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January 07, 2012


holyroller @hotwire.com

I really miss "Chicken Chicken."
I have never had a good experience at the BJ.
My friends as well.
How does BJ still keep going?
That place must rent for $6-8,000.00 a month.
Good burger..
Horrible service, ambienance,(employees sitting around in the "back") as well as being able to communicate in english to the cashier.
However,it is the perfect place to go at 1:00AM.
BJ's suck.
Bring back Chicken Chicken!


I didn' t know they are open at 1am. Is that true or were you just kidding.

holyroller @hotwire.com

Just kidding.


I noticed BJ tried to spruce up the depressing color scheme a few months ago, also adding some much needed flare to the stark white exterior. But what is inside counts for more. Chicken Chicken had a nice niche market, with excellent food, and I still miss each iteration of Towles. I'll bet the rent is at least as much as you've written, Holly. Maybe the rest of the BJ franchises/chains hold this one up, but the emptiness can't be good forever. We'll see what happens in 2012.


more taxes for B-game! Now, let's upgrade the Avenue and make it more people friendly!


That sounds good. I don't see a lot that really needs to be done on the Avenue. Isn't it mostly because of the high rents that its not fuller?


So how are the burgers at this new eatery??


Ate at 5 Guys the other night and it was quite good! Definitely better than Burger Joint.

But 5 Guys is missing milkshakes from their menu, which for me is a key part of the burger experience.


I finally made it there.

Soda dispensing: A
Fries: A
Burger: C+
Bun: D-

All in all, Copenhagen and Steelhead have nothing to worry about from the real burger lovers.

holyroller @hotwire.com

No Milkshakes?!
That is Crazy!
Dear HI,
What do you mean by your last sentence?


From today's Chron, Burlingame's 'Five Guys' is in the news!



If you want a real good hamburger with all the fixins and a nice atmosphere to eat it in, and you aren't 17, go to Copenhagen or Steelhead. Its simple.


So, since I managed to snag one of the downstairs parking spots today, I decided to try Five Guys french fries, the first fast food fries I've eaten in about a decade- I didn't bother with the hamburger part, though I must admit, they looked pretty good, and the place was just packed.

I found the fries very soft and pretty greasy. Then I remembered somebody who posted here earlier said you have to tell them if you want the fries crispy, shame on me...

On the plus side, the employees are very nice and friendly.

Then I went over to the Daily Grind, that opened yesterday. I tried a cream cheese muffin, that is made in Sonoma, like their other baked goods -(pretty good) and a cappuccino- that was excellent. I hope they do well here.

Pizza My Heart was gluing a large, not very attractive decal into the plate glass window. It looks like they may be opening soon. The vitamin store and haircut place seem to be open and there is one large remaining space vacant on the far end of the complex.

I had hoped the roof garden would have opened, but maybe they are waiting for all the tenants to arrive. That corner has become very lively, and there are a bunch of people walking around Howard in areas that used to be empty- all good things.

Two Cents

Want a good burger....

Try BIG MOUTH BURGER in Millbrae (near Trader Joe's).

They are excellent IMHO. Blue cheese burger is Amazing. They will cook to order - rare, medium, etc.

Great place, good burgers, family friendly. That plus excellent salads.

2 thumbs up


I agree on the Big Mouths. They may be worth the drive. I hear we are getting another pizza place besides Pizza My Heart. True?

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