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June 28, 2011



The full report can be downloaded from the BESD Board Agenda for June 28, 2011.


The report is under agenda VI Education (Consent) item #3
3. Burlingame Intermediate School Climate Study - Summary of Findings


Opening Comments:
"Conflict exists at BIS between some staff and leadership. Additionally, there is conflict between staff members who are relatively new to the school and staff members who have taught or worked at the school for over a decade. Much of the conflict has been described as disagreements with changed school policy and curriculum decisions and the way some of these decisions were made."

Staff Q's from Survey
2k "Staff at this school are respectful and collegial with one another." 66.7% of the STAFF disagree (this is not a comment regarding staff to administration, but staff to staff!)

2n "I feel the morale at this school is high" 91.7% disagree

So the morale is low because the staff cannot get along with one another as the older members of the faculty are creating a negative environment based upon a resistance to change?

BIS has great potential to be one of the top schools in the state. The internal barriers to this growth need to be isolated or removed so that our students can receive the best, most challenging and stimulating instruction available. Anything else is second rate.


So KRN since when is there a differentiation between "staff" and "administration" at a school site? Staff is all inclusive, since it is the entire staff that works in a school. Even email at school sites is (whatever the school name is)staff@whatever. Just like the 'staff' at a company includes all workers, no matter what their status. Is your interpretation a reflection of your own disregard for the staff at the school? Parents can be that way when they don't get their way.


Read the survey.
The questions specifically measure staff v. administration.

The parents did not initiate this issue, it was brought about from within the divisions of the faculty within the school.

Read above from the survey.
66.7% of the staff are not respectful and collegial with one another."

"75 percent of the staff indicated they do not feel safe to openly share their ideas and opinions."

According to their own data, teachers are having a problem with one another. Two-thirds believe that they don't treat each other well and three-fourths don't feel safe to state their opinion for fear of retaliation.

The parents did not initiate this issue.


I appreciate that KRN has shared his opinion but he doesn't really address where "the buck stops". Over the last 4 years the culture has eroded. Survey data based on very general questions does not tell the complete story. One must drill down to the root of the issues.

Unfortunately some data was not revealed: "On the consent calendar, the third party study was requested after a teacher survey to assess Principal Pam Scott’s leadership and managerial skills had negative findings. The results were not shared."

Because of some caring teachers the principal is finally being counseled in an effort to improve the situation. Let's hope it works.


"Because of some caring teachers the principal is finally being counseled in an effort to improve the situation."

I'm not sure I would put it in those words but...

The Buck stops at the Superintendent's Office and with the School Board. The principal runs the school and serves at the pleasure of the superintendent and the board. If she is still on the campus, she must have their support. If there are problems it is ultimately the duty of the central office and the Board to correct them.

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