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May 12, 2013



BHS is falling apart. This principal is a joke. She is no leader. The parents need to take her out now. The campus is a toxic mess and it is taking a toll on the students. Another year with this principal and the entire place will fall apart.

Hmm, more specifics please?

Huh, are you a student, a parent or neither?

What specifically makes you say that?

Also Wondering

I am also wondering about the specifics. I believe the fraudulent toxic arsenic lawn issue was solved at great unnecessary taxpayer expense several years ago. Do you mean something else or are you speaking metaphorically about morale?


There is no morale
The life has been sucked out of the school.

There is no respect by students or parents for the principal.

Solid teachers have left or are leaving. Liberators-Mills both gone. Other solid teachers are ready to go.

SMHS is thriving. Students, teachers, parents, academics.

BHS is in trouble If no action is taken, it will years to put it back together.

Ask any parent who has seen the principal speak in public. She is a joke.


I won't start another post on this announcement, but it does bear on BHS administration, so here is the new superintendent for SMUHSD from the DJ article:

Kevin Skelly, the superintendent of the Palo Alto Unified School District until last year, was named to the same position at the San Mateo Union High School District by the Board of Trustees Thursday night.

He is replacing Scott Laurence, 57, who announced his resignation in November and took the same job for the Carmel Unified School District in March. Laurence came to the district in 2009 after nearly 25 years working as a teacher, principal and administrator in the Palo Alto Unified School District.



Parents lined up at the last Board meeting to voice their frustration about their student NOT being able to get classes. No AP, NO language, NO schedule. How can this Principal continue to screw up and stay in her job?

How many students will get blocked from college before she gets fired?

At least the new Superintendent (introduced at the meeting) got to hear first hand about her lack of leadership.

How can the Board leave this principal in charge of a sinking ship?

The rule of law is the rule of law.

I know, quit letting people that don't live within the BHS district boundaries falsely enroll in BHS.

This includes people that enroll via grandma's house, or have several families registered at one small house that clearly not everyone lives in.

This also includes people that have committed a misdemeanor / felony by entering our country illegally, but whom are aided and abetted by school and other government officials who knowingly support their crimes.

The rule of law is the rule of law. If you don't agree with the laws, then go through due process to try to change them. Every government official that aids and abets should be charged and convicted accordingly.

Are you cool with unlawful registration into BHS and other community schools and programs? Ohh, you don't like overcrowding and weak operational budgets, you don't like your kids not getting a class they need...vote accordingly.


Off topic as usual. The principal has no control over any of this and plenty of other things to do. To PantherNations point the frustration with the principal is widespread and you can hear it even in conversations at Crepevine. But against his or her point, the board doesn't deal with individual problems. That is the superintendents task so it is good that the new guy heard all of it.

Happy May Day!

The principal DOES have influence and leadership over who gets enrolled into her school.

There are inputs and there are outputs.

Put into too many students in a building or a budget designed for less, and there will be overcrowding and problems getting classes (sounds like the public college problems too).

My points strike at the fundamental problems of California. The government leaders aid and abet criminals and felons, and many of the government leaders themselves are felons (see Leland Yee and the long list of other local elected felons).

And, who helps to get these felons elected more than any other group?

Happy May Day!


Fed up with AK antics

The principal DOES NOT verify immigration status. This thread WAS NOT about undocumented children. Burlingame IS NOT bursting at the seems with immigrants. Leland Yee is old news.

Once again YOU are way off topic ruining what otherwise would be an intelligent, civil exchange of ideas and opinions.

Please find another hobby.


So which Superintendent is going to fire her... the new one or the old one?

Its seems the tone of the discussions are the same, things are bad at BHS and no one is taking action.

Remember, its only your students who will lose this one.

The Stella Alpina Crowd


Like I said, "The principal DOES have influence and leadership over who gets enrolled into her school."

This is true. If the principal wanted to stop aiding and abetting BOTH U.S. Citizens that don't actually live in the Burlingame HS district or otherwise qualify for the district, but choose to CHEAT and to TAKE ADVANTAGE of BHS's good quality - then she could take this leadership and initiative to make sure that her school didn't enroll citizen cheaters.

H.S., do you disagree with this point?

