


I vote 4 Ann Keighran because she has done a lot 2 improve our city. Don't u guys agree?

Account Deleted

I strongly encourage all of the candidates, as well as current council members who are not up for re-election, to explore an "open data" platform to make our city's financial data even more transparent and consumable. Here's a recent article about what Palo Alto is doing:


And here's a link to their actual open data site:


I know San Mateo County is now utilizing open data through a platform called Socrata (which I believe caters more to larger gov't entities than the one being used by Palo Alto - as well as Salinas, Mountain View, Dublin, etc - which is www.opengov.com)


And what pray tell has keighran done "2 improve our city" lily? To what "guys" are you referring? Maybe I should send this directly "2" keighran?


A Little Bird,
What do you have against Miss. Keighran?


Just wondering why she should continue to have a place in city government when it is obvious that she can't make an independent decision. If she is following the head nods of her mother and father at council meetings, why not have one of them run in her place? It doesn't make sense to have someone on council who is relying on others for every decision.


Reading the candidate statements of Brownrigg and Keighran one can't help but think they are living in a fantasy world with the fiscal claims they make. Expect Peceimer to bring a voice of reasonable spending and sound city management like avoiding debacles like the "Big Dig" that has become downtown Burlingame.

Andrew Peceimer


I was against High Speed Rail (HSR)from day one. I never believed the dream that it would be 34 billion to build. Now estimates keep climbing by billions. I will support any lawsuit to stop this wasteful sham.

I went to meetings where HSR could not even tell us how much revenue the trains would generate or riders they expected. Try doing this in the private sector and you will never get investors to put up the money.

It makes no sense to have it run through downtown Burlingame.

Our current Mayor Ann Keighran says in her candidate statement the following "I will continue to advocate for underground alignment of High Speed Rail." Does Ann have any idea of what the costs would be to put the train underground?

Under Ann Kieghran leadership we are already under funding employees pensions and health care by millions of dollars. Where does Ann expect the money to come from? Higher parking fees? Higher garbage rates? Higher parcel taxes?

We need Responsible Leadership.

Andrew Peceimer

Her wasteful city spending

Andrew Peceimer

I appreciate the vote of confidence, email me at [email protected] so we can get together for coffee and discuss the future of our city.


Dear Andrew, it's lovely to hear what you think about high speed rail, but what have you DONE about high speed rail for the last three years or more? I don't recall word one from you about it. All talk, no action.



You ask an excellent question.

I have been vocal about HSR with our community when it first came out and urged family and friends to vote NO. I was not fooled into thinking this was good for California or Burlingame residents.

I have been more involved attending city council meetings asking some of the following questions:

Why city leaders are not funding city worker pensions/future healthcare

Why are we spending millions of dollars on Burlingame Avenue remodel with reduced parking

Examining if Burlingame city fiscal future projections are sustainable.

Since it now appears recently that HSR is not on track I ask what are other important Burlingame issues?




I like this guy. He comes onto a website controlled by Russ Cohen and stacked with commenters that are his friends from the Citizen for Better Burlingame days and says it like it is in a polite manner.

He's also right about pension and health costs being an important issue and it just keeps escalating.

I also don't understand the personal attack on Keighran and her parents. People get support from their family and spouses all the time. Seems like a personal and trite attack on her and it didn't work in the past elections as I recall.

pat giorni


If you think that HSR "is no longer on track" then you haven't been paying attention to the Single Most Important Issue that will affect our local economy, commercial tax base, property values, transportation, and quality of life.

If you have done NOTHING other than Vote No on Prop 1-A in 2008 and relied solely on newspaper articles for your information, then, Sir, you completely lack the comprehension to decipher the nuances of the CHSRA, and indeed are totally unprepared to make the informed decisions that have so far kept the project at bay.

You may question "sustainability" all the day long; but there is none if HSR manages to completely alter the landscape to destroy what we have built physically and economically in the past 100 years. Your cavalier attitude to move this issue to a back burner clearly demonstrates that you have drunk the kool-aid.

