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July 18, 2011



I heard about this from a friend, but don't know how to post the link without including lots of information that is not needed, but here is a pretty classy revamp of an elementary school turned B&B, brewpub (and movie theater?. Seems like somebody with some real visionary imagination could do wonders with that Post Office property. It is so beautiful inside.

McMenamins Kennedy School
Northeast Portland 5736 N.E. 33rd Ave., Portland, OR 97211
www.mcmenamins.com and click on "Hotels"

The Kennedy School is another historic McMenamins' property. At this former 1912 grade school, you can sleep in class (thanks to the bed-and-breakfast rooms on-site) and drink in detention (a former janitor's closet is now a hole-in-the-wall bar).


This article in today's Daily Journal pretty much just reiterates what we have already said about the post office

http://www.smdailyjournal.com/article_preview.php?type=lnews&title=Burlingame post office hits market&id=163306

Account Deleted

There's an article in today's SM Daily Journal about this, mentioning the city does not have $5 million at its disposal to potentially purchase this property - and is thus exploring a potential tax for financing. If it comes to this, I hope it entails creating a special downtown Burlingame district, which would only include the businesses/merchants. If its another assessed value general obligation bond levied on the entire community, I will publicly oppose it.


Let's put the Postal clarification in both places--Parking is Expen$ive and here:

Letter: Clarification about the Burlingame post office
July 23, 2011, 01:38 AM
I am writing to clarify the July 20, 2011 article “Burlingame Post Office Hits Market” regarding the Burlingame post office. Although the article is mostly speculative, it could lead people to the wrong impression, beginning with the headline. This is factually incorrect; the Burlingame Main Post Office is not on the market. We hope to be in business in downtown Burlingame for a long time to come.

What we are considering is the sale of a portion of the property surrounding the Burlingame Main Post Office; however that too is not yet on the market. Right now, the Postal Service Facilities Office is determining what the boundaries will be for the parcel of land that may come up for sale sometime in the future.

In this time of change for the Postal Service, especially when many post offices are being considered for closure nationwide, it’s important to keep the facts straight. Otherwise you run the risk of alarming people needlessly.

Rosemarie Fernandez

District manager,
San Francisco Postal District
San Francisco


Lorne, unless the city is adding more parking, why would the merchants want to purchase the land? I would wager most merchants are more concerned about the possible land-grab of Park Road and the elimination of parking.


Another reason to be a "critical thinker."
Newspapers sell advertisement.
News is secondary to profits.
Shame on the Post..
What do you think Anne?


Holy, I think you should check your meds again. Or at least your blood sugar level.

Joe, thank you for passing on the correct information regarding the potential sale of Post Office property.


From today's news--back to the future?

July 26 (Reuters) - Grocers, gas stations and general stores could become "Village Post Offices" as the U.S. Postal Service looks to shutter thousands of traditional post offices to save money. The Postal Service, which is bleeding cash due to declining mail volumes and private-sector competition, said it is studying more than 3,600 sites for possible closure. It hopes to enter contracts with about 2,500 community retailers across the United States, which will be called Village Post Offices, in the next year to sell stamps and provide flat-rate packaging services. "When you think about it, Village Post Offices provide some really nice options for people in terms of access and convenience," Postmaster General Patrick Donahoe said on Tuesday. "It's a very good opportunity for a lot of small businesses ... many of these general stores have been hanging on for dear life out there."


Let's hope these were not the "winners" of the Burlingame Post Office parcel auction-



Dear Mrs. Anne,
Do you think that some day you may be give a response that may contribute to the topic?
In a meaningful way?
I am capable to absorb your personal attacks due to the fact that this "Very Special Community Web site" is Bigger than both of us, and brings opposing points of view to the forefront. That may not happen unless anyone who has something to share, is given the forum to do so. Plus it is really FUN.
Dear Mrs. Anne,
I bet you step on Snails, every opportunity you have.

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