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June 06, 2013



Yes-- same thing happened to us. We tried to go to dinner the other night, and ended up doing a "double-take". Such a good restaurant, but there are so many good ones, now. I think there is another indian cuisine restaurant on Burlingame Avenue, but I've never tried it.

In that same Howard area, I'm impressed that Coconut Bay has been able to run two (very similar) restaurants for about a year.


Always a good idea to check the food safety report rating.


thie rlease expired, they will be reopening at a new locations, stay tuned


Nooooooooooooooo...not Roti
Please find another place fast.


Has anyone tried the New Indian resteraunt on Burlingame Ave?
It is near the Wells Fargo.
Lunch time "all you can eat" @$12:00.
The buffet type opportunity is what got me interested in Indain food @ 20 years ago.
Try a little of this and that..
Then you are hooked.
I will miss Roti.

Not the Lease the Lessor

Joe Karp owns the building. Enough said.




That is very interesting, thank you!


Who and what is Joe Karp?


Roti is re-opening in San Mateo on 3rd and Ellsworth.


I will be there. Thank you.


From Pat Giorni on another thread:

AcquaPazza may have shut its doors in downtown San Mateo.... Taking its place on the corner of Third Avenue and Ellsworth Avenue in San Mateo is Roti Indian Bistro, which moved from Burlingame.
...It's tragic Sunny had to move from Burlingame, but it's still a short bike ride for the BEST onion kulcha in the world.


Sonny has announced that Roti is now open for biz at 201 E. 3rd Ave. in San Mateo. Ellsworth is the cross-street. Road trip!


I had a chance to go to the new Roti last night and it was great! Sonny has almost double the number of seats from his Burlingame location and he said he was able to cut prices a bit because of the better cost structure in the new location.

It has a nice backroom behind the bar for private functions or just as a place to hang out with a TV and bar tables.

The food was as good as ever. Sonny looked very happy about the turn of events.


According to this piece


RASA will open in mid-September and it notes

"India’s Mediterranean-like southern cuisine is characterized by its seafood and vegetarian options, along with coconut and tamarind. The menu is also inherently gluten-free. RASA, which takes its name from the Sanskrit word for “essence,” will highlight the specialties from the area bounded by the state of Goa. The word also refers to the emotions depicted in dramatic Indian dance, hence the image on the restaurant’s logo. Walia is excited about the team and the neighborhood."

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