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June 25, 2012



Staff at the Burlingame building and planning departments have been very responsive.

"On May 28, 2008, Sunrise Development renewed their building permit which extended the expiration date to May 28, 2013."

I asked if Sunrise would be allowed to extend their building permit again (as no work has occurred at the site for several years now, and the current structure has now deteriorated).

The response: " The City is not compelled to renew the permit. When Sunrise applies for an extension of their permit, the City will review their request...and decide on the next steps for this project."

I'll watch for progress (or lack thereof) on the construction site, and will check back with the City at a later date.


This is just a shame. Has it really been eight years since they started this eyesore? So it took four years to get this structure up? Seems like an awful long time. Now abandoned for five years and we can't do anything.

pat giorni

To confuse the issue even more, it is my reccollection that Sunrise doesn't own the land; the construction is on leased property. Therefore it makes it doubly difficult to "sell" the project to another entity for completion. Plus, the approved plans for the project cannot be changed without going through the Planning Commission again. I sat through the entire project presentation and remember that Commission was adament on a number of design issues that could have been deal-breakers before final approval.


Do other cities have a time limit for completion followed by daily/weekly fines? It seems wrong to give developers this much time without consequences. Can this happen at the drive-in project?


Good question JROC! I would hope that the development agreement with the City would spell out the time frame for construction for Burlingame Point and what happens if that time frame is not met.

pat giorni

Again, I don't remember the particulars, but Council extended the amount of time for an original construction permit with allowance for up to 2 more 2-year extentions in order to accomodate the "economic downturn". Check with the Building Dept to get the skinny on the ordinence, and ask when it is due to sunset.

As to B'game Point, I believe there is a 10 year development agreement.


The City has established a page on its site to track the updates on Sunset--I mean Sunrise:


"In early 2013 Sunrise representatives approached the City requesting an additional extension of the building permit, noting that the assets of the company were being acquired by another entity. The City agreed to grant a final one year extension of the building permit for the project based upon commitments expressed by the new owners of the project.....The one year permit extension requires Sunrise to demonstrate progress towards completion of the project over the course of the next year (the building permit now expires on May 28, 2014)."

pat giorni



Representatives of Sunrise Assisted Living will conduct a community meeting on Wednesday,1818 Trousdale Drive (Rendering) August 21, 2013 at 7:00 p.m. at the offices of the Burlingame School District, located at 1825 Trousdale Drive (across the street from the Sunrise project). The purpose of the meeting is to enlighten the public regarding the project status and anticipated next steps leading to project completion.


Here is a link to the DJ article about the meeting:


"At the meeting, Andy Coelho, senior vice president of facilities and construction for Sunrise expressed his disappointment with the project. He said he believes an opening could be as soon as fall 2014. Sunrise is hoping to get financing for the project in the next month or so."

LS Allen

Hmm, this facility has a Grand Opening scheduled for June 25 of this year. I have looked inside and it looks beautiful so far (almost done). But I do not see any positive comments here to update the situation. Only negative... Then when things go well, no one has anything to say.

Performing a web search brings up this discussion, showing only people crabbing and then saying nothing now that Sunrise has successfully built the structure which, I might add, will bring revenue to Burlingame and make that area nicer.

NOTE: I am not a Sunrise employee, and none of my family or friends lives in any Sunrise facility.

I am just making a comment about human (the posters') behavior, based on the facts visible to all here.

Bruce Dickinson

Well, if Bruce Dickinson recalls correctly, it was the very public outcry, including those on this site, who kept hounding City Council to do something about the eyesore or in Dickinson parlance, a wart on the &ss of Trousdale, but I know it's a family show. Frankly, I'm surprised it took this long to light the fire under Sunrise's derriere, pardon my French.

Kids at home, just a little lesson from Dr. Dickinson, which will help you succeed in life: squeaky wheel gets the oil.

If you don't complain, it's hard to act as a catalyst for change and get what you want. You think Ferraris grow on trees? No they don't, you gotta work and work for it hard, with blood, sweat, and tears, and you can take that advice right to the bank. That's what so dynamite about this site, it helps Burlingame have a Voice and succeed and is run by successful people. This type of activism has worked for over a century, so why stop now?

To end with a positive comment, "Geez, Sunrise thank you so much for.....uh doing your job."

Coming from me, that means a lot!


Wasn't the whole thing sold to someone other than Sunrise who then went off into the sunset? The congratulations go to those that finally are finishing it.

And special to LS Allen -- there are several more recent articles than this on the same project. If you outsource your brain to Google you look like a noodle.


To help find the full coverage of this topic, please use:


I realize the category "Hospital Redevelopment" isn't ideal, but with the direction development on lower Trousdale is going it isn't a terrible name either.

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