Further, if the principal didn't want to aid and abet the criminal/felon parents that have illegally entered our country, then she could influence the superintendent and other gov't school leaders.

H.S., do you disagree that the Principal has influence over her own school and over her district?

But, instead, she, along with most other Bay Area gov't officials, chooses to break the law and aid and abet both segments of the overcrowded school(s).

I know, your solution is - more taxes.

It funny how you can get 'feed up' with my opinion on an opinion blog.

And, yes, Burlingame is bursting at the seams with immigrants, as is most of California. They just don't frequent Stella Alpina with you.

Don't forget that the San Mateo High School District and it's school board chair was recently admonished by Jerry "The Bearded One" Hill!

And, he wants a Grand Jury Investigation of the San Mateo High School District that provides leadership and direction to the Burlingame High School!


Bruce Dickinson

Folks, this is digressing from the topic, but it is important. Bruce Dickinson (1) is not one to use the “C” word, that is the word for censorship, however I would be remiss if I didn’t say that we have got what appears to be racist overtones peppered throughout many recent comments. Funny how an Asian principal is parlayed into illegal enrollment, then ties into illegal Mexicans coming into California. Or that crime, in that other post, that is associated with “people coming from Oakland” is causing Burlingame trouble. Or development on the bayfront is looked down upon as “Chinese money” or that water shortage problems are associated with “Latins having too many babies".

Guys, put on the big boy pants and try to be civil. If you can't handle the diversity, you're living in the wrong town...go move to Sweden. Editors, strongly consider striking out comments from those who cannot refrain from remarks that have racist overtones.

(1) *the* Bruce Dickinson, aka *the Cock of the Walk* resides in Burlingame California; all comments made by him that bear any resemblance to other actual events or locales, or persons (including other individuals or corporations also named Bruce Dickinson), living or dead, is entirely coincidental.

The rule of law makes us strong and wonderful.

Bruce, The Principal is smart, accomplished, and a good person. I've had lunch with her a few times, I'll probably see her with a bunch of other community leaders today at a fundraiser party.

My point is that we as a Bay Area community can't continue to let people break the laws and also expect our efforts at a representative republic/ democracy to be successful.

No matter how much we tax producers and no matter how much debt we take on as a society, we won't ever be able to make a utopia. So, it IS being a big boy and big girl to face the facts.

If people are having a hard time getting classes at BHS and likely other gov't run schools, it obvious how to fix that problem. And, if there are cheaters in the system, especially those that are committing crimes in the process of cheating our system, then it's ignorant and childish to ignore one of the main sources of the problem.

The rule of law is a wonderful thing. It seperates us from the whim and hatred that is feudalism or dictatorships around the world. It's what makes America a place that people want to come to. And, racism is not an American invention. It happens all around the world and really better called "in group out group bias" because the phenomenon occurs in many different forms. Here, in our country and community respecting individual rights and responsibility and freedom of speech and encouraging and respecting debate over public policy and community issues is essential. If you don't like the laws, you can debate them, but you can't pick and choose which ones you want to follow just because of your political beliefs. This is an American fact that Obama on down to Burlingame and other Bay Area city councils and principals and teachers and residents need to be reminded of. See ya at The Kentucky Derby Party today.


How much damage are the BHS parents willing to tolerate?

The political ramblings of others here are a distraction.

BHS was once a great school. Not anymore.

Its time to wake up...or lose what you have worked for.

No ONE person is going to fix this problem. It takes a village.


The problems will not get solved by standing around. The lies will continue to cover up the failures. The line of parents speaking to the Board are only the start. It won't be until there is real and significant damage that anyone will do anything to initiate change. It will be too late by then. The principal is dangerous because she is ignorant but has been able to cover her tracks with lies. She has no respect from the students, teachers or parents. Everyone knows about it, talks about it, but does nothing about it. Its not going to get any better by staring at it.

Can someone please explain exactly


Can someone please explain exactly what the real problems at BHS are?

Students can't get AP or language glasses because...why?

What else, specifically?

Bruce Dickinson

Fellas, I gotta tell ya, I would be remiss if I didn't say that Bruce Dickinson sees nothing but a toothless panther, as it were. Panther boy says everyone is digressing, but as the poster above mentioned, he (or she) is not really saying anything substantive. Bones with no meat, sizzle without steak, if you will.

