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August 27, 2012



There is NO WAY all the "Corp,Mom and Pops & City of Burlingame focus groups will ever be able have a consensus.
How many years will it take to begin/complete the project?




Motorcycle and bike parking.


Loss of ten percent of parking and more lost to parklets and closures. Demand based parking rates. Like the rates aren't already ridiculously high compared to San Mateo or Millbrae(free) already. How are you going to replace this parking? You think foot traffic and bike traffic will compensate for the loss of out fo town traffic? Only if the city keeps on the path of becoming a glorified food court.

This city has become unfriendly to both mom and pop and larger retail. Can restaurant and service bring the tax base that retail sales generate. I've heard the showroom vs. internet argument (not a believer unless you mean Best Buy) but I know most of downtown's economic muscle is retail sales and you aren't doing it any favors. Make it pretty, but if you take away parking without replacement, you mess up the dynamic of the downtown.

Mom and pop over yogurt shop.


ps: Grey pavers is not pretty, it's bland.


No worries, Fred. When the post office is sold and it and its adjacent parking lot are replaced by 120-150 condos or apartments, parking will be a breeze. >sarcasm<

You make great points and I for one do not want a glorified food court either!


Some "remodel" is due.
Long overdue.
Look at the POSITIVE IMPACT Safeway has had.. Forget Safeway-(its OK),
the business's around Safeway are the reason I ever consider shopping at Safeway.
Downtown Burlingame could be Rodeo Dr.

The point I am driving toward is that any, City of Burlingame Manager, will always be a victim of circumstance.
City Managers should be elected.
A Manager hired in 1990, was selected regarding the "values" of the community in 1990.
Mr Nantell has done a good job..I guess.
So when he leaves, what do we expect of our new City of Burlingame Manager?
Hired 2012.
Retired 2042.


Please do not drink before you type.


These photo-collages do not do the "gray" pavers justice. Granted, they are pavers, but pavers have come a long way in the past decade. There are 3 shades of gray in a random pattern, broken up by smaller square pavers of whitish gray. Obviously, granite or slate would have been preferable, but as you likely realize, the budget does not have that kind of latitude. Gray is generally more elegant than colored, doesn't detract and provides a neutral setting for all the other visual distractions of a sidewalk: people, pets, furniture, the required (most likely yellow) caution bumpy mats on the curbs, flowers, newsracks, bikes, trellises, etc. etc. Connecticut bluestone pavers or the like would be gorgeous, but a fortune. This type of refined paver is about as good as it gets, even with obvious constraints. Of course it gets down to personal taste; I'm not fond of pinky salmons, browns, blues, or a mix of different colored pavers. In paver form, these tend to look too visually 'busy' and could easily cheapen the street's classiness. Simple elegance is usually the best, particularly for the sidewalk--just my opinion.


That's just him, Slurp.


Well, it's nice to know a lot of thought went into the pavers, though I disagree with your conclusions. Unfortunately, what requires a lot of thought is the parking situation. However, I believe that could be mitigated later.

As Joe mentions, the post office/condo development will be a catastrophe for downtown parking and nothing will solve that problem.


Anne & Slurp.
Welcome back.
Jennifer,that is a lot of valuable information. Thank you


I could credit the DJ for this write up but it's pretty much a direct reprint of the PG&E press release. Here we go Avenew!!

At the request of the city of Burlingame, Pacific Gas and Electric will be completing work along Burlingame Avenue from California Drive to El Camino Real, for the Burlingame Avenue streetscape project.

Phase 1 and 3 is the gas work. Phase 1 will be completed through March on Burlingame Avenue from Park Road to El Camino Real. Phase 3 of the gas work will be completed during March and April on the 1100 block of Burlingame and Lorton avenues.

The natural gas work will accommodate the city’s new sewer main, water main, storm drain and lowering of box culvert. It includes deactivating the existing gas main and installing about 2,000 feet of new 4-inch plastic high pressure gas main on California Drive (between Lorton and Burlingame avenues) and on Burlingame Avenue (between California Drive and El Camino Real) and upgrading a number of gas services and transferring to the new gas main.

Phase 2 is the electrical work and will be completed during February and March on Burlingame Avenue. It includes:

• Relocation of two existing transformer vaults that are currently in the parking stalls located on the 1400 block of Burlingame Avenue;

• Relocation of conduits for new gravity sewer lines on Burlingame Avenue at the intersection of Primrose Road, and Lorton Avenue; and

• Installation and connection for future decorative street lights and pedestals.

No Parking signs will be posted 48 hours prior to the start of construction. Traffic control will be in place during construction. Gas service may be interrupted to some customers. PG&E personnel will coordinate a shutdown and relight schedule with the affected customers. This work will occur outside of regular business hours, according to PG&E.

Questions or concerns should be directed to PG&E Project Manager Grace Briones at (415) 695-3335 or [email protected].

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