In their vigilance to demand either tunneling or trenching should HSR come to the Peninsula, I trust incumbents Ann Keighran and Michael Brownrigg to continue standing up to the Authority and therefore must maintain their Council membership if we are to prevail.

As the endorsed heir apparent to Cathy Baylock I urge everyone to put Russ Cohen in what IS the only vacant seat. With his long experience in standing up to the CHSRA, (http://www.highspeedboondoggle.com/ https://www.facebook.com/highspeedboondoggle ) he is the only "new" candidate who can be counted on to not be seduced.

Cohen Keighran and Brownrigg in November


I can always count on you, Fred, to paint things in their best light. But all that "control" doesn't seem to be working so good.......why is that?


And P.S.: I've only met Andrew once for about 3 minutes and told him I like people who speak their minds and put their money where their mouth is. I checked Webster and none of that was listed under "control".


Well the editors do control this website and are the only ones who can start an original post. I remember a time when others could generate a new post but that was taken away some years back. I also thought "control" showed more restraint than "occasional bully pulpit".


Regarding (Andrews comments)funding pensions and health care for City of Burlingame Employees, is a Red Herring.
These contracts made to the City of Burlingame Police, Fire, and Public Works, during labor negotiations are being used as a Bait& Switch.
As a matter of fact, 100% of the City of Burlingame Elders have No Business Experience whatsoever in the Managagement of a Multi-Million Dollar Corparation, That is the City of Burlingame.
Being a City of Burlingame Elder is an extension of "The Cool People"at Burlingame High School.
I am no fan of Elder Brownrigg.
He is Rude, Aloof,and broadcasts " his entitlement" more than anyone I have ever met.
I have met with BR multiple times.
However, he has "The Chops" to run a Corparation.
A Donald Trump.. without the bad hair.
Being a City of Burlingame Elder has always been a popularity contest.
Just consider/review past and present goverments.
The reason we have problems meeting our commitments regarding contracts with Labor is that there have never been any Real Qualified Business/Corparate Elders running Burlingame.
It is not Labors fault.
It is the ignorant, and uninformed City Elders.
I believe there should be a "Managment Company" hired to over see EVERYTHING.


I cannot think of a single blog where the original posting is available to any and all. And I read a lot of blogs on all kinds of topics. That would be totally unmanageable and would go against the basic blogging idea of a curated forum on a topic or set of topics. Before you knew it such a blog would look like the bulletin board at the local supermarket. Right after that happened people would stop reading it.


Why have an election if we already have 3 council members in the form of Keighran, her mother and her father? Trite? Ridiculous to have an adult rely so much on family input. She should be making up her own mind on decision making policies, rather than relying on the opinions of others, since she was the one elected. Past election results are one thing, these results may be different.


This website used to allow original posting from any and all. It worked quite well. It had better content back then, more diverse. I think it was limited to prevent Fiona from posting threads, but I don't know for certain.

Baylock and Cohen have this site and their close group of friends. What does it matter if the support comes from your parents, your spouse, your friends or any combination of three?

But keep beating that dead horse, maybe it'll give a last kick.


I don't know who Fiona is, nor do I know Cohen and Baylock, other than to know that the latter has been a council member so I have no idea to what you are referring, Fred. I am not referring to "support. " I am referring to the making of decisions by the family members, which is not ok. I will continue to state my i opinion as an independent thinking blogger, who has no allegiance to or relationship with any of those people you referenced. What are you so threatened by?


My apologies for how long it has taken me to weigh in on this--the day job got in the way.

Fred, you are mistaken. This website never allowed "any and all" to originate posts. The original poster you mention thought she had editorial rights by marriage, but had never been to any board meeting nor had she internalized the essence of the Voice. But who cares. It is water way, way under the bridge.

There are actually about five other people besides Russ and me who are enabled to originate posts. They either choose not too, or it strikes them as too technically complicated. I would love to see them post, but I can only lead the horses to the water.

As for "better content" back then--we will have to agree to disagree on that. But I have access to the pageview data for the whole period and I can definitively say you are in the minority because pageviews have been steadily growing and have jumped even more over the last three months. This is the best entertainment I can find for $15 a month. Blog on all of you--including alittlebird.

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