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July 21, 2012



Tax, tax and more tax. How is one supposed to continue to live around here? Bonds, 50/50 for sidewalk repair, parking meter increase etc. This town really ain't that great.


I guess it depends on your point of view. The six california cities in bankruptcy including Stockton are probably a bit less livable right now.


It's a global disease. We caught it from France who got it from Greece. You can bey you know who will be for it in her next email.


Same old story: government misspends money, unions push for more; their key is to hold kids as human shields and make parents worry about "class size," "impacted classes," and longer summer breaks.

Starve the beast.

No more taxes.

Lincoln Mom

Boogeyman, let me guess...you have already educated your children. Also, our home prices here in Burlingame are incredibly dependent on class size and high quality schools. Tell me, as a parent taxpayer, what I should do in November.


Lincoln Mom,
You should be more vigilant as to how the district is utilizing the monies accrued from these last bond measures. I would wager a guess that they are not using them appropriately in all instances. I am glad you think our schools are of such a high quality, but I would beg to differ. Well paid positions bring the best of the best teachers and that is what we really need. That combined with no misappropriations of fund would make for an ideal school system.

Franklin Dad

Lincoln Mom- you should vote against Obama and his dozen tax increases then vote for the local school bond tax. Buy local. Tax local. Does that make sense to you?

McKinley Mom

Do you mean like refacing a perfectly good building?


Speaking of refacing..
Does anyone wonder if the City of Burlingame is, wants, or is activly seeking a New City of Burlingame Manager?
Lets review..
Jim Nantell is the best the City has ever had.
Nantell has known, as well as the City Council, for years,(at least three)this day was coming.
Public Safety Pension Liabilities, HSR,(the negitive financial impact it will have on the City for decades)demand for services that make our City Great-without business and homeowners wanting to be taxed...
Who in the world would want that job?
That is the conversation we need to be having NOW.
Before Jim Nantells departure.

Al Segni

alittlebird and Boogeyman --
Talk about misspending money! The architect for Hoover has already been paid $6,000,000 dollars from the bond measure, much more than any of the other architects. The district is getting fleeced.


Now their plans for Hoover have been rejected by the governing authority TWICE! Search application number 112717


Account Deleted

The September Measure A bond resource update is not yet available on BESD's website, but according to most recent one (posted in July), the total for unfunded capital projects is indicated as $23,080,209. I'm wondering why, then, we're going for a new bond measure totaling $56,000,000 (i.e., double the amount of the indicated unfunded needs). Perhaps $56 million is simply the largest amount of debt BESD can comfortably raise, assuming the statutory maximum tax rate of $30 per $100,0000 of assessed value (?). http://www.dtbarch.com/bsdmeasurea/4_oversight/PDF-oversight-interim-reports/2012-7-23-bond%20resource%20summary.pdf

Account Deleted

By the way, does anyone know what the current plans are for the BSD district office? My understanding is that Hoover had been on the BSD's radar screen for quite some time as a potential new district office, per this article from 2006:


And per this flyer which went out to the community shortly before the property was purchased (notice a new district office is mentioned in 3 of the 4 possible use scenarios):


Also, I'm wondering how Hoover will affect current school boundaries (I presume some Franklin, Lincoln and Roosevelt students may get re-districted)?

Account Deleted

I notice the BESD is having an attorney explain "lease/lease-backs" at their next Board meeting. It looks like its a way to bypass the formal and public bidding process for construction contracts over $15K. I still don't understand how this works, so hoping someone can explain it...

Requested Action
It is requested the Board receive information on the Lease Leaseback project delivery method from Phil Henderson, of Orbach, Huff & Suarez, LLP. Mr. Henderson will provide information on the opportunities and possible challenges to implementing the Lease Leaseback procurement method.

Goal Statement
Finance –- Continuously work to maintain fiscal stability, protect and maintain the assets of the School District, and anticipate, plan and secure the revenue sources required to meet the District’s educational goals and needs of the community.

Facilities - Provide attractive, well-maintained, efficiently utilized school campuses that meet present and future educational needs, and house both community and child-centered activities year-round.

Strategy Statement
Strategy Statement
Financial Strategy, Review and Reporting periodic analysis of attendance trends/redistricting, Basic Aid, and reserves; assess accounting systems; enhance financial communications

Description/ Details
California school districts must formally and publicly bid contracts for construction projects over $15,000 unless there is an exception. Lease leaseback is an exception that was enacted at a time when there was a shortage of money for school construction. Phil Henderson, an attorney, will describe the process of Lease Leaseback and how it is currently being used by school districts as an alternative method to contract for construction.

Fiscal Impact

Item Prepared by
Maggie Macsaac, Ed.D.

Quick Summary / Abstract
Phil Henderson of Orbach, Huff & Suarez, LLP, will present information on the basic structure of a Lease Leaseback project delivery method.



Something ain't smelling so good with the Burlingame School District and the use of our good citizen's money. Look out everyone.