"she is a joke" "you can see right through the lies" "damage to the school..will take years to undo" "students can't get courses" "lies cover up failures" and then says "the board is hearing about this" "life has been sucked out of the school" "lack of leadership" Gosh, I gotta tell ya, even a caveman can be more specific. Another poster above said that in his/her estimation, he thought that Di seemed very intelligent and competent. I think we have a case of a kid being punished for a delinquent act, as what highschooler really cares so much about the principal unless they have an axe to grind? Most kids I grew up with as well as my own kids, really just wanted to jam through HS and move onto college ASAP. I dunno, maybe it's the mentality nowadays, namely, complain complain complain with little regard to cogent, logical, and effective argumentation. Kids at home, to be successful in life like yours truly, *the* Bruce Dickinson, no AP courses are going to change negative, whining attitudes that do not breed successful outcomes. You can take that advice right to the bank!

It depends on what you want and what you do with it.

Further, when you have Principal Di's type of very successful background, you don't lie to cover up failures. I agree with The Big D's assessment, that Panther nation and perhaps other posters are just over-cranked, scratch your eyes out type people who are going to go kamikaze if they don't get into Harvard.

Well, knowing that there was some grumblings here, I suggested that we invite Principal Di to speak at an upcoming Rotary club lunch meeting to give us an update on BHS and perhaps even field a few questions about the grumblings to the true king's court of the community. Send me an email if you'd like to join me as my guest. You know how to reach me.

Besides, Northwestern is just as good as Harvard. It depends on what you want and what you do with it.

Ultimately, being able to listen to and respect others, and being able to communicate well and establish credibility with others has a bigger impact than what brand of school you went to.


" when you have Principal Di's type of very successful background, you don't lie to cover up failures"

That is an arrogant statement.

Because she got a degree from Harvard she doesn’t lie?

Her last district was happy to see that someone else would take her.

You want her to speak in public?

Have you heard her speak in public?

Burlingame parents who attended the last 8th grade parent night NEVER want to experience that night again.

If you do have her speak...in pubic... please oh yes please...allow ALL of the public attend and ask questions. ASK LOTS OF QUESTIONS!!!!!
(Does she have to answer the questions?)

It will be an event and you can sell tickets. This woman is a train wreck

Bring it on! Bruce.... More Cowbell!



As an SNL Alumni you are very familiar with the hit single "Dick in a Box?" How about the BHS version?

Start watching at about 2:20 and wait for the voice to say "Oh God... this song."



How about poor fiscal management:

It is reported that Principal Di spend over $6000 (District and Parent $$$) to furnish just her own office.

She then spent another $10k to $20k on furniture for one of the departments.

She next ripped out $40k worth of furniture (paid for by the BHS Parents Group at a recent remodel) in the Library and is replacing it with very expensive furniture and new carpet. How old is that new library? (paid for with bond $$$)

I guess the SMUHSD is flush with cash.

She keeps asking the BHS Parents group for more money but they are turning off the spigot.

The parents are on to Di and they are not happy.

Bruce Dickinson

Listen, fellas, I would be remiss if I didn't say that the above posts play like a Burlingame version of "Dazed and Confused". So this principal has done so much wrong, let's assume this is the case, so the next question is, what's the prescription? What do you do about it? If parents are turning off the spigot, then do you starve the monster of money? Is that enough? What else do you do to get the word out? Guys, you gotta charge into battle with Delta-Force tactics not Gomer Pyle slapstick. Bruce Dickinson senses some students that are long on complaining but short on strategy. Alas, you are still young and will learn the consequences of both action and inaction!


In answer to the first question..
More Cow Bell.
RE: BHS Priciple
The first thing done was the transfer of long term GREAT teachers.
There was a lot of fact brought to the table when multiple Educators were removed that were the foundation of BHS for many years.
Nevertheless, the Board allowed him to "have it his way" due to the credentials he brought with.
That was then.
This is now.
Maybe it is time for old school again?


BHS is a toxic environment for both students and parents. The principal has no control and no plan for a correction.

It is the talk among students, parents, and the community.

Great teachers have left and are leaving. The damage is real and will be lasting.

The district leaders need to pull their heads out of the sand and make the needed corrections now. BHS is headed for disaster.

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