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August 31, 2012



I heard a merchant say the same thing, but she said the cut-off was 5pm. That was for meters, maybe they are different than the slots. In any case, I hope that isn't true....we need the income.


I've never had a problem finding a metered spot, and you can just drop a quarter in for a quick errand.


Why would we go flat rate for TEN hours? That makes no sense.


The flat rate is designed for merchants, no? Then $3 for 10 hours is a good deal.

With the exception of certain times, like lunchtime during the week, or late in the afternoons on Fridays, I haven't had trouble finding a metered spot, either. (More of a challenge has been dragging around a $10 roll of heavy quarters in my purse.)


I just read in the San Jose Mercury about 7200lbs of debris-including chemicals being removed from Crystal Spring Resevoir this last week.
A few miles from Burlingame.
If there is @3 and one half tons of debris being removed by police, how much marijuna is being grown.
How do the drug growers get that material into the Resevoir?
It should be important for communities around Burlingame, Millbrae, and Hillsborough to know the level of organized crime, literally, in their back yard.
Shame on the media for downplaying this important social issue, and ramifacattion.

Timothy Hooker

The government should not be in this business at all. All meters and parking lots should be privately managed with a small fee going to the city.

No offense but Government can't manage anything efficently and profitably.

The parking situation would have been solved a long time ago.

I hereby propose the City lease or sell all parking assets, including vehicles, lots, meters, and personnel to a private parking company. PERIOD


You forgot to add something before that PERIOD, "and turn the lots into condos". Then the City is right there with you.


Here's a quick update from the Daily Journal on the parking structure proposal that is slowing working its way through the process:

On Sept. 4, the Burlingame City Council held a study session to discuss an initial analysis of a downtown parking structure near Burlingame Avenue. As a result, the council requested a more detailed study be conducted to learn the feasibility of such a project. On Monday, the council will hear a report about the scope of a possible study with CDM Smith that would cost $31,203.

If the council moved forward, the study would include looking at a number of options:

• Update Lot J with or without the purchase of adjacent property;

• Update Lot E with and without the purchase of adjacent property;

• Lot N with the purchase of adjacent property;

• Combination of Lots A and C; and

• Combination of Lots C and D together with the purchase of adjacent properties.

An analysis would take the 55-foot height limit and traffic into account. There would also be focus groups held before putting recommendations together. Work could be conducted in October and would be estimated to take four to six weeks.

Lots A, C and D are located on Donnelly Avenue. Lots J and E are in blocks between Primrose Road, Burlingame Avenue, Howard Avenue and Lorton Avenue.

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