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August 26, 2013


Tom Hornblower

What do I get as an aging 61 year old lifetime city resident, with poor health, for the 16.5mil spent on the Burlingame Ave Streetscape project? I get fewer parking spaces on the Ave., harder to negotiate parallel instead of diagonal parking and a narrower width provided for the 2-way traffic (which these days is mostly big SUV's and luxury sedans). And just think of the extra time and space it will take people to negotiate parallel parking and how that will effect the flow of traffic down the Ave. If you want me to come shop at your stores, I require a parking space in close proximity of your store not wider sidewalks. The odds of me finding a parking space on the Ave. that fits that description was practically nil on the old Ave.,so on the new one it should be next to impossible. And if Grosvenor gets the post office property and builds their "100 residential units, 35,000 square feet of retail and/or restaurant space and 125 residential parking spaces", just think of the extra traffic and demand for street parking that will produce. The City continues to push high density housing while at the same time insisting traffic is not an issue; they just don't get it. Burlingame is turning into San Francisco.

local motion

I am hoping I will like the parallel parking better. I have a little tiny car and backing out of the slanted spaces with a SUV parked next to me gives me agita.

Pete Garrison

Spoke with some locals today who walked the finished part of the renovation. Hot with all the reflected light off the sidewalk and parking pavers.

I hope the trees that will be put in will be big enough to cast shadows right away. Awkward height will be when the trees are of the height of the signage, but once they grow in it will be great.


Mr. Hornblower, I couldn't agree more.


If you don't like the direction in which Burlingame is going, why would you support the incumbents?


I hope that the City Police/Traffic force will have a permanate Kiosk to report all the accidents that will happen due to Parallel Parking.
Giant SUVs, Very expeniive cars all with very expensive bumpers and paint.

pat giorni

The skill to parallel park is a requirement in order to get a license to operate a motor vehicle. And parallel parking makes it safer for bicycle "drivers" because we can be easily seen before a motorist backs out of his space.
Wider sidewalks mean people can more easily negotiate the "traffic jams" created by ever encroaching outdoor dining tables and SUV sized kiddie strollers. The Avenue is a public thoroughfare with a mandated statute, The Complete Streets Act (2007), that outlines and demands that "ALL users are equal; but Motor Vehicles are NOT more equal".

I do agree with Mr. Hornblower's assessment, "if Grosvenor gets the post office property and builds their "100 residential units, 35,000 square feet of retail and/or restaurant space and 125 residential parking spaces", just think of the extra traffic and demand for street parking that will produce". Therefore NOW is the time we should all take to the streets to nip this downtown residential infill project in the bud, even if we have to use a lot rather than front door parking.


Young people are the ones that keep this economy going in Burlingame, SF and Silicon Valley.
Get used to it "Old People."
It will be hard for the children...
30-40 year old money/blood suckers of the people who made this City, State, to comprehend the fact that,"It is time to make your own way.
Seriouly people, I bet that at least 70% of your family and friends support their children, their childrens families.


Isn't 8 o'clock a little early to be in the tank even on a Saturday?


AM yes,
Thanks for checking in Anne.

Burlingame Betty

I'm not worried about the new parking on the Avenew...this will be similar to what is behind Whole Foods in San Mateo - those spots are very easy to negotiate. I am happy that the sidewalks will be wider...it will be so much nicer to stroll and shop. The trees will take some time but in a few years they will be wonderful. I think the pavers look fabulous and it really gives a nice small town feel to the street. We as residents must train ourselves to park on the back streets - even with all the construction I rarely (except on busy evenings) have trouble finding a spot near where I want to shop.


Dear Editor, it's not the 'Avenew' it's the 'Avenuked'.


Fred, we share a fondness for illustrative turns-of-phrase. Thanks. OK, if I steal this one some time?


Please, feel free. I wasn't sure whether to go for the noun 'Avenuke' or the verb, but after walking the Ave today, it sure looked an after effect.

Don't want to share the name but a second longtime business owner said their business was down about 60%.

Have a nice weekend!

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