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November 01, 2012



The train tracks on the Peninsula are where they are because at the time they were placed on the Bayside edge of towns which were separated by miles of mostly farm land. Good planning at the time. Now we have the absurdity of full size locomotives and train cars, sometimes empty, sometimes hauling several hundred passengers up and down the now middle of the Peninsula. Fully elevated dedicated HSR tracks are not going to happen. At grade and above tracks sharing a 120 MPH+ train with commuter and freight trains with adjacent schools getting out and many totally blind crossings on the Peninsula are one faulty switching component away from a horrendous catastrophe. Look that up. It happens. HSR on the Peninsula? Either run it down 101 or bury it, figuratively or literally with an electrified light rail system above. Burlingame could gain a nice park on top of it to make up for every tree being cut down along California Dr.

pat giorni

From Asm. Diane Harkey's Newsletter:

Delayed but Still on Track?
Well, another delayed construction schedule for High Speed Rail (the initial 25 mile segment between Fresno and Madera) is being reported. Let's hope our luck keeps holding and this financial train wreck and carnage it will reap in Central Valley business and farming communities will go the way of Solyndra, and disappear.

In this time of financial stress in our communities and at the state, when the Governor is asking for tax increases and threatening trigger cuts to education, it seems unimaginable that anyone could still be wanting to spend $6 Billion for 100 miles of un-electrified track, without a chosen trainset, no future funding, no ridership study, no outside investment, and call it a "jobs" program. It will, if construction begins, destroy existing agricultural and other jobs. Fox 11 has been involved in a series of interviews and commentary on the project. The latest may be reviewed here.



Harkey for governor!

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