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June 21, 2012



Where are Delfina and The Plant going to be located?


Curious, why do you write it like that? Ess eff?

Abby Schwarz

That's exciting news! Excited to have some other great eateries in the 'hood!


@Fred...because I still miss Herb Caen...think of it as an homage.

Homage ( /ˈhɒmɨdʒ/ or /ˈɒmɨdʒ/) is a show or demonstration of respect or dedication to someone or something, sometimes by simple declaration but often by some more oblique reference, artistic or poetic.


Thanks for asking.


Ohh Kay

con·de·scen·sion (knd-snshn) n.
1. The act of condescending or an instance of it.
2. Patronizingly superior behavior or attitude.


Now why would you call that condescension? Paying homage to Herb Caen is condescending? I don't get it.


Fred didn't even have to look that up. It's his middle name.

I'm looking forward to more choices on the avenue. I'm just not sure about so much pizza.


The condescension is providing a definition for the word homage. Delfina and Little Star make pizza an art.


Perfect segue into my pet peeve:

Burlingame downtown, prior to 1990s--referred to as:

A. Burlingame Avenue
B. Downtown (or Uptown, depending on one's locale)
C. Town

Usage: "I'm going to Burlingame Avenue." or "I'm going to town."
Burlingame downtown, after circa 2000-- referred to as:

A. Burlingame AVE
B. The AVE
C. The Avenew (sorry, Joe)

Usage: "Let's go to the AVE" or "Dude, (or is it 'Dawg') I'm on the AVE" (said with the ultimate coolness into one's latest model I-Phone.)

Am I the only one annoyed with these 'new' colloquials? Burlingame? Give me a break!

Yes, we are a very nice patch on the planet, but let's get over ourselves....

(Maybe all the pizza will help.)


Let's not be too hard on Fred, you guys. I only included the excerpt from the Wikipedia entry on "homage" because of the "oblique reference" part. Many people would not consider something an homage unless the target of the homage was identified. That's part of why there is even a Wikipedia entry on the word.

But I can see how Fred might think it condescending. Let me just say that was not my intent.

Having stubbed my toe once already on this post, I'll not get into the Ave, Avenue, Avenew dispute. Nor will I include a definition of "suum cuique pulchrum est."


And now, back on topic: I have heard that Delfina is headed for the old Tribeca/Haven space. I'm not sure about The Plant and the server did not know.

Herb Lover

I really miss Herb Caen too. Heck at this rate I even miss John Horgan. where is he these days?

Here is a great bit of Herb's column that some in Burlingame can relate to

Driving around town daily, I see half a dozen red-light runners but never a speed cop . . . Uh- oh, guess who's roaring up my tailpipe . . . The newish Ess Eff Pee Dee police cars that are all black except for white front doors look like saddle shoes on wheels. And guess which vehicle in front of you is least likely to signal a turn. Right! One of those vehicles with all the lights on the roof. Have a nice day.


Can't wait to dig in. Not so sure about the grilled cheese thing but everything else sounds delish


Had the deep dish pizza at Blue Line this week. It's very good. Got to try the thin crust next.


And The Plant's liquor license application is in too. They are apparently doing it first before heading to Planning.


Hey Bloggers-
One of the local restaurants that has an SF sister restaurant is Roti on Park Ave. Our very own Roti got a nice 10-15 minute feature on KQED's Check, Please! show tonight. Local celebs like Raj Mathai and Thuy Vu went there and commented on it.

It will play again tomorrow (Friday) at 8:30pm on KQED and again sometime on Sat (TiVo it). Fun. Congrats to Sonny on a nice local review!


Oh, and by the way--the Plant's application has been approved as well. Welcome to B'game, Plant.


When will The Plant actually open?


Lets start taking bets on how long "The Melt"' and Davids Tea shop last...
I am saying April 2013 for both..
Any takers?
I do not want them to fail.
They will.


Ouch, Holy! What is wrong with you? Another cranky Republican (like Joe?)? Can't we ALL hope for the best for our beloved town?
I wish all the best for all of our new businesses, and will do my best to shop locally.


Kudos to both of these businesses, that are really doing a classy job of fixing up these structures (with a nod to their past). For the first time in about 50 years or so, the former Towles structure has transom windows exposed, and some of the original stucco relief. The Smoke Shop structure has refurbished windows that follow the original patterns and a nice inset door. I have no idea if they will be successful, I sure hope so. Fine tea is very expensive, but I still haven't figured out if there will be tables (or food of some sort) available there. Seems a pity, if not. I tried The Melt in PA, and the jalapeno grilled cheese was fab. Good luck to both- and I'm also thrilled about "The Plant"- I'd expect that one to do very well.

Cranky Joe

I guess I just need more java....must get to Starbucks or Peets immediately! Tea just never has enough kick to keep me from getting cranky.


Tea is for meaningful conversation, Cranky Joe, forget the "kick" part. Coffee is for getting through the day.


I went into "Melt" today with my grandkids..Everybody loved it,me too!


I found the deep dish pizza at Blue Line a bit gritty, like grits from Alabama or something. I recommend you stick with the thin crust,

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