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February 21, 2013


pat giorni

If any dog feels it's within its rights to run off-leash at any time in Washington Park, then it should exercise its right at the ballot box.


I attended the meeting and was disappointed that those in favor of extending the hours of opff leash time in Washington Park largely ignored the logical and rational arguments made by those opposing the extension.

Those in favor simply state that they are responsible owners who look after their dogs while they are off leash. Sadly, that is their only argument in favor.

Those who opposed the off leash extension, included none other than honest Abe Lincoln himself, ( really, wish I could have gotten a photo) who explained in simple terms why Washington Park was not a conducive place for the dogs, nor their owners, nor the public at large.

Again sadly, none of the opposition sentiments were captured by city staff in compiling their notes. I hope that there are more meetings so that those in opposition can agin make their rational, not emotional please for finding more suitable locations for this effort.

Leslie Hawes

This photo, used to illustrate this post, is my copyrighted photo. I have twice requested the editor to remove the image, and have received no results.


Dear Leslie Hawes,
I do not think your photo will be co-opted. It is a very nice photo but not Pulitzer worthy.
Lets talk about the Dogs instead.
In my opinion, homeowners in the City of Burlingame beleive that they are entitled to demand services that are not available in any other City in the State.
Based on the fact that, "I live in Burlingame."
Call the City about a noisey manhole cover, a tree limb blocking my view, a public water fountain not having enough pressure,the color of Fire Hydrants,speed bumps on Hillside Dr.
My point is:
If you call City Hall, and complain or demand service, someone responds within minutes or hours.
If one single person complains about a dog park.
If one single person complains about not having a Dog Park.
The City Manager, Attorney, PW Directors, Police all know about it and respond.
I think the dogs should be able to go where ever they want.
I believe Mr. Cohen lives next to Washington Park. That means it is his park.
The Dog owners who live next to Washington Park believe it is their Park.
The City of Burlingame Elders just want to be left alone.
Just let the Dogs be.
Maybe, Mr Cohen would be better off not going to Washington Park when the Dogs are let loose.
Personally, I am very disturbed by the ever growing Un-Doc Nannies pushing Aryan babies around Washington Park in $800.00+ Prams.
I know that the COB kicked out of Washington Park, and cited an Un-Doc, Ice Cream Vendor.
I think it is time to get involved in the protection of our children, and ask for business licences from the Nannies.
I think I will make a formal complaint to City Hall and cc San Mateo County CPS.
The children are our future


The photo has been removed and an email has been sent to Ms Hawes informing her of the removal.

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