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August 01, 2011


East Side

High speed rail will ruin all of this. Steelhead will always be in a shadow and so loud you won't be able to talk in the back space. The car show will have to move. The high school will need extra insulation on the windows. No one will be able to hear the quarterback on the new football field.


And on Saturday while the chili fest was going on a block awaw we checked out free high end tea and little very tasty cupcakes at the new tea house Rue de Thé behind Burlingame Ave. Nice people.


I'm not for high speed rail, mainly because the state cannot afford to build it and it will be a drain forever to run the money-losing trains.

But the Steelhead will always be in a shadow? C'mon, give me a break. The proposed trains are a quarter the height of the eucalyptus trees that are there. I'd much rather look at the eucalyptus trees than an ugly concrete railway, but neither would impact the Steelhead or any other business that side of California Drive. The trains would not need to blow their horns and as long as the high speed trains did not run at full speed the trains would be quieter than they are now.

I'm all for killing high speed rail, but when you try to use false information you lose credibility and it counteracts your goal. The main guns to stick to are the lack of funds, the low estimates on construction and operating costs and the poor business plan. Don't cry over the trees too much, other communities in the state don't care about your trees. They do care about their pocketbooks.

East Side

You are correct on the shadow if I were talking about actual sunshine but I was being more figurative than that. Steelhead is west of the tracks so the shadow is more of a feeling and the noise will definitely be an issue since the trains would be about twice as fast as Caltrain. I think thats right--120 mph vs about 60-70 now?


The main noise from the train is the horn. It's what people complained about when Caltrain moved the horns lower, also, when the friendly freight train conductor lays on the horn the whole way up the peninsula in the middle of the night. No need for horns with a grade separation, just the BART-ish "toot-toot" when the electrified Caltrain approaches a platform.

The actual noise of the train could be be suppressed with short sound walls on the elevated structure. It would also be suppressed by trenching.

Again, not a fan of High Cost Rail, just if you're going to argue against it, some things are easy to negate.

East Sider

You might want to go to YouTube and actually listen to some HSR noise in other countries. You underestimate the problem. And my family will have to live with it so I don't.


Sure they whine at high speed, but half speed wouldn't be anywhere near that loud. The peninsula could negotiate the speed of the trains so as to mitigate the noise.

I don't underestimate the problem, I just think the problem is more fiscal than physical.


Back on the topic of this post, I had a chance to check in with Domingo Garcia, the general manager at Steelhead, who reports that they raised several thousand dollars for CALL Primrose and have Big Plans for next year as they expand into the restaurant and turn up the ChiliFest.

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