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August 16, 2012



Moderated comments is off again--let's see if the Eastern European spammers take more than a day or two to figure it out.

pat giorni

They're baaaaack............


Yes, we had a Labor Day special on spam. Moderated comments are back on for awhile, but don't let that stop you all.


We tried a couple days of unmoderated comments but they are back, so moderation is back on for awhile.


They're back in force, so moderated comments are back on.


We have been having an issue with the TypePad spam filter catching (and holding) comments that are clearly not spam. The comments are not lost, they just need to be "released" by the editor. TypePad is aware of the situation and is working on it, so please be patient.


Spammers are back, so we will go to moderated comments for awhile until they go somewhere else.


A reminder that we are still on moderated comment status since the spam is coming in fast and furious. All real comments have and will be posted.


The experiment with reopening comments failed. Sorry for the explicit spam. Usually it more about new vinyl windows, pest control, college essays and expensive shoes. Comments will be slightly delayed while TypePad figures it out.


Here is another reminder that we are still fighting the spam to a draw. We did find a few older real comments in a secondary spam folder, so you may find them in the comments section of some recent posts.


We're enjoying trying to keep up with all of you while fighting the spam battle. Now we are getting Cryillic spam! For the recently-arrived commenters, there is no need to post again when you don't see your comment appear right away. The comments will appear after the spam has been cleansed from the queue.


Amazingly enough TypePad appears to have cracked the two month old spam problem, so we will give unmoderated comments a try again. Happy blogging.


Thanks, Joe, it was worth a try.........


Yes, it was worth a shot. You all don't see it but it has gotten WAY better on the back end. Back to moderated comments for awhile.


Spam control has been EXCELLENT for the last couple of months. A couple of real comments got caught this week, but we found them and have published them. Don't know why but thanks for you patience.


After the various nefarious attacks on TypePad, the spam filter appears to have upped its game a bit. For those legit commenters caught in its net:

There is no need to repeatedly re-post the same thing. TypePad is good about keeping everything so we just end up with 5 copies of the same thing waiting for approval (yes, we mean you Bruce D and Pat G). We have no idea why, just be a bit patient that the comment will eventually get posted.

As always your comments are appreciated. Now, more cowbell, please.


The spam filter is still tighter than it has been in a while so you may see some comments appear later than usual. Thanks Bruce D for not reposting.


It appears that some spammers have figured out how to get around TypePad's protections. Please be patient as either they or we delete the pointless posts.


Joe, where is the spam?


These one-liner comments on month old or even older posts are spam probably from overseas.


We found a couple of legitimate comments in the spam folder so they have now been published (by KRN and Sign me Up). Apologies for the tight filters.


Just found a couple more comments from the same folks in the spam folder--a year has passed and no technical fix. No need to hit Post more than once.

Sorry about the Spam filter, several comments are now up

Several comments landed in the spam folder. It's a TypePad thing that we can't really control very well.

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