Account Deleted

Just as a follow up to my earlier post about "lease-lease backs"


Two Cents

Measure D ges an F

I just received a flyer today. It must have taken these parents weeks to come up with copy for the flyer but nowhere does it state how much Measure D will cost. Is that too much to ask when you have your hand out?

You took lots of time making sure you have the correct spelling of all your endorsers but not a hint of the cost of the tax. If you go to their website, the cost is buried there - not even on the front of their web page,

I never vote for parcel/bond taxes since they are so unethical and unfair. Seniors can vote yes and opt out. Isn't it nice that your neighbor can vote yes to tax U and can then turn around and file an exemption with the county of San Mateo. How is that fair?

All residents that live in apartments in Burlingame (over 50%) do not pay measure or parcel taxes and many of them have children in Burlingame schools.

Do businesses pay? Who knows. Measure D material is about as clear as mud. And pleassssssssssssse......I know all about the arguments about how much our homes are worth in Burlingame. I get a tax bill from San Mateo County and they have a pie chart showing 45% of our real estate taxes goes to schools. So if your tax bill this year is $10K - almost 5K is going to schools already. Isn't that enough?

Why do they keep coming back for more instead of finding ways to manage the money they already have.

This is what I am paying in school fees right now according to my 2012-13 tax bill from the County of San Mateo:

Burlingame El Bd - $209.05
San Mateo High Bd. - $166.28
SM Jr. Coll Bond - 84.67
SMCCCD - $34
Burlingame School Measure B & E - $256

That totals $750 in local school fees excluding the general rate tax. If you don't believe me, please look at your statement the county sent to you recently.

Hey Lincoln Mom - vote no.

Everyone thinks we are made of $$$$ in Burlingame.

Have you checked out the latest course from our Burlingame rec center in their fall activity guide?

"How to Choose the Perfect Au Pair. (I kid you not)

What's next? Finding your perfect butler in burlingame?

This town has really changed!!!

Account Deleted

I subsequently learned that California Education Code sections 17596, 81644 limit contracts for services to five years. Thus, I'm wondering whether the lease-leaseback discussion has anything to do with Measure A (former bond) contracts needing to be renewed/bid out again should the new Measure D bond pass.


How about exploring this scenario...
What happens(to our schools, students) if the purchase, lease, whatever is just dropped.

Lincoln Mom

Two Cents, thanks for the advice. A few hundred bucks for local school bonds, even when seniors opt out, feels a lot more fair than paying 15 times the property tax paid by my next door neighbor, who inherited his house and whose kids go to the same school as mine. PS: most au pairs in this town work for dual working parents since it is pretty hard to raise kids here on a single income.


Lincoln Mom,
Be sure that the money that you are going to be paying if the bond passes is being used appropriately. There is definitely something fishy, because there is no other reason that they would have to put new bond measures on the ballot so frequently. Bad planning and terrible misappropriation of funds. Open you eyes and those of your neighbor. The schools in this town are not worth raising your kids by an au pair in order to live here. Spend time raising your own kids in another town with better schools.
Just a little FYI for you.


Al Segni,
according to the link you posted: http://www.dtbarch.com/bsdmeasurea/4_oversight/PDF-oversight-interim-reports/2012-7-23%20bfp-expenditures-oversight.pdf
$5.47mil used for Hoover (you seemed to have conveniently rounded up quite a bit to say $6mil...) includes the site acquisition of about $4.9mil, and another $500k or so for design, site assessments, and other required stuff to take on a project as large as this.

it didn't go ALL to architect as you falsely claim.


According to the most recent expenditure reports (Sept),
Richard Terrones' firm has been paid a total of $6.2 million - out of the total $44 million spent to-date from the prior Measure A bond (which includes the purchase of Hoover).


Al Segni

RTM, it did go ALL to the architect. Look on page 5 and items 62 and 63. Here is my previous comment, "The architect for Hoover has already been paid $6,000,000 dollars from the bond measure, much more than any of the other architects. The district is getting fleeced." Lorne is correct that Richard Terrones' firm has been paid an extraordinary amount compared to the other architects. 15% of the total bond went to DTA! More money was spent on Program Management all the work at Roosevelt! Thank goodness the school district is talking about a construction manager for the new bond.


Account Deleted

Al -- The link to the agenda you provided doesn't go to the direct source. I assume you're referring to the following discussion item, which will happen at the next scheduled meeting on Nov 27 (I cut and pasted it from the agenda):

"The District is transitioning from the Measure A bond program to the Measure D bond program.

Measure A utilized a Bond Program Manager model. With the onset of Measure D, there are several options available including but not limited to, continue the program management model with or without a formal request for proposals, hire in house staff, such as a Facilities Director and coordinating staff, utilize a combination of in house staff and solicit proposals from construction management firms, to name a few. The scope of work for each vary by organization and function. Construction Management may mean Set A list of tasks for Company B, but potentially vary greatly compared to Company C's list of tasks. If necessary, it is recommended to be sure to compare "apples to apples" when comparing proposals received for various services."

Al Segni

Lorne, yes, thank you for the citation.

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