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April 20, 2012



So far we have 12 prizes donated from the following Burlingame businesses: Summit Bicycles, Copenhagen Bakery and Café, Sam’s Sandwiches, Earthbeam Natural Foods, CJ’s Deli, Powell’s Sweet Shoppe, Il Piccolo, A Runner’s Mind, & Crepevine

Larry David

How about starting this campaign at Burlingame High School?
I believe there to be about 200 cars a day driven by students to BHS. Those students have no means of paying for the car, fuel, or insurance.
Ecology, responsibility for the environment, fiscal discipline, starts at home.


Larry, that's a GREAT idea and I agree with your thoughts. The Citizens Environmental Council (CEC) has tried just that for several years, meeting with the BHS "Green Group" and staff but without any success.
The CEC has a retired BHS teacher on our Board and he has tried any number of times to engage BHS students and staff but so far nothing. Larry, we would welcome anything you or anybody else could do to get BHS out of their cars.


All good points. Unfortunately, most of the students at BHS live in a bubble. That is good, and bad. Ever wonder why rival San Mateo High sets the World Record for their canned food drive each year? I say this having had two kids go through BHS- great school, lots of privilege there, and many parents who want their kids to have nice things, ie cars. I think that battle is pretty hopeless. It is too easy to hop in a car when you've got one. I'd love to see heavier bike use there, at least from the kids that live within a couple of miles.

There may be another angle to Greening Burlingame High, maybe through a new class or altering an older one to address these more contemporary ideas. All it takes sometimes is a charismatic teacher saying the right things that resonate and make them think.

Larry David

I appreciate your comments.
However, thought process is the reason there is no US Energy Policy.
There is no more funding for University education. As well as partisan politics running this country into the ground.
I was a huge O'Bama supporter.
"Change" never happened. "Hope" should be changed to "Dreams."
I was floored by your observation of the two High Schools @2 miles from each other. I completely agree.


We all should sign up to take the Drive Less Challenge ans show those BHS youngsters and others. How does that sound? www.drivelesschallenge.com


Jeff, I can't remember which month this happens, but each year, the kids and some adults have all kinds of tables set up at BHS so other kids can sign up for volunteer activities around the community. It may take somebody standing at a table passing out stuff, for them to find it a cool activity. It would be better if it were a kid, not an adult. I wonder if the rec center still has the teen commission(?) That might be a good hook for next year- some kid involved there who can promote it to other kids at various venues in the high school.


Thanks, Jen. Sounds like a great idea and certainly worth a shot!

Larry David

I just got a great idea!
Rent the SP parking lot for one week.
Close the parking,(school and street) as well as "dropping off." (to all vehicles with the exception of commercial)
If all the public school students end up walking to school together, across RR Tracks, and not be about "look at what my parents gave me."
Then all students and teachers come to and leave school together.
How Crazy Is That?
Darwin's Principle will also reduce the need for parking spaces too.


It should certainly start with an "event" like this one. Kids want to be part of a crowd doing things together so this may work and it's worth a try.


Humm, that is a really interesting idea! It could be coupled with the actual enforcement of parking along Carolan!

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