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August 21, 2013



I have seen signage on ECR, electrical too, covered up, installed for future use?
Does anyone now what and why these new signs have recently been installed, and why.
To me it looks like 101 will be closed and ECR will be the Main Route.
Very interesting...
Do you think it may have to do with the Broadway Overpass project?


I actually think these are old, from the San Francisco PUC pipe project awhile back, but they forgot to take them out (?)


The way big corparations have problems communicating.
The Signage might have been-due lack of Planning, posed to late.
However, the Mysterious placement of such impressive/important expensive project.
A project that "Actually is providing an Escape Route fom Something!"
So, City of Burlingame Elders, what is going on?
1. Earthquake/Tusami responce?
2. Airline crash?
3.Why has this "Mystery Project" not been reported by Current COB Elders?
Do you think the "Mean Fat Guy" -The Post, could answer this question.
I bet he will.
Look Out!
MFG-The Post


It can not be that hard to find out what this is all about?
For those of you on this site that have the connections, and ear of COB Elders, could you please ask?


I still think these are old, and related to the water pipeline that was put through over the past year or two; maybe they thought people would be mixed up with all the lanes being diverted around the work areas. I think they just forgot to take them away. Further south, they have had big orange detour signs that I think are still up, but they didn't seem to indicate much, either.

They are actually really neat signs-- in the old days, the kids would have swiped them and decorated their rooms (or dorms).......


They are not old. They just went up. They are new. Holy, why don't you ask yourself. And why do you keep talkinga bout the elders. He keeps reminding you it is CALTRANS--dummy.


Just heard from "an elder" that these are part of some kind of plan (detour) in the case that 101 would be blocked in a disaster. If they are supposed to be permanent, they look pretty hokey. Before 101 proper was built, El Camino Real was 101.... Has anyone seen these signs in other cities along El Camino Real?


Thank you Jennifer for looking into this for me.
However, it speaks to the lack of real life.
If 101 is closed due to some "disaster", every City on the Peninula, every family that needs to leave will be on the same street at the same time, going to the same place.
Where should we be going?
What will be doing/expect when we get there?
Has anyone ever watched "The Walking Dead."
At least when I was a child in the 1960's we did 'duck and cover drills."
We were told it was in case of a USSR Nuclear Attack.
It was fun, nobody's parents freaked out, my classmates did what they were told. The "All Clear" bell was sounded, and we all went back to our lesson. No classmates needed Physicatric Medication, Lawyers, or cell phones to contact their parents.
I guess, we should be greatful for consideration.
Thanks Jennifer.


Yep, did the duck and cover, too. Mostly, it seemed like a good way to get out of 1/2 hour's worth of school. In reality, I guess the kneeling and covering our heads wouldn't have done much good.


The original post is updated with a second photo.


I grew up in the Midwest, went to and Graduated from UOW @ Madison with a MS. We still refer to our local elected representitives as Elders-"one having authority by age or experience." ( Merriam-Webster)
Dear Hillsider, I am sorry that you are incapable of processing semantics. You must have lived a very cloistered life.
I applaud your journey into this Public Forum.
Don't be frightened, we will all help you able to comprehend the important issues that face the City of Burlingame.
Your opinion is important.

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