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May 24, 2012



There were two other burglaries this week in Burlingame, one on Hillside and the other on Canyon. I know the family on Hillside and they shared the information with me. I don;t know why those burglaries don't make the blotter. Apparently the one on Canyon was very bad. Ransacked the entire house, torn up bed mattresses in search of cash presumably.

The one on Hillside happened as soon as my friend left her home. They had an alarm and the police responded but the burglars were in and gone in under 10 minutes. I understand that a women was seen knocking on homes that morning as well. It could be the same burglars but you never know.

We all need to more vigilant and report suspicious activites. I sometimes see cars driving slowly through neighborhood as well as people that seem to be wandering about. I think I'll start taking note of their license plates just in case.


I heard about the one on Hillside also. Plus another one on Vancouver recently. Another thing you can do is pick up your neighbor's newspapers when they forget to cancel them.


BPD is putting attention on this now. Just announced in email Over the past four months, seven residential burglaries have occurred in the Burlingame areas of Arguello Dr. and Los Altos Dr. These residential burglaries have primarily occurred between 11:00 AM and 1:30 PM.

Suspects usually knock on the front door of the residence. If the resident does not answer the door, the suspect will walk around the building, enter the backyard, and subsequently use a crow bar to gain entry to the home.

Larry David

African Americans, Male and Female TEAMS.
Hillsborough, Burlingame, and Millbrae.
All three Cities have experienced home invasions over the last 3-4 years.
Witness statements, and arrests overwhelmingly are African Americans.
How can anyone not be Racial Profiling?
Racial Profiling is not discrimnation, it is common sense.
1+1 = 2.
Think about it.

Larry David

Very political topic.
I would like to know the thoughts of your Council members regarding these crimes.
I can see it now..
City Council:
"Be aware neighbors of Burlingame,
Crime has come to our City."
Man-5'10" @160lbs
Woman-5'1" @300lbs.
No other details available.

old guy

You appear to be recommending racial profiling but what does that really mean? What are you asking neighbors or the police to do different than now?

Larry David

I guess if African Americans are walking around Curnavaca Park, Easton, and Ray Park Districts, and Hillsborough etc. in the middle of the day, or at all is a cause for concern.

I am not advocate Police at all

However, if Police confront an African American, in those neighborhoods it is Racial Profiling.
The latest group of criminals(caught) are from the East Bay.
Law enforcement is reluctant to confront African Americans due to lawsuits that may come from perceived "Racial Profiling."
Say it is not true.


Are Larry David and Holyroller the same person?


I don't think so. I can definitely see how you come to ask the question, but I do not think they are quite the same. The shame of it is that the two of them are being driven to where they are.

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