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December 23, 2010



what you are talking about is the first phase of the new california high speed railroad connecting sacramento, san francisco, san jose, LA, and san diego. it is not a waste of money as it cost 1/4 the cost of expanding our highways. (the other alternative would be expanding airports but lets not go there) And it will cut down on pollution and global warming and to me saving my generation and the generation of my kids (I am 13) is something that i would spend any amount of money possible to make happen.

ron fulderon

Hi Ian,

We adults are doing you a big favor my little friend. We don't want to saddle YOU with a train system designed in China, bought from China, with money borrowed from China.

Spend your time studying math and science. Go into engineering and make America great again designing and manufacturing products. You don't need the train. You need an education and that will come by your own hard work. We were a great country and produced many great things before the professional education turned everyone into morons. Don't listen to the left. They are losers.


Especially don't listen to the supposed environmentalist left since most of them can't get through high school science. The Big Lie about the train is that it is somehow greener than not building it. That is a Lie!

Scheherezade Sharabianlou

Ian, 13?! You write pretty well for a 13 old! I am very impressed. I hope your parents know you are reading Burlingame voice. Have you done your homework yet? Leave the decision and comments about adult subjects to the adults. You live in a country that will never let you down. Don't worry if the high speed train doesn't work out. They will come up with another better plan. Let us, the adults worry for your future. You shouldn't. Trust the system until they prove you wrong. Have fun and enjoy the holiday season. And do your homework and book reports first!

Good luck,
Scheherezade Sharabianlou


con·de·scend·ing   /ˌkɒndəˈsɛndɪŋ/

showing or implying a usually patronizing descent from dignity or superiority: They resented the older neighbors' condescending cordiality.


I was happy to see Tesla stock plummet today.
It goes right along with the Pie in the Sky HSR.
Tesla has a great product.
Until there is an infrastructure to support Tesla, there will never be a Tesla.
Remember Hydrogen fuel that Governor Arnold was supporting with his Hummer?
What happened to Propane fueled cars that the State of CA bought?
What about French Fried Fuel?
No infrastructure, No Tesla.
Unless anyone here wants to support a tax to provide infrastruture for the STOCK HOLDERS OF TESLA